Strange fruits you have never heard of before

Strange fruits you have never heard of before

There are many places in the world that are home to some of the strangest fruits, and today we offer you 10 of the strangest fruits in the world. Each region has its own fruit, which may grow anywhere in the world except its habitat, and some other fruits that may be similar, vary in characteristics. There are many different types of bananas, melons, and apples, depending on where they grow, The person lives and dies without knowing anything about them.

We all love the fruit for its beautiful taste and its many benefits but we are accustomed to our local fruits such as bananas, oranges, watermelons, etc .. shape and taste, do we think what the shape of fruits in other countries today we will go on a journey to know some of them and to identify the fruits of the world

strange fruits you may see for the first time

Here are some of the strange fruits in the world in form and color, and they are similar in shape to objects, animals, plants, or humans, but with a distinctive taste. Some of these fruits:

Passion Fruit

This fruit is really very delicious and is home to South America. It is also grown in greenhouses to enhance its flavor. They often appear in light red, but there can be different shapes, as in the country of India, you may also see half green, half red and very large in size. Used in juices to add additional flavor. There are two types to know, the first is the poisonous brother and the other passionate like his name. How natural and delicious it!

Native to South America, India, and New Zealand, these fruits have a soft crust and inside

All seeds mean like figs but they are sweeter And make them desserts and ice cream

Dragon Fruit

This fruit has many uses as soon as it is removed from the branch, a sweet Petaya was known as the fruit of the dragon and grown in Mexico. This fruit weighs between 120 to 500 grams. As you can see in the picture, it looks very hot and surprisingly sweet. this flower can be eaten raw or used to make tea. You can find one throughout the country on a special type of cactus plant. It's definitely worth trying

The "Dragon Fruit" is characterized by its flowers and colors varying between light red and pink, and sweet taste of pulp. Native to South America, close to cactus fruits, grown in America, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, the Philippines, and more ... It is used in most jams and desserts, containing carbohydrates and proteins, low iron, calcium, And phosphorus.

African cucumber aka Kiwano

This kind is no ordinary cucumber, but it the usual cucumber’s African cousin. Just look at the insides and you will know. The spikes around the outer thick skin give it an angry look, probably it’s an attraction for the spiky species that live on and in the desert sand. This fruit is rich in water and tastes just like the ordinary cucumber except it’s saltier. It is frequently used in decorating food because of its spiky banana like the look.

Its habitat is the Kalahari desert in Africa. It has two types of poisonous species. Its color is green and is suitable for consumption. Its color is yellow and its taste is close to pomegranate and is similar in shape to that of seed


Mangosteen looks like a villain from outer space. With the only difference being that it lives on our planet Earth. Those delicious fruits can be found in the Sunda and Moluccas Islands. The shape of this fruit is similar to the placement of ostrich eggs. It contains bright white seeds with peach attachment surrounded by extra fat and filled with popular antioxidants, which many scientists and researchers believe can help reduce various deadly diseases. It should be if you are sick with diabetes.

Its homeland is Indonesia in general and in particular the Moluccas With an aromatic taste and a fragrant smell of citrus It is said to cure cancer and has excellent nutritional benefits
It is said that Queen Victoria was offering gifts to those who attended this fruit

 Star fruit aka Carambola

These fruits are found in Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka. They love the tradition of the star, and are very passionate when pressed, and are very juicy when pressed. Yes, my friends, this is really edible. It has been used in making chips, also biscuit creams, and some pizza sauces as well as many other uses. The taste is similar to the only juicy pear.

The fruit of the star or carambola is star-like and popular fruit in Southeast Asia. It originated in Indonesia and Sri Lanka and has been planted in India and Asia for hundreds of years. It is grown in Latin America and contains high potassium and antioxidants, Vitamin C, and sodium.

Buddha’s Hand

Oh yeah, I was scared too when I looked at it first but didn’t feel a thing when I swallowed it, it just tastes like a lemon. because of its shape, it resembles a tightened octopus. It is found in China and India. also, you can use it to flavor fish and eaten raw with spices when mixed with salad. an addition you can be used by the Chinese as a perfume around your house and in cupboards to keep out the smell.

The Buddha's hand is a fruit of various uses for its fragrant fragrance, and it's original home in China and India. It has been named by Buda as its finger-shaped shape. It is used for decoration and household and clothing in Japan and China. In some areas, it is offered in Buddhist temples as a cross and chooses to be open. The mild weather suits them well from drought, heat, and frost.

Durian aka The King of fruits

Does anyone try to eat something if it smells sweaty? Yes, indeed these Durian fruits that are growing heavily in Malaysia and Brunei have a very bad reputation; it is forbidden even in hotels and some shops. Its taste is simply bad, but given its shape, the hard crust around the fruit, it is worth trying. Do you really want to try it to try something exciting like adventure or suicide?

Durian is one of the strangest fruits and has been called "fruit queen", with a strong odor that prevents its planting in some public places, gardens, and hotels. It is grown in Southeast Asia, covered with thorns, and was discovered in the 19th century by the naturalist Alfred Rascal Wallace. Dorian is used in most of the sweet and salty dishes in East Asia. Its name is attributed to the Malay and Indonesian language, which means "fork". In 1990, European and domestic demand flared up.

custard apple

Many people refer to this fruit as the heart of the bull, but I do not think it deserves it. It is like a dirty brother of common apples, a somewhat mutilated brother.

These fruits grow in Taiwan, India, Africa and other tropical forests all over the world. Its taste is sweet and lovely, like the custard flavor, hence the name.

Some people refer to this fruit as the heart of the bull, but I do not think it deserves that expression. It is like a rugged brother of apple and apple custard grows in Taiwan, India, Africa and other tropical forests all over the world. It is one of the strangest fruits in the world.

ackee fruit

These are the fruits of Jamaica's national. The seeds of this fruit have been purchased from West Africa to Jamaica on the ship Obaid Masha, and since then it has become a delicious food around the Caribbean. To eat this fruit, one must remove the black peaks and cut the thick yellow cracks, because the area heated between them is highly toxic. Ackee you are very tough

This is called the national fruits of Jamaica, and the seeds of this fruit were bought from West Africa to Jamaica aboard a ship and since then it has spread around the Caribbean. To eat this fruit, remove the black peaks and cut and open the ugly yellow part of the meat. In this very poisonous flower, this fruit ranks fourth in the list of the strangest fruits in the world.


This is known as the common brothers of the regular tomatoes we use daily, where the color is pale and burning, with a distinctive seed shape in the middle when divided into halves. These fruits grow in the state of Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia and taste similar to the fruit of passion. It is used in the manufacture of juices and in certain areas of Bolivia is used in cooking, especially for the preparation of the sauce. In the industry, it is used as a strong preservative because these fruits contain a high amount of pectin.

This fruit is a brother of the popular regular tomatoes we use every day. It has distinctive seeds in the middle. This fruit grows in Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia and tastes similar to passion fruit. It is used in making juices and in some areas of Bolivia it is used for cooking, In these industries, it is used as a strong preservative because the fruit contains a high amount of pectin, and it is second in the list of the strangest fruits in the world.

strange fruits in the world you can taste

There are still many fruits, vegetables, and plants, which are discovered daily. A person may not be aware of its existence, yet it may be interesting to try out a new and unique species of plants that he or she may not be able to taste to try them

Bananas, oranges, and kiwis are all very common all year round, but there are fruits that are hard to find in larger and larger markets.

There are plenty of other fruits in the world, so we offer you 20 of the hardest types of fruits that can not be found easily. But who knows, you may also be on your purchasing list someday soon.

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