Top 8 Benefits of castor oil: incredible benefits

Top 8 Benefits of castor oil: incredible benefits

I remember my mother advised me many times to use castor oil when my back hurts me but I did not imagine the benefits of many castor oils which are incredible benefits for the skin and hair your health

The great benefit of castor oil is that it contains a high content of unsaturated fatty acids, which has been useful in many uses

8 benefits of castor oil and its amazing uses

The benefits of using castor oil for skin more than wonderful for the ability of this natural oil to treat many of the skin problems that hurt the skin of women, Castor oil has several benefits and benefits to the body.

benefits of castor oil for skin

1- Castor oil helps to cure acne

Because it contains a substance that destroys bacteria and fungi. Apply it on clean skin and leave it overnight, then wash your skin in the morning. Repeat the recipe 3 to 4 times a week

2- Moisturizing for the skin

It also protects the epidermis and legs from dehydration and can be applied to treat and remove skin stretch marks that usually affect women after childbirth. In addition to this, the regular use of castor oil protects the skin from wrinkles. And signs of the age of the skin can be used castor oil to treat the cracking of painful nipples and in the treatment of scratches and cuts and cases of severe skin rash in infants also it treats and moisturizing chapped lips and dry heels

3- Treat your skin dryness and protect from early wrinkles

through the castor oil mask, which is rich in fatty acids. Put your skin in it and leave the mixture for half an hour, then rinse it with soap suitable for your skin.

- You can clean your skin from makeup, dirt, and impurities lingering between the pores of the skin through castor oil. This method also helps to reduce the fatty secretions of the skin

If your skin lacks freshness and vitality, apply the castor oil mask on the face for half an hour, which will be given shine and health because it contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants

benefits of castor oil for hair

The benefits of castor oil for hair According to some studies that the use of castor oil once a month can stimulate the growth of hair from 3-5 times the normal rate and the effect of castor oil in the prolongation of hair because it contains fatty acids and vitamin E,

4- Reduces hair loss

It increases the flow of blood circulation to the scalp, which improves the health of the scalp and hair follicle; thus reducing hair loss, increasing the strength of its roots by nourishing the scalp and protecting it from microbes. Promotes hair re-growth: It is rich in fatty acids that nourish hair roots and limbs, thus increasing hair growth.

- It stimulates hair growth
because it helps in the arrival and nourishment of the blood circulation of hair follicles, as it contains the Omega 9 which is an important element to get vital hair.

6- increase the intensity and length of eyelashes

By applying it to the eyelashes, taking care not to put a large amount of oil and not contact to the eyes; because it may cause irritation and swelling of the eyes when waking, and advised to do this process every day before sleep; where the eyelashes can be washed well morning with warm water, and repeat this process for three to four weeks to get the desired results

health benefits of castor oil

7- Castor oil is used as a laxative

when consumed orally because of its content of ricinoleic acid, which starts in the intestine by digesting undigested food, cleans the intestines by promoting intestinal movement, and advises new mothers to consume castor oil before sleep if they suffer from constipation.

constipation treatment

It is found that castor oil is a strong laxative of the intestines, which makes it a role in the fight against constipation and prevention, and can be taken by taking half a teaspoon of it or mix it with a natural juice such as orange to improve its strong taste.

8- Strengthens the immune system

And enhances its work by increasing the number of white cells that in turn fight inflammation and activate the mechanism of defense of the body.

8- Castor oil is used to relieve pain &soothe cramps

And reduce swelling and inflammation of the joints and tissues, because of its high content of ricinoleic acid, and is used for this purpose by mixing two tablespoons of castor oil in a cup of water and drink, especially in cases of acute rheumatoid arthritis, and can be applied directly to the pain area, Back and abdominal pain, soothe menstrual cramps.

Benefits of castor oil - All you need to know about castor oil

These benefits derive from its nutritional value and its contents. Castor oil consists of:

Fatty acids.

High vitamin E levels

Omega 6 fatty acids

A number of minerals.


Castor oil is used in many industries, including the manufacture of soap and cosmetics, the pharmaceutical industry, massage oils, and many others.

- It is useful in the treatment of external eye infections and reduces redness and irritation.

- The castor oil is useful in moisturizing the nails and increasing their beauty.

- The benefits of the castor oil, which works to stimulate the lactic glands, the fat on the nipples and massage, which increases the production of milk.

- Castor oil is used in the treatment of rheumatism and its symptoms of arthritis and gout because it contains oleic, linoleic and sulfinic acids.

- Helps to purify the skin of dark spots, recommended by dermatologists because it unifies the skin color, and saves them from any dark spots undesirable.

- benefits of castor oil for It treats the back pain, by massaging the back.

- Castor oil for the treatment of rheumatism, which has the ability to relieve pain and inflammation, can be used for massage to relieve the pain of joints, nerves, and muscles.

- Castor oil to counter the wrinkles because it is softening the skin when used topically as it penetrates the skin and stimulates the formation of collagen responsible for smoothness and moisturizing the skin, which reduces the lines of wrinkles to give a more youthful appearance.

- Castor oil acts as a disinfectant to treat wounds and skin scratches.

- The physiotherapist uses castor oil to strengthen the immune system, which helps in the prevention of infectious diseases.

- Castor oil for hair extension

Mix an appropriate amount of castor oil with almond oil in a quantity equal to reduce the density of castor oil and then put the mixture on the hair from the beginning to the scalp, and the tips of your fingers national massage lightly head for a few minutes.

In your hair hot towel and leave the oil on the hair for an hour, and can change the towel after another half an hour to increase the penetration of oil to hair follicles and limbs,

Finally castor oil and its side effects

Castor oil is usually safe for use as long as it is used at an appropriate dose, but in some cases, caution should be used when using it, consult a doctor, including these cases

- Pregnant and lactating women.

- People with intestinal obstruction.

- Acute inflammatory bowel disease.


- Belly pain.

The recommended ration during the day is not more than half a teaspoon of castor oil. If you eat more than this dose, you may get diarrhea, nausea, cramps and abdominal pain.

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