Why Facebook is the best social media for child

Facebook: the best network for your children

Facebook for your children

If you have two children you are always looking for the best for them and also safe for them from any harm so if your son is still small and has the means of communication  Facebook is the safest means for your children because it offers many advantages to them and is a powerful firewall for your children

Social networking sites are among the most important aspects of modern technological and practical development. It is known that everyone uses social networking sites for entertainment or other educational or social reasons, and it is certain that social networking sites have become the necessities of modern life.

It also has an important role in the lives of our children
Facebook is still the property of all social media so far and is used by 8 out of 10 Americans on the Internet. This is more than twice the number of other popular social networking users like Twitter
Today's generation of children has advanced skills in using the Internet more often than parents do

Facebook is considered one of the most important social sites for communication between people from my point of view in the present era. It is a manifestation of globalization because it makes the world as a city or a village where people communicate their opinions, ideas, and pictures. This makes it a positive aspect of globalization. But I call it (Facebook City) where people gather away from spatial barriers and time slots

Facebook is Fun and Safe Social Networks for Children

Children resort to social networking sites for several reasons, because they find new life away from their traditional lives, and the possibility of finding friends to communicate with them again, as well as the use of some of these sites for the purpose of fame and self-esteem and promote self-confidence through the dissemination of their ideas Their feelings and their attempts to write literature. Some also find in these sites away and form of the tradition of adults and pride themselves and their active presence on it and, unlike all this easy to use social networking sites even for those who have a minimum of technical skills.

1- The ability to search for information, which helps the child to complete school assignments, to learn about other cultures, to satisfy their own hobbies, to communicate with friends. A wide range of entertainment can be viewed including video games, movies, instant messaging and other web-based.
2- Facebook helps to stay in touch with family and friends, remove borders and distances, and stay in touch with the most important news sites to learn about important events affecting our lives.

3-Facebook contributes to the exchange of experiences and cultures around the world through the dissemination of cultures of nations and peoples, and this contributes significantly to the dissemination of the concept of acceptance of the other through the recognition of the customs of different peoples.

4- The advantages of Facebook that it helps to access all scientific research and benefit from them, and contribute to the increase of knowledge and public culture.

5- Make the child more practical and distinctive in the use of computer and the Internet and this will certainly benefit him in his studies and future.
And again the concept of interaction and cooperation between him and his peers in the school in terms of exchange of information and duties and questions.
Also taught him how to social contact between him and his friends and his family who separated from the distances and limits, It also makes education more enjoyable.
6- Through Facebook, the experience of the child in the computer and also the use of the Internet is higher and experience increases over time.
Making it more cooperative and inaction with others.
It is useful in many other fields.
Also contains many games that are preferred by the child.
It benefits him in the performance of work, especially the progress of a job.
All this is one of the features that make the most popular social networking sites among people.

7- an Approximate distance between people

With the emergence of Facebook, Watts, and other social networking applications, these applications represented a different life from the past compared to previous communication methods and services. It offers tremendous potential for continuous communication at all times beyond the limits of geography. At the beginning of its spread, the youth group was the most widely used and disseminated user These applications have become the infection that affected all segments of the society of men, women, the elderly and children, especially with the proliferation of smartphones and their various applications, the free and easy and spread of these modern means attracted many users to rely on These means in the greeting cards or to communicate in the ordinary days, and became modern tools that facilitate the people and help them to carry out their social duties in a very short time while the individual in the seventies and eighties need weeks to make sure the arrival of a letter or telegraph or greeting card to his family and residents away from him .

Family role to avoid the disadvantages of Facebook

The family should do many actions and actions to protect their children from the bad use of Facebook.
1. Set a specific time for them to sit on the computer.
2. Monitor what they are doing and observe any change in their behavior.
3. identify the friends who recognize them through Facebook.
4. Put the computer in an open place.
5. It is better to learn the program of Elvis to learn to avoid its damage.
6. Give them tips and mention the disadvantages of Elvis in front of them, taking care to give them confidence.

There are also non-Facebook similarities such as Twitter and Instagram and must use them optimally.

finally, Do we think we can prevent the child from using the Internet, but this solution seems impossible in this age. We fear for our children from the disadvantages of the Internet, but we seek as much as possible to try to benefit from this technology and exploit it well. It is not realistic to prevent children from using the Internet in any way. Rather, it is necessary to combine efforts and take some measures to protect children from their dangers. These include: monitoring the behavior and behavior of children when using the Internet, placing the computer in an open place in the house, the need for a parent while the child is using the Internet, ensuring that the child is properly aware of the child's awareness and education,, Follow-up up to the child's e-mails, raising children's awareness of the need not to disclose personal information to anyone on the Internet such as name, address or phone number.
Therefore, it is recommended that parents live in the age of their children with all its characteristics and characteristics, and see the corners of life with a common perspective, and discuss things with an idea that matches the information of the age and interact with it with an open mind and a keen endeavor to grasp the threads of mutual understanding.
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