easy way to prepare tomato soup recipe

homemade tomato soup with fresh tomatoes

homemade tomato soup with fresh tomatoes

The truth is that there are many types of soup that can be relied upon as a main meal due to its components which contain high nutritional value and are suitable for serving with bread slices and get a delicious meal and saved in time and budget that is lost On meat and poultry especially after the price has risen dramatically in the recent period.

Today we offer you the way to make tomatoes and red peppers with simple steps that you can easily implement in your kitchen, adding to your table a special meal that gives you a sense of renewal in food.

Ingredients of tomato soup

1 small onion

1/2 small red roll

1/2 carrot

1 clove of garlic

1 tsp olive oil

400 grams of chopped tomatoes

3 tsp tomato sauce

3 teaspoons ketchup

2 teaspoons sugar

Some branches of fresh thyme

250 g vegetable puree

Salt and Pepper

4 teaspoons creamy for the builder

For more beauty and decoration your dish
Basil leaves

Olive slices

whipped cream

an easy way to prepare it

- Cut the onions and cut the peppers into cubes

- Corticosteroids are then fertilized

- Fry garlic

- Heat the oil, then put the onions, pepper, and carrots and leave them for five minutes

- Put the tomatoes on the mixture, as well as the salsa, ketchup, garlic, sugar, thyme, and broth.

- Leave the mixture on low heat for 30 minutes.

- Add salt and pepper.

- Stir the soup until it becomes firm and smooth.

Add the cream and then add it. Add fresh cream on the face of the soup and bring it hot.

Put salt, thyme, basil, and black pepper if you desire it and stir it well.

-Wait until the soup has matured and you get some heavy stuff, then turn it away from the fire.

Serve with toast or toast toasted with spices and dried thyme.

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