Surprising benefits Why You Should Walk Your Dog

Why it is Important of walking your dog

Why it is Important of walking your dog

Have you ever thought about walking with your dog that walking has great benefits for your dog and not just for you because the dog feels your tenderness and your interest and many other things you know in the article also have health benefits for your dog

Many believe that strolling next to dogs usually benefits the health and psychological state of their dogs, and so they keep watching. But a recent study by the University of Liverpool has shown that it also has benefits for dog owners, both psychologically and physically.

The dogs are given pleasure to live with, and older people especially need dogs next to the house to support them. Some people say that dogs change their lives because they love dogs. When they care about it they learn to become inhuman, and because the dogs give you all this you have to learn how to take care of them and understand what you want when they bark at you

The Importance of Walking Your Dog daily

1- Walking is one of the most important things that give your dog health, vitality, energy and energy. It makes him complete the rest of his day and is able to do daily exercises with great vigor. Paraphrasing also benefits in improving the mood of the dog and draining excess energy. So we always advise you to walk the dog for an hour a day or two at the latest.

2- Walking also helps to form wonderful social relationships. It builds the dog's social life and gives it the opportunity to interact with others and a sense of love, kindness, and attention. A dog is a social object that likes to mix with people. Your dog will also be connected to you when you share your moments of observation.

3- Whether you are a large or small dog, you need to walk on a daily basis to maintain your fitness and avoid the accumulation of harmful fat in your body, so you should keep your dog on a daily walk, or take him with you to the market, park or anywhere else to practice. Walk even for a quarter of an hour a day to become in good health.

4- Helps improve weight, A chubby dog is an unhealthy dog and walking helps the body burn excess fat to maintain the ideal weight of the dog.

5- Gastrointestinal help: Regular walking helps your dog's digestive system to work in a healthy way and therefore we note that after a period of walking dogs leave their waste
6- Eliminates bad habits: Regular walking takes away the energy of the dog and eliminates bad habits such as chewing furniture, crunching and cracking or digging in the garden and destroying its beauty .. Dogs like children, if you do not know how to manage their energy will turn their energy into an excessively harmful and disturbing mischief.

7- Helps to sleep without barking at night

The dog sometimes does not sleep at night and barks at the least sounds because of its energy that makes him laugh things are not ... Walking will help him to sleep ... For guard dogs do not worry This will not stop them attention during the night But it will reduce the bark which No need is important.

8- It reduces the dog's demand for attention because walking with him feels your interest, strengthens the bond between you and your dog and strengthens the level of your dog's confidence and also helps you, too, walking good for your health too

How much walking is enough?

It is clear that the amount of exercise time for your dog will vary depending on age, reproduction, and size. A ten-year study in Perth found that people may not walk their dogs as much as if the dog is sick, older, or a smaller breed. However, all dogs need some time to get out of the house and the patio every day.

Rules should be followed when walking dogs

Choose the right time to walk

Care should be taken to choose a suitable time for walking dogs. Do not have to walk in the afternoon so that the dogs do not get sunburn or burn their feet while walking on the hot ground, so you should pay attention to walking at the right times. The early morning or afternoon before sunset is one of the best times to take a dog with you on foot to entertain.

Beware of eating your dog for weeds from the ground

As dogs walk, dogs often eat the harmful things they pick up from the ground. These things are often very damaging, and they can also be toxic plants that often occur in the streets and public places and may lead to dog death and illness when eaten. You should be careful to take clean food and drinking water so that your dog can eat it when thirst, especially in the summer where dogs are always in need of drinking. Some weeds planted in public parks can be very toxic to dogs, so be careful if your dog eats grass and you should never allow it to happen.

finally, Walking dogs is one of the most important and beneficial activities for dogs. It also helps the dog to discharge excess energy and maintain fitness and protect it from the accumulation of harmful fats that prevent dogs from practicing activities and exercises normally. Walking also helps to maintain the health and fitness of the dogs. While doing sports activities and doing the good walking for the dog's body and fitness

Walking a dog is also a great way to get all the family moving, Increased walking has health, social and mental benefits. Is it not time your dog walked over?
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