can Yoga cure Migraine and Headaches?

Yoga is A Natural Solution For Migraine Symptoms

Yoga is A Natural Solution For Migraine Symptoms

If you are a yoga lover, have you ever imagined that yoga can be a powerful treatment for headaches and a treat for astounding migraine, that is, yoga that is an enjoyable and useful sport for the nerves and body health

A migraine is one of the most common diseases in many people. The treatment of a migraine is divided according to the severity of the special with the workers and those who are exposed to stress and psychological pressure constantly and many people suffer from headaches, especially migraine headaches in their lives

Some wonder whether yoga helps to get rid of the headaches we suffer from, All research, studies and practical realities confirm that Practicing yoga, breathing exercises and meditation all help to relax and concentrate, stretch muscles and drop tension and thus treat headache pain. Regular yoga practice is the best treatment for headaches and exercise helps to get plenty of pure oxygen and relax the mind and body.

It should also be known that yoga is not an acrobatic movement that involves twisting the body and making it appear impossible. It is above all related to breathing, meditation, and simple gestures that increase awareness.

How does yoga help with migraines?

Many studies suggest that the benefit of yoga exercises is not only to provide the mind with serenity but also to treat many organic and psychological diseases, most importantly headaches and migraines. From here I present some of the appropriate positions of yoga to practice in your spare time and get rid of a headache that accompanies you in your work hours!

The most important yoga exercises that help you get rid of headache pain:

1 - the position of bending upright,

where the body is the most effective, which is more useful in cases where a headache functionally, such as disorders of the nervous system, plant, whose symptoms are acute tension, diarrhea, digestive disorders or some cases of depression emotional.

2 - the position of the head of the cow
which benefits when the source of a headache, a satisfactory pressure in the spine of the neck. This is the position of kneeling on the knees, placing the hands on the ground parallel to the legs and leaning forward.

3 - also all the positions where the arms are raised above the head
and include the hands as in the applause until the palms fully adhere, and in the next stage fingers clasp, and open hands up with the retention of fingers tangled, and this exercise is more effective and useful.

a simple way to get rid of headaches Treatment of migraine headaches can be done by

- We do an individual back with bending knees and feet a distance away on the ground.

- Then put the hands on the ground, and start to squeeze the legs and hips.

- We do this way to keep the shoulders with the base of the neck.

- Then we move to the back of the shoulders together and lift the chest towards the chin.

- The upper muscles flow away from the head and the headache is removed.

Important tips for you

To overcome the problem of the head pain of migraine headaches, and massage to help the blood to flow well in the arteries of the brain, which reduces the pain of the head, and a description of the left methods to be followed during the massage process, including

1. Massage the cavity behind the head (below the skull) right, and left with the index finger with the eyes closed.

2. Massage the last left and right eyebrow at the bottom of the index finger with the eyes closed.

In the end, lying on the back on a flat surface and fixed with a focus on breathing and work exercises "inspiration and exhalation" for about 10 minutes.

finally, do not forget that there are health benefits to yoga them, Yoga promotes the benefits of yoga for the treatment of cartilage benefits of yoga for heart and diabetic patients to the nervous system and to relieve pain

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