how to Make Pomegranate and Avocado Salad Recipe

healthy and easy pomegranate and avocado salad - recipe

healthy and easy

If the pomegranate meets with avocados, you are faced with a full complement of nutritional elements, as well as a taste of delicious and indescribable taste. These pomegranate seeds, which contain iron and the elements necessary for the body,
Today's recipe is very easy and the preparation time does not exceed 10 minutes just try it in your kitchen today will not cost you time and effort and you will get a taste more than wonderful

Pomegranate and avocado salad is a new and innovative side dish. A delicious and colorful salad, specially prepared for your kitchen, my lady, for a variety of dishes of your trip with all that is delicious and good


- Mustard: a large spoon

- Honey: a tablespoon

- Lemon juice: a large spoon

- Salt: Brush

- Pepper: Brush

- For decoration:

- Pistachio: 2 tablespoons (minced)

- Avocado: 1 tablet (large size)

- Lemon juice: a large spoon

- Orange: 1 bead (large size)

- Onion: 1 grain (small size)

- Watercress: Cup (fresh)

- Mint: large spoon (fresh, chopped)

- Pomegranate: two tablespoons (grains)

How to prepare- easy salad

1. Cut the fruit of the avocado into slices, and add lemon juice.

2. Peel the orange fruit, and cut into loops.

3. Cut the onions into thin slices.

4. To prepare the mixture: mix the ingredients in a good bowl.

5. Method of presentation: In the serving dish, distribute the leaves of watercress, avocado slices, orange rings, onion curds, pomegranate seeds, and peppermint mint. Add the dressing to the salad, with the pistachio decor.


You can place any kind of cheese, such as Bulgarian cheese, in any kind of cheese as desired.

Serve this salad with  Potatoes with fresh mushrooms or lasagna with meat sauce and pasta

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