8 Weird Things About China That Will Surprise You

8 Weird Chinese Customs Every visitor Needs to Know

8 Weird Chinese Customs Every visitor Needs to Know

China This great country has many wonders and wonders besides the Great Wall of China and contains a number of customs and traditions that are foreign to anyone who does not have Chinese nationality.

The customs of China are the most varied of all the countries of the world. The reason is China's vast territory, the diversity of its lands and its huge population. The customs vary from place to place, especially in places far from urban areas and in small tribes that still inhabit mountains or caves. You will not find the whole world diversity of cultures, religions and spiritual concepts as in China. So in this article, I try to collect the strangest habits of China and will go on a tour with me as if you went to China yourself.

Top 8 strange Chinese habits in the eyes of foreigners

China is a very large country and therefore vary the customs and traditions of the Chinese people according to geographical area and race, where they live Over one billion people in China and it is natural that habits vary with such a huge number of people.

But there are some customs and traditions that many Chinese agree upon and regard as a sacred imperative that can not be compromised In it, we show you a brief overview of the most important of those habits.

1- Goose instead of dogs

In some Chinese cities, goose police are used instead of sniffer dogs, asserting that these birds have excellent vision and anecdotal behavior at important times.

2- Sharks in the shops

You will find sharks sold in Chinese stores naturally and offer mouth area and are often open.

You will go to the shops to find a penny open mouth not to be upset that it is only for sale

3- Packing of air in cans with different flavors

Due to the increasing fog in the country and the frequent presence of smoke, companies are filling the air in metal cans in different flavors.
Yes, the Chinese have sold your packaged air and your favorite flavors due to pollution, fog and increasing population density. Who will buy?

5-The bride before her joy must cry

It is hard to describe the joy the bride feels on her wedding day and groom on his wedding day But what is unusual is what is common in China, where the bride must start to cry for one hour a day, one month before the wedding, and usually her mother and friends begin to cry in different ways to express their joy on this day

6- Barbed wire for companies

Some companies in China are packing their own buildings with barbed wire to prevent employees from committing suicide.

7- Traffic and private service

If you are stuck in the traffic jam of China, you can call a special service that will send you two people, the first to take care of your car and the second to take you on a motorcycle away from the crowd.

8- Marriage dead bodies

Some Chinese families are designed to marry relatives from unmarried relatives, so some people steal bodies and give them to them for thousands of dollars.

In the end, there are some Chinese customs that are among the strongest around the world:

1. The Chinese use special signs of hand counting, which is contrary to most nations.

2. In China, no room can be found in a hospital with the number 4, because the pronunciation of the number 4 in Chinese is similar to the pronunciation of the word "death," so the Chinese are horrified to use this figure and find it a harrowing omen.

 3. Lion Dance is one of the most famous traditions in Chinese culture and the most important customs and traditions of the Chinese people are held During festivals held throughout the year.

It is also held at the celebration of opening a new company or starting an activity because it is believed that this dance brings good luck Prosperity and get rid of evil.
4.  Most Chinese do not bathe during the day but always bathe at night.

5.  If the man wants to marry the girl and the governor agrees, two kilograms must be brought in to keep the environment safe. The young man and his family will collect the flies from the waste areas, or stick the candy to the tree trunks to hunt the flies.

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