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Each of us wants to be highly intelligent, has the ability to prove it to everyone. There are some studies that consider intelligence as genetically, while others consider it to be an acquired and controllable one by controlling the environment of the individual such as food and attention. With exercises that increase the IQ of a person from early childhood to young, I will show some foods and foods that are believed to increase IQ.

Did you know that there is a large list of foods that increase the strength of your memory, and help you not to forget, one of the usual foods that we enjoy at lunch, which we offer you Many of them in today's article

12 Brain-Boosting Foods That Will Keep You smart

People often search for health-beneficial foods that have avoided many diseases, but few people wonder about foods that strengthen and strengthen the brain's ability to prevent a host of related diseases, such as Alzheimer's.

So I provide you with 12 foods that increase intelligence, keep you from forgetting and activate memory

eggs for strengthens memory

As it contains proteins and nutrients necessary for growth which strengthens memory and usually advised pregnant to eat at least two eggs a day in order to provide the child with the necessary elements to build his brain and develop his abilities and memory.

especially, yolk, Research has shown that egg yolk has a great ability to improve the mental health of humans in general, especially with respect to memory and concentration.

Fish especially, Fatty fish

Especially fried fish that contain omega-3 fats necessary to build the brain and develop the cognitive and mental aspects of the individual, a study has shown that children born to mothers who ate fish during pregnancy at a regular rate enjoy more intelligence than those born to mothers who did not fish during pregnancy.

especially, Fatty fish: salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines and humor from fish rich in brain-friendly fats.

Peanut butter and whole fat milk

Because they are rich sources of the omega-3 component responsible for mental brain development and cognitive development, as well as have a significant role and influence on the learning process, and recommends taking into account the presence of one of these elements in the diets of the pregnant mother as well as children and even school students because they enhance the brain's mental abilities.

Walnut for strengthens memory

Contains a high percentage of natural enzymes that keep brain cells from damage and strengthens memory.

Bee's honey improves memory

Improves memory significantly, so it is advisable to take it during the examination period for students.

Avocado to stimulate brain work

It is recommended to eat half the fruit before the exams. Fatty acids help to concentrate.
Avocado is rich in vitamin E, which contains a powerful antioxidant and protects the fatty tissue in the brain from aging. If you do not like avocado, you can eat oily fruity (walnuts, nuts ...). Do not forget to do appropriate exercises to stimulate brain work (mental exercise, games to strengthen memory ...), and should not neglect the rest (sleep is necessary to renew its activity ...). By following these tips, you may not win the Nobel Prize but you will get excellent mental performance.

Herb Rose Oil for concentration rate

His daily pretense of eating makes the brain cells more efficient. And a diet to eat this oil is an improvement in memory and concentration rate of more than 40 percent, according to British scientific studies.

a Liver rich source of proteins

The brain uses about 20% of the body's need for oxygen, and the body needs iron to transport oxygen to the body via hemoglobin. The liver is one of the mainstays of this precious metal, a source of important sources of vitamin B. Since the mid-1980s, these vitamins, especially B9, B12, B1, and B6, have improved mental functions and IQ results. If you do not like liver, you can eat pork, beef, or "food yeast."
The liver is a rich source of proteins and iron. It also helps the blood flow and oxygen to the brain. This helps to stimulate the brain and make it alert. He pat is special and useful food during pregnancy. It provides the brain with adequate oxygen and blood. His brain is intelligent.

Red fruits are a brain strain of toxins

Berries are the richest nutrients with antioxidants and can prevent Parkinson's disease, also, the strawberry:

Strawberries are a brain strain of toxins, and can delay brain aging and associated problems by an average of 2.5 years, from a study of 16,000 follow-ups over 36 years, tomatoes that Lycopene, which gives tomatoes a red color, is one of the most important magic substances in the stimulation of mental health, protect from dementia, and protects brain cells

Spinach to the regeneration of blood cells

The uniqueness of all leafy vegetables is that they are rich in vitamin B-9 (folic acid), which contributes to the development of the fetal nervous tissue and regeneration of blood cells. Signs of deficiency include low alertness and poor memory. In elderly patients with folic acid deficiencies, this phenomenon may be explained by the fact that vitamin B9 increases or maintains the dendritic (neural tube). If you do not like spinach, you can eat watercress, lettuce, and broccoli

Dark chocolate helps to concentrate

Dark chocolate enhances the flow of blood in the brain, so it is an important food that helps to concentrate and strengthens memory. Nutrition experts recommend adding dark chocolate to our meals on a daily basis to enhance the brain's ability to perform its tasks.

Beets increases the flow of oxygen

Beet juice increases the flow of blood to the brain, which in turn increases the flow of oxygen and food to it, which means greater focus and better brainpower.

Beets are foods that have amazing benefits in improving memory and preventing their loss with age, and the introduction of beetroot into daily diets enhances the ability to concentrate.


The need for diversity of food intake and away from canned and canned foods, which block blood flow in the veins, and burdens the heart, brain, and digestive system, and lead to inactivity and laziness, and reduce our mental abilities.

finally, As well as foods that increase the development of sweet sweetness of Tahini, dates, and boiled yellow maize and sweetened with sugar or salt, chickpeas, and milk, which is very nutritious.

There are many views on the concept of intelligence and related to it; while some believe that intelligence is genetically inherited and born with the baby, others believe that intelligence can be acquired and developed through the appropriate educational environment, has shown many scientific and practical experience that it is possible to raise the level of intelligence in different ways ; Attention to eating appropriate meals, through exercises and auxiliary activities, and last but not least public health.

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