easy way to make Fresh Spinach Salad - Recipe

The Best spinach salad- recipe

The Best spinach salad- recipe

Spinach that strong eater It is the golden meal in my opinion because it contains the highest proportion of iron to the body as I may be overlooked or not some of them but today I offer you spinach in a delicious and delicious to make it a special for you and your family

Spinach is a leafy green leafy vegetable. Next to white rice, add to soups, salads. The spinach salad is one of the most famous types of salad in the world cuisine. It is characterized by its variety and its benefits. Any kind of vegetables can be used in addition to fresh spinach leaves.

10 Number of mushrooms (slices)

8 tomatoes (sliced semi-finished)

2 large butter hanging

2 large hanging olive oil

2 outstanding lemon juice

1 crushed black pepper

1 Number of bulbs (slices)

1 salt brush

cup Parmesan cheese (peeled)

1-kilo spinach

1/2 kilo broccoli

how to prepare spinach salad recipe


- In a bowl on the fire, put the butter, oil, and onions, and stir until the onions melt.

- Then add broccoli and stir for 2 minutes.

- Then add the mushrooms and stir for a minute and then add the tomatoes and leave for a minute.

- Then add the spinach without stirring and cover the bowl and leave it on fire for two minutes.

- Then remove the bowl from the fire and scoop the greens in the serving bowl and spread over the lemon juice and season with salt and pepper and sprinkle over the cheese spread

There are many types and dishes of the power of spinach, including spinach salad with cranberries, Spinach salad with pomegranate

Broccoli with spinach Try this delicious method today and eat another spinach by adding broccoli and do not forget that if you want to put any ingredient you like cheese or other you can do so will not affect the high nutritional value just try it today

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