how to make Chicken Soup Recipe - Quick& Easy

  how to make Chicken Soup Recipe - Quick& Easy

There are many benefits to human health after eating chicken soup recipe because the chicken soup recipe is important for health and human immunity, and should be taken care of to eat frequently for benefits

the chicken soup recipe is one of the most frequently eaten foods during winter, but in light of weather fluctuations and frequent colds, many should be used to reduce the complications of colds in the summer.

A simple way to make Chicken Soup Recipe

this soup dish is rich in many important nutrients for the human body, such as protein and vitamin C in the case of lemon, iron, zinc, potassium, antioxidants, and calcium.
And the most important benefits obtained by the human body as a result of eating chicken soup, is

- Strengthening the immune system in the body.

- Reducing the incidence of immunological diseases such as colds and pneumonia.

- Reduce the chances of cancer, because it is rich in antioxidants.

- Strengthen the health of bones and teeth, because they contain the element of calcium

Here's the recipe for a special chicken soup that will help you recover if you have the flu or have a family member.

a simple way to make homemade Chicken Soup Recipe

the ingredients

- chicken.

-Three grains of onion.

- Four grains of turkey pepper all colors (green, yellow, red, buff).

-the salt. And black pepper.

-A teaspoon of curry spices.

- Half teaspoon of cardamom.

- Two teaspoons of spices

- Clove garlic

This recipe is very easy in terms of preparation time and simply prepared

How to prepare

1 - cut the chicken for four parts, then add the onions and hearts together, and can add pieces of potatoes if you want, sprinkle a little salt and black pepper, then you make sure that the chicken gets appropriate peeling.

2 - Add the chicken in a saucepan with the oil, stir well, and make sure not to stick in the wall of fate. and put the onion slices with the potato pieces with chicken cubes,  then you must stir them together, and add the water,  finally, you put spices as you want.

3 - Put the henna and leave for half an hour until fully cooked, then put the fire and pour it into a large dish.

Do not forget that the recipe for chicken soup is a useful and quick and home-cooked chicken soup dish, especially the restaurant with vegetables rich in nutrients because this soup contains many vitamins that help to get rid of cold symptoms.

It also helps restore body strength after fatigue from symptoms of cold and is rich in food containing low calories, and is light on the stomach. Scientists have proven that it is a medicine for patients with colds. Chicken and its broth contain amino acids.

Tips for you, you can put the cream to give the soup taste wonderful or add any kind of useful vegetables add the cream and stir to be mixed with the creamy soup, you can also put parsley on chicken soup.

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