Potato and Leek Soup - Easy Recipe

how to make Leek & potato soup recipe

how to make Leek & potato soup recipe

The best types of heating in the winter is the soup, especially if it is healthy and delicious, I offer to you dear and very easy recipe for the work of potato soup with leek , today Think of preparing for your children and your family because it is really tasty and useful

Potato soup and leek are useful and healthy soup, which is recommended for everyone to take care of the benefits of multiple, and we advise you dear housewife being creative and being innovative in your thoughts

Potato and leek soup is a healthy dish, rich in many essential nutrients for body health and safety, such as vitamins, minerals, salts, carbohydrates, and carbohydrates. This helps to provide the body with energy, increase its ability to carry out its daily activities, Where it can be prepared with vegetables, or cream, or chicken, and then served with the main dishes, appetizers, such as authorities.

Ingredients of soup of leeks and potatoes soup

4 Leaves of leeks

Potato, Cubes

Onion seed, small cubes

2 tbsp olive oil

Chicken broth cube

500 ml of liquid milk

salt and pepper as needed

Method of serving the soup of leeks and potatoes

1- Cut the white part of the balls into small cubes, place it in a strainer and wash well.

2- Put the onions with olive oil in a saucepan on a hot fire and stir until it withers.

3- Add leeks and stir until it melts.

4- Add the potatoes, the gravy cube and their stir, add half a cup of water and mix for 35 minutes.

5- Mix well, add the milk and my heart, and then mix again.

Bring the soup to the fire and the stir and salt it with pepper, then stir it hot.

this note is "Optional" for you so  You can add a 'cream cheese' or 'ready-made cheese' triangles such as a cookie or similar, also you can add after defrosting or mixing with other ingredients.

If you like the recipe, I am waiting for your opinion because your opinion is very important because it is the motivation for me to provide more delicious and useful recipes

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