Top 15 strangest foods from around the world

The strangest foods around the world you may love or leave it

The strangest foods around the world you may love or leave it

One of us imagines that it is possible to eat crocodile, snakes, turtles, mice, cockroaches, and cockroaches. This is the truth that no one would imagine that in people who eat these exotic foods they eat them sometimes fried or grilled.

Food varies from one country to another, but you will not imagine the strangest cuisine around the world, which is cooked by some people and is one of their favorites.

There are many strange things in the world, which are made by humans in the making day by day among these strange things strange food Each country differs from each other according to culture and religious traditions, so there are strange dishes for us and sometimes disgusting

If you are a fan of traveling and traveling among different countries, you will probably wonder about the strangest kinds of foods you can find in another country with different customs and traditions from your country?

Whatever your imagination goes, you will not find any stranger than what we will give you today in this article.

15 Strangest Foods From Around The World

1- Fried spiders in Cambodia

It was eaten in the state of Cambodia during the famine period but has evolved into a habit until now.

They are eaten as appetizers especially on public beaches.

2- Balut at the Philippines

Snacks in the Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, consisting of a chicken egg with an unfinished embryo.

3- Shirako in Japan

Of the famous Japanese cuisine and composed of the genitals of some animals

4- Monkeys' brains in South Asia

It is eaten in China, South Asia and some places in Africa where it is eaten immediately after cutting the monkey's skull with a sharp object.

5- boshintang "in North Korea dog soup

A popular dish in North Korea named "boshintang" means health soup and is eaten secretly in South Korea. It is a dog soup

6- Mouse in Vietnam

A favorite of many Vietnamese, as well as the Ivory Coast in Africa, where they are sold as fast food on the roads.

7- Insect dish shaper in Taiwan

In many countries, such as China, Taiwan, and Thailand, insect dishes include cockroaches.

8- Turtle soup in China

Of the most authentic dishes in China, one can find in the soup a soft crust of it.

9- Crocodile dish in Kenya

One of Kenya's most famous dishes, its meat tastes closer to the fish and is somewhat rubbery.

10- Frogs in France

Frogs are also common in France, famous for frogs and frog legs, which are cooked in different ways.

11- Insect confectionery in the Netherlands

As for exotic sweets, countries such as Japan, the Netherlands and Vietnam offer dishes where they are insects and frogs.

Among the crackers are Crispy Mustard Crackers, a kind of crispy biscuit stuffed with tapas in the Japanese city of Omachi.

12- Snakes fried in South America

A favorite meal for residents of the southern regions of the United States and its taste is similar to that of frogs.

13- The silkworm beondegi

A popular light meal is known as "beondegi", spread in China, Thailand, Cambodia, and South Korea

The silkworm, which makes silk, uses large amounts of it in food in some Asian countries such as China, Thailand, and Cambodia.

14- Grilled lentils

Eaten in Latin America, especially in the Andir region, Peru, the state of Bolivia and Colombia, are popular in popular restaurants in these countries.

15- Blood and Goose Blood Soup in Vietnam

Known as "Kha Tiet" is one of the famous dishes in Vietnam, and consists of the blood of geese or duck after cooling in the refrigerator and then served with herbs and peanuts.

The strangest foods around the world - will not believe

There are also strange dishes that you may not have heard of before, Such as fried tuna eyes "Japan and China, They are fried tuna eyes and are usually offered in tomato sauce with garlic and soy sauce and are said to have a squid taste. also, there is Bats soup "Australia, Is a soup consisting of a whole bat organism with all its members cooked with some vegetables and coconut milk as it is offered in Africa and is a major cause of the spread of Ebola disease. and in India, there is Coty Bay "India

An Indian diet consisting of a goat embryo where the pregnant goat is left immediately before birth and then cooked and the fetus inside. The goat is eaten with the fetus or the fetus can be removed from the mother's stomach before cooking and eating as it is. also, Cape Cake Worms "Holanda

It is a very common candy for its protein content, a "cupcake" stuffed with worms.

in China, there are Molded eggs "of China ,It is a very famous dish in China, an egg that is buried in mud and dirt until it rotates and becomes black and then eaten.and in Canada's nose Oulz, is a huge American deer, and this meal depends on the nose of the deer after cleaning the hair and cut it to cook with onions and spices.

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