All that You Need to Love Walking and Running

why we need to love walking and running?

why we need to love walking and running?

All you have to do is to know the benefits of walking and running for your health because when you know about them, you will become a lover and love for those exercises and make them a friend for you every day for better health and life

All you need to start is comfortable shoes and comfortable cotton clothes, First, you need to walk for 10-15 minutes and then gradually increase each week to 45 minutes a day at a rate of three to five times a week. For walking to be useful, a quick step to increase the heart rate to the required rate is required. Slow walking does not work. If a person walks at 2 miles per hour, his energy consumption is 120-240 kcal.

At 4 mph, its energy consumption rises to 360-420 kcal. To increase the benefit of walking, try walking in a simple high way that will increase the effort and increase the speed of the heartbeat. There is no harm from a walking sport unlike some sport that may lead to injuries

reasons why you need to love walking and running

Walking is easy and simple

, Which is appreciated by the young, the great and the proper, and the correct and healthy, healthy and healthy, which in itself is fun and entertaining, especially if the owner and hobbyists choose the appropriate natural places such as walking in the gardens under the shade of trees, or on the seashore or rivers.

It gives the beauty of nature with a meditation on the ability of the Creator and praise and praise for the blessing of personal pleasure. Walking and jogging is a useful sport for all members of the body. Recent studies have proved useful in:

1 - Treatment of cardiovascular diseases

When heart patients are advised to gradually walk and jog because they lead to a - strengthen the heart muscle and increase the production of the heart is effective.

B - reduce and reduce the proportion of harmful fats and cholesterol in the body.

C - increase the proportion of protective lipids of arteriosclerosis and beneficial to the body.

2 - Treatment of high arterial tension
Many studies have shown the feasibility of treatment of high-pressure light arterial and moderate intensity of walking and walking daily for an hour to two hours, even without resorting to drugs in many cases.

3 - Treatment of obesity and overweight

It is considered with the diet cornerstone in the treatment of obesity, by burning a good amount of calories and calories contained in the body.

It has the first and main role to maintain weight and stability, and by continuing to walk daily.

4 - The treatment of muscle pain and articular
It leads to softening and ease of movement and activity joints and the breadth of its effectiveness in addition to the relaxation of the muscles with ease of tension and cramping, and also strengthen the carrying muscles and joints.

5 - treatment of indigestion
and syndromes of colon constipation and chronic constipation, which helps to move the bowel and relieve the pain of colon, in addition to the reduction of gas and the feeling of bloating and nausea. With regulation of emptying the colon.

6 - help in the process of breathing naturally
strengthen the muscles of breathing and chest muscles, which increases the capacity of pulmonary and blood gas exchanges and thus the effectiveness of breathing and improve the function of the lungs in many chronic respiratory diseases.

What is important in the benefit of this simple sports light to get used to the human and the program almost daily or weekly without interruption and time can be exploited by walking to review or read some small books

Benefits of running daily

Helps to lose weight

If you want to lose extra pounds and lose weight, you should exercise. Running is one of the best forms of exercise that helps burn calories. But you should start running slowly and slowly at first to avoid injury.

Works to strengthen and strengthen bones

Regular exercise helps strengthen bones and muscles, thus reducing the risk of bone-related diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis. Running also improves the density of the bones of the legs and hips.

Promotes the health of the immune system

If you are a regular athlete, you will not have common health problems like allergies, colds, coughs, flu, etc. Regular lactation helps to strengthen the immune system, to be able to resist all kinds of diseases.

Resists stress and stress

Running from the forms of sports help relax, as it works to promote health and help at the same time to reduce levels of stress and stress.

Improve the health of the heart

Running improves heart health by promoting blood circulation, maintaining blood pressure, and reducing the risk of heart-related illnesses.

Boosts energy levels

Do you wake up when you feel you have no energy at all? If so, be sure to take a running sport. It enhances energy levels and helps you perform your routine tasks very effectively.

Improves digestion

Running helps improve digestion and opens the appetite. You are more likely to feel hungry after running, burning calories. So, you should have a light healthy meal after running.

Burns fat

Running helps to burn more fat cells and helps you get a more agile body. It also promotes metabolism and helps eliminate unwanted fats.

Improves brain health

Running helps to promote blood circulation throughout the body.
Helps you sleep better

If you have trouble sleeping, try running during the day. running helps you sleep well, your body will be tired, and you will be able to enjoy the deep, unsettled night sleep.

Reduces the risk of diabetes

Studies have shown that running regularly helps reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Helps to treat depression

Furthermore, lactation helps to reduce the feeling of depression and reduce anxiety levels and makes you feel good about yourself.

Delays the appearance of signs of aging and aging

Running helps you look younger, not only by enhancing your bones' health but also by giving you a healthy and fresh skin. It also reduces the risk of age-related health problems and gives you a strong body structure.

Decreases the level of triglycerides
Running helps maintain triglyceride levels in the body and reduces the risk of various health problems associated with this type of fat.

Promotes joint health
Running helps to increase the strength of the ligaments and tendons in the body by increasing the strength of joints, reducing the chances of exposure to the ankle and knee injuries.

Tips for getting started
To avoid injury, and to enjoy this experience, it is necessary to move slowly, gradually increasing the pace and distance of several trips.

He should start each run of running with a gentle warm-up for at least five minutes. This can include warm-up brisk walking, jogging in place, raising knees, stepping aside, climbing stairs).

You should start walking for a period of time preferably by the person (anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes).

Once he can walk for 30 minutes easily, he has to include some periods of running, ranging from a minute to two minutes to walk at a speed preferred by the person.

And then lengthen the running periods, over time, until it reaches a time of half an hour of continuous running.

The running should be in a position where the arms and shoulders are relaxed and the elbows are folded. As the body should remain in a list position, the step is wide and smooth, and the foot's foot on the ground will be starting from the back of the foot and then the fingers.

After each run, the person takes a few minutes to calm down (to restore the heart's speed to normal), through a walk followed by gentle stretching of the legs muscles.

Regular running for beginners means going out to run twice a week at least. Their running will improve when their bodies adapt to the stimulation of constant training.

It is worth mentioning that the person ran twice a week, and repeated every week, it is better for him to run six times in one week, and then not run in the next three weeks.

Last tips to start

determining the goal
Setting goals, whatever the level of a person, is necessary to remain alert and eager to achieve them. He must make these goals realistic to avoid frustration. There are good ways to keep running, such as running for a race (5km race) or running by charities.

Running with a friend
One thing that really helps in this area is that there is a person of almost the same level in terms of the ability to run in order to run together; they encourage each other when there is no enthusiasm for running; and he will feel that he will not allow himself to run with His colleague in order not to grieve, this would help to stimulate.

Keep a diary
A person should keep a diary of the runs he runs, recording everything related to the run he is running, including the road, distance, time and weather condition he feels during that run. In this way, he can - when he is dissatisfied - review the below in the diary and be encouraged by looking at what he has done in the past.

Diversification in running
A person should remain interested in running by adding a variety of running forms, as running the same route over and over again may become tedious. Therefore, a person must be varied in distances and ways.

Join a club
Running clubs are the best way to commit to running on a regular basis. Most clubs have groups running for different levels, including novices. It is also a great way to find running companions that a person can run with them even outside the club.

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