what is the secret of Many Japanese live to 100 ?

What Is The Japanese Secret To Live Longer?

What Is The Japanese Secret To Live Longer?

Have you ever asked yourself about the reason or secret behind the long life of the Japanese or even thought about why some people in particular Japan live longer years than the average of other peoples and not less that the reason is the Japanese government to consider them or they are the richest people so they are always happy for that Long life here in this article give you many reasons behind the long life of the Japanese citizen

Studies on the world's longest-lived population, Japan's population, show what these factors are, with a population of about 127 million, of which more than 65,000 are 100 years of age or older. Okinawa is one of the world's most famous regions, although it is Japan's poorest province.

Older people in the province have been studying regularly for 40 years. Analyzes confirm that the long life of these populations is due primarily to good nutrition and regular movement and not to overuse of alcoholic beverages as well as social cohesion, where the food meals of these populations of low-calorie food and high food density.

Residents of the area eat about one kilogram of vegetables daily, as well as soybeans, fruits, fresh fish, low-fat meats and jasmine tea. Most residents of Okinawa also move regularly in the open air, with almost no smokers. But something striking is that most of the long-term residents of (Okinawa ) are women.

The Japanese age is the longest and the people of Japan are the best to live for a long time. The medical studies have confirmed that genetics is not the main cause of longevity, but that there are other reasons and factors behind this and we will know through this article.

what is The secret of long life in Japan

How do the Japanese live this long life and do not grow up fast? Discover the secret.

that Japan has the highest average life expectancy between countries in the world. This means that people in Japan really live a long life. For example, the average age of men is 92 years while women live slightly longer at 96 years. Which means that the Japanese live longer than others, what is the reason? This is what we will learn in this article

1- The Japanese diet includes antioxidants

Such as lemons, vinegar, and garlic. They add more to the soup and food. Antioxidants are known to resist cancer cells, and we must not forget the most important role that helped in the lifespan of the Albanians, health, and food awareness campaigns that help the government spread them throughout the country.

2- Healthy diet in Japan

According to a new study. The study pointed out that the reason for this is to eat foods rich in certain carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits, in addition to fish and meat. Their diets also contain the lowest proportion of saturated fat, high-carbohydrate processed foods that are compensated with rice and vegetables

"Balanced consumption of grains, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, eggs, soy products, alcoholic beverages, and juices will have a positive effect on the average age of the individual, which in turn reduces the risk of death due to diseases of the circulatory system."

"The Japanese taught us a valuable lesson about how to be healthy, especially when it comes to healthy eating," said James Deniculatunio, a scientist and researcher of the circulatory system and related diseases at the St. Luke Heart Institute in Central America. Real and exercise performance. " He stressed that adherence to foods containing good quality foods and low saturated fat are very important issues for better health.

3- The "Ikeja" is the secret of happiness and the long life

Ikeja is a Japanese word meaning: "The Japanese secret of long and happy life" Some direct but transformation ways to approach modern life.

According to the Japanese, every Eikjei man is his own, which is what one of the French philosophers called the reason for existence. Some people have already found their own Ikegai, while others have not yet found it and others are still looking for it, even though it is inside.

Eikige is the secret of existence hidden within each of us, and to find it requires some patience. For those born in Okinawa, Japan, the city with the largest number of people in the world, it is why they wake up early. The specific and clear possession of Aikikai brings us a state of contentment, happiness, and meaning for life.

There is an amazing observation that you see when you live in Japan: the state of continuous activity in which citizens remain until after retirement. In fact, many Japanese do not retire, but they still practice what they love as long as their health allows.

4- Omega-rich fish 3 .. Secret long life

Studies and research have revealed that the secret behind the long life of the Japanese is that they eat fatty fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids

5- an act of eating is the secret behind a long life

But the philosophy of Hara Hachi Bu is more profound. It includes a set of strict eating traditions. The Hatchi principles are based on eating small meals and eating slowly rather than over-once.

You should also know the moment when you should stop eating, do not look at fullness or satiety, but at the inner feeling that tells you to stop now.

This requires intensive training and does not come once, the art of eating appetite management, and this is related to the training of the brain in the person on how to gain this feeling. For Okinawa residents, they have been trained through the generations and become part of the educational tradition that begins from the earliest age.

On the other hand, when most people do not give themselves the opportunity to think with themselves that I am really hurt, there is no need for more.

6- The secret of the cake

Hara Hachi bu It can also be said that Hara Hachi bun and bun mean cake, but the meaning of the term means directly in Arabic, "Eat until you fill 80 percent of your stomach," the Confucian rule maintained by Okinawa residents.

The essence of this philosophy is the process of controlling the calorie system in the human body. If it is common in the West to overeat high-calorie foods, what Okinawan does is balance rather than the other way around, according to the Hara Hitachi Bo rule.

Normally, the Okinawa people consume an average of 1,800 to 1,900 calories per day, a few hundred times less than the American average, which is the most obvious reason for the vitality and longevity of the island population.

7- Great attention to exercise

Japan is one of the countries most interested in participating in various sports activities, especially baseball, which is very popular among footballers. In some other countries, Japan is also interested in martial arts such as Karate, Kendo, Sumo and many other sports.

The rest of the Japanese people who do not specialize in playing a particular game are keen on running, walking and other easy sports because they know the importance of sport and its role in maintaining the health and longevity of Japanese. A US study conducted on a group of people to study the impact of sport To prolong a life that those who do not exercise any kind of physical activity are more likely to have heart disease and pressure while those who exercise do their body functions well.

8- find laughter and happiness in simple things

Indeed, the Japanese have a totally differentiated mindset in dealing with food. While Americans and other people are concerned with dieting and taking every new interest in weight loss, the Japanese are used to enjoying all kinds of food without throwing away the so-called diet systems.

But we have to admit that the leakage of Western food habits into Japanese lives and the spread of fast-food restaurants have finally led to high rates of obesity among Japanese youth who have abandoned their dietary culture.

finally, As you can see, there are some good tips that we can learn from Japanese that can help us live longer, happier and more productive lives. Hope you are happy and stay well now and in the coming years

"The best thing is to live happily and avoid overwork," Japanese Yasutaro Quaid, 112, said in response to questions about his long-term secret. That is when they asked the long-term secret of Japan's old-age dean, the world's oldest man, Yasunari Kuwe, aged 112, died yesterday.

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