the strange and Mad Queens throughout History

The strangest behavior of the queens of the world 

The strangest behavior of the queens of the world

Women in general, and I have some strange behaviors like madness and beyond the scope of reason and logic sometimes and it increases madness here with the queens throughout history who act strange acts and insane orders In this article I try to display some actions of queens

Throughout the ages, the world has seen many queens of women who have spent a great deal of time in their country, and as women do, they have strange customs and traditions. This rule also appears to include queens as we shall see in this article

Some women around the world have behaviors and characters that may be strange and strange. They may be surprised by everyone who knows them and may be described as crazy for the oddity of actions, especially if the woman is famous, her actions become more striking because her fame puts them under the eyes of everyone and some may achieve the dream of fame through These acts, and the famous women seek to hide many of their habits and abnormal actions, which may be described by some as anomalous, but fail, especially if these women queens or princesses in their country and some unusual acts of queens throughout history.

The strangest behavior of queens rulers throughout history

1- Queen Victoria

She ordered to spray the streets of the city of Kubenarj with Colonia water to celebrate her visit and her Albert in 1845.

2- Great Catherine

If she wanted to enter the joy of herself, she was ordered to shave her feet. She drank five cups of coffee at breakfast.

3- Moche Thien 

She was a maid at the Imperial Palace in China and became the Empress of China after she killed her sister, her brother, her mother and the emperor.

4- Cleopatra

The queen of Egypt, if she wanted to open her appetite, would eat a piece of melon, marinated with garlic.

When she ascended the throne of Egypt after the death of her father Ptolemy XI, she married her younger brother Ptolemy XIII on the commandment of her father. Then she married two of Europe's most famous leaders: Julius Caesar in 47 BC and Mark Antony 41c. M.

5- The Virgin Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth I of Britain sat on the throne, a virgin at the age of 25. She remained a queen for 45 years in which she gave all her love for her country .. Even the marriage was alienated from him and she always says .. I prefer to marry without marriage to be married queen.

6- Anne Berlin

The wife of King Henry VIII wore the glove continuously in summer and winter to hide the sixth finger from her hands

7- Enzi Castor

The wife of Pedra I of Portugal, was assassinated by an individual. When her husband became king, her body was exhumed from the tomb and placed on the throne. He told his people that she was the queen of Portugal and became the first queen to govern her people after her death.

8- Queen Vanden

She ordered her private barber to be jailed for three years so that no one knew that the gray hair had lost her hair.

9- Queen Margaret