How Can you Get Rid of Belly Fat After Pregnancy

How to Get Rid of Belly Fat After Pregnancy Fast

How to Get Rid of Belly Fat After Pregnancy Fast

The most annoying thing for women after giving birth is the emergence of rashes and flatulence. Therefore, after birth, women try to find effective and safe ways to remove belly fat without affecting breastfeeding or the general health of your child and your new baby.

During pregnancy, it is normal for a woman to gain weight, and the size of the abdomen increases to carry the fetus, which continues to grow for nine months, but the weight varies from one woman to another. Some are careful not to lose weight more than what is needed, while It is always better for a woman to set a target for weight gain with her doctor and be careful not to exceed it, as it is much easier to plan for losing too much weight after childbirth.

In general, the elimination of excess weight after birth is not as difficult as some people think. If a woman starts to carry a normal weight and gains weight at normal weight, ranging from about 11 kg to about 16 kg, To weight and shape of her body before pregnancy in a few months, but if a woman began to carry the weight is overweight or originally increased during pregnancy weight greater than required it may take about a year to return to the weight of the former.

quickly ways to Get Rid of Belly Fat After a Pregnancy

Women should be patient in the postpartum weight loss process, be careful about losing weight gradually, and do not look forward to the quick results you see in female artists. They resort to very strict fevers and begin vigorous exercise at times when such steps should not be initiated. [2] In this article, the most important points are needed to help women get rid of excess weight and weight after birth.

1- Breastfeeding helps women lose weight

Some studies have found that breastfeeding helps women lose weight and return to their normal weight. Breastfeeding also contributes to the contraction of the uterus and its return to normal shape,

2- The abdominal exercise

The abdominal exercise

The abdominal exercise can be performed by lying on the back, flexing the knees up with feet on the ground, inhaling, slowly lifting the pelvis slowly and exhaling, keeping the shoulders touching, the upper back of the floor during exercise, moving the pelvis only, Start again, repeat three sets of fifteen times

3-Although it is difficult to get enough sleep

Although it is difficult to get enough sleep after birth because of constant waking up with the child, women must try to get enough sleep; a study found that mothers who get five hours or less a day are more likely to stay The excess weight accumulated during pregnancy compared to mothers who were given 7 hours of sleep; tension increases the hormone cortisol and other hormones that stimulate weight gain.

The feeling of fatigue and discomfort reduces the ability of women to take care of themselves, and it is possible that women try to get a nap as their child sleeps during the day and sleep early until the child reaches the age after which he can sleep for long periods during the night, in addition to the lack of access to Insufficient sleep reduces the activity of women and their ability to exercise and increases the opportunity to eat unhealthy food.

4-start exercising

Women should start exercising shortly after birth and should consult their doctor about the best time to start them, especially if they are born by Cesarean section. If a woman experiences severe bleeding, headache, severe pain or other symptoms during exercise or Then stop immediately and consult your doctor.

It is possible to have fast walking if it is difficult for women to find the opportunity to do another exercise after birth, and must try to women to exercise at least 150 minutes of sport per week, and can begin intermittent periods of 10 minutes per period, And then increase to 20 or 30 minutes, and be careful to exercise some resistance exercises in addition to aerobic to increase the strength of muscles and bones and help the body to return to its former form, and the additional benefits of postpartum exercise is that it reduces the chance of postpartum depression.

In general, research has found the effectiveness of aerobic exercise to reduce abdominal and pelvic fat. Here are some exercises that can help women get rid of excess weight that has accumulated during pregnancy, especially rashes: deep abdominal breathing with abdominal muscle grasping: an easy exercise that can be started an hour after birth; it helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles Tighten it, and try to lengthen the length of the abdominal muscles with increased exercise frequency. Bending the back, flexing the knees, lifting the neck and lowering it 10 times, then moving to the shoulders 10 times and then the middle of the body 10 times with the abdominal muscles tightening during the inhalation and lifting during exhalation. These exercises also help to strengthen the muscles Abdominal and stenosis, in addition to burning calories and fat.  exercises this in addition to other exercises that the mother can exercise.

5- Diet and balanced health food

In the postnatal period, it is normal for a woman to be breastfeeding. During this period, women must be careful not to commit to a low-calorie diet. Breastfeeding needs an extra 500 calories to support milk production. They can eat a diet that has the equivalent of their needs. Of the calories in the pregnancy period plus 330 additional calories, and the rest comes from the stock of fat accumulated during pregnancy; where the majority of women in the period of breastfeeding to about 1800 calories per day, and if the decline affects the Make milk.

In contrast, women should take care to eat a healthy and balanced diet naturally; it helps to lose weight gradually, and women can keep some light health foods at their fingertips such as apples, carrots or whole wheat biscuits so that they can be easily eaten in case I felt hungry. The mother must also take care to eat healthy food provided by the nutrients needed by her body in this period without containing a lot of calories,

Because it is easy to go beyond the daily intake of calories, a woman after birth can consult a dietitian to get a suitable diet so that she can get her daily needs without eating excess of unhealthy or high-calorie foods and get the best plan for her For a gradual weight loss without natural adverse effects in the postpartum period

6-You need to Drinking water

You need to drink plenty of water, which will help you hydrate your body, speed up your metabolism and get rid of your rashes faster .

7-You should drink ginger

Ginger is one of the most important herbs that have been proven in recent studies of its ability to burn fat and loss of extra weight, especially this abdominal area, as well as many other health benefits provided by ginger for the body it helps to block appetite, which reduces the amounts of food that you eat daily and the ability to balance the Ratio Between the hormones and treatment of the imbalance that usually occurs in their levels in addition to the ability of ginger to prevent the incidence of tension and depression, especially that resulting from obesity.
These tips to get rid of excess weight and crunch after birth

1 - Eat sauteed vegetables because it reduces the formation of gases in the abdomen and helps to get rid of rumen and abdominal fat.

2 - Increasing the intake of water and fluids because the water is a vital element and beneficial to the body and get rid of toxins and excess body weight and eating milk and herbs and natural help to lose weight.

3 - Reduce the use of salt during cooking because it holds fluids in the body and causes high pressure after birth and weight gain.

4- Divide the daily meals into five meals, each containing a different type of fruit.

5 - Eat the day before bedtime, it helps to get rid of the era of digestion and the types of bacteria help to get rid of gases and reduce the appearance of the pimples

6 - Exercise that specializes in tightening and strengthening the muscles of the abdomen and also rid of the dilutions that have emerged as a result of pregnancy and childbirth

7 - walking daily to burn fat belly cramped.

8. Breastfeeding will save you 500 calories a day as it is healthier for your child and beneficial to him

9. Eat low-calorie fruits such as grapefruit, melons and apples, and ginger, figs, and dates.

10 - Get away from eating the parables such as pulp and chocolate.

11. Beware of fats and fatty meats such as liver, lamb and kebabs, preferably beef.

12. Do not use food sugar, but replace it with the Dane and the knife in the pharmacies

13 - yogurt and yeast are one of the best foods in this period.

14 - when the descent of the rumen and weight loss on you to complete the system and not stop for a short period to be stable weight.

15 - Patience and strong will you will become the most beautiful and will positively affect the period of diet and will decrease

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