Top 10 things a dog can know about you

10 Amazing Things Dogs Can Sense

10 Amazing Things Dogs Can Sense

Dogs are incredibly smart and intuitive, and if you believe it or not, dogs have a sixth sense when it comes to understanding human emotional needs. It is their sixth sense that helps them become good friends of their fellow human beings.

The dog is often the best friend of the family, it interacts with anything including feelings of excitement and happiness as well as grief and stress.
In fact, dogs also respond according to your emotions and seem to be sensitive to your feelings. Because of this, dog breeding is recommended as part of the treatment of human emotional problems.

In addition, dogs seem to be able to help identify some of the medical problems their owners may suffer. Currently, some dogs are trained and employed to help their owners with chronic health problems. Here are 10 incredible things that can be felt by your dog.

10 things a dog can know about you

The dogs have a lot of movements that you can express what you want to say especially since we do not understand barking, but we can explain the movements of their bodies. In this article, we will present some explanations for dog movements

1- Cancer and other diseases

Dogs have the ability to feel diseases too. With about 220 million odor receptors, dogs can smell things much more.

Dogs are famous for detecting cancer. It can extract a variety of cancers, including skin, breast, and bladder cancer. A 2006 study published in the Journal of Integrative Cancer Therapy found that trained dogs were able to detect breast cancer by 88 percent and lung cancer by 99 percent using breathing samples.
A 2010 study published in the Journal of Vital Cancer Indicators found that the sensitivity of trained olfactory dogs allows them to detect volatile organic compounds such as biomaterials caused by bladder cancer.
also, There is also growing evidence that dogs can detect the onset of migraines.

2-dog can feel the pregnancy

Your dog friend can feel the pregnancy. It is certain that dog owners of women have noticed changes in pet behavior during pregnancy. Some women reported that their pets became more anxious and loved for their husbands. Some dogs begin to accompany their pregnant husbands everywhere they go.

From time to time, it may be noticed that the dog is swollen by the belly of the pregnant mother and puts his head on it. These sudden changes in dog behavior are mainly due to the physical changes that the dog can feel in the body of its owner. Dogs also interact with environmental changes that occur in the home as a result of pregnancy.
Do not ignore the dog at all and spend time with him every day. As you create a gentle routine with your dog, this will help him to adapt positively to the changes coming at home.

In addition, having a dog during pregnancy is beneficial for women. A study published in 2012 found that pregnant women with dogs were more active in walking than women without dogs.

3- Sorrow and sadness

When you feel sad, your four-legged friend can feel this right away. A new study published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Biology in 2016 shows that dogs can recognize human feelings by combining information from various visual and auditory signals. Your dog may feel sad even if you try to act normally in front of your dog or other family members.

The feeling that you are sad can result in your dog becoming more relaxed than usual. It can also lose interest in playing and refuse to eat.

It has also been shown that when a dog is sad, the dog tends to watch its owner quietly from one corner of the room. The dog may also come and lie on the feet of the owner or on his head or in his lap. In case of crying, the dog may lick its owner.

4- Low blood sugar

Humans issue some special smells when they suffer from diabetes. The hidden smell that humans cannot detect, your furry friend can reveal the problem and the complications associated with it.
In fact, there are real incidents where dogs saved lives by alerting people to low blood sugar even before a person feels any symptoms or a blood test.

Dogs can alert their owners about the problem by whining or licking their hands. Currently, many service dogs are specially trained to help people who rely on insulin.

5- Fear and tension

The dog can immediately feel that their owner is afraid or tense, even if he does not show signs indicating it. Where dogs can smell the hormones the body releases when it responds to stressful situations, including adrenaline and cortisol. So your dog knows about your mental state at the moment.
A furry friend may begin to show you protection to reduce your fear and will most likely start to save you if you have the chance.

Dogs may also try to relax their owners, and they can help prevent panic attacks and other potential situations associated with PTSD or other problems.

6- Hatred among humans

Your dog can feel your feelings when you do not like others. Many chemicals are released from the body in response to irritation and hatred, and dogs can sense these chemicals. Also, dogs can capture evidence of hate from your body language, gestures and the way you communicate with the other person.

In fact, your dog looks at you when you show signs of a person's hate. Here the dog may start barking, or even rushing to that person if he or she is trying to approach you. Dogs have a tendency to provide additional protection to their owners if they perceive other people as a threat.

7- dogs can feel the next earthquakes

It is believed that dogs can feel the next earthquakes before they actually happen. This has nothing to do with anything supernatural. It is a powerful hearing aid that helps them feel the next natural disaster. Dogs can hear the movement of underground rocks that occur only before earthquakes.

Dogs can start wailing a lot before the earthquake. Some dogs start running fast or prefer to stay close to their owners.
If you live in an earthquake-prone area and your dog begins to do strange things, do not ignore this sudden change in behavior. Be careful of the coming natural disasters.

8- Storms for dogs

Dogs can feel a sudden drop in atmospheric pressure and a shift in the static electric field that occurs prior to climate change. Their olfactory sensors are about 100 times more sensitive than human allergies, and they are more likely to be able to smell the electricity in the air. It can also smell strong and detect concentrations of chemicals in the air that humans can not sense.

In addition, the hearing strength when the dog is more sensitive than humans. She can hear what no one can hear.

9- Generosity of dogs

Just like humans, dogs have a tendency to judge a person based on their actions, as they pay attention to how they behave towards others.

In a 2012 study by the University of Milan, researchers allowed dogs to monitor humans in social situations. The dogs saw a group of people sharing their food with a homeless man, while the other group of dogs saw a group of people acting aggressively. After that, the two groups were asked to call the dogs at the same time. It was found that the dogs responded positively to the generous group when they were invited and avoided the aggressive group.

Dogs are social animals and expect reciprocity, kindness, and integrity from their owners.

10- Your intentions for dogs

Dogs follow your vision to get read about what you think and therefore they can feel your intentions correctly most of the time. For example, dogs may start looking for a place to hide before bathing time. This can happen even before opening water or touching its own towel. The same applies to haircuts and nails.

Similarly, dogs can feel that you are taking them to a veterinarian. And can be anxiously staring out the window of the car.

finally, The nature of the dog's personality seemed to be part of the attraction in which it lay, in the first place. It may seem prudent that we make sure that our pet companions have a great deal of consonance with us: the relationship between man and dog ultimately outweighs the average duration of the marital
It is astonishing to think about how this relationship originated at first. Humans began taming dogs some 30,000 years ago to help them catch up. But we have gradually and gradually raised these animals, allowing us to have a strong emotional bond between us and beyond the natural boundaries that separate our species.
Today, these beings look similar to us and behave like us, and unlike other humans, we always share our feelings. Moreover, pet dogs are - in many ways - the perfect reflection of our true nature. So it is no wonder that we consider these beings to be the best friend of man.

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