5 Foods That Cause Hair Loss-That Avoid It

Hair Loss: These Foods Can Cause hair loss

Hair Loss: These Foods Can Cause hair loss

Do you know that there are foods if you eat it may cause the fall of your hair, we may all hear about foods that lead to hair growth, but the new day is that I offer to dear foods that you have to keep away from because it may harm the health and beauty of your hair

Every woman cares about the health of her hair, which makes her more looking for ways to take care of him and tips to avoid being infected with dandruff or fall.

Today, in this article, there is a list of some foods that cause hair damage as a result of the treatment, so that you can protect your hair from falling off by eating away from these foods or extravagance.

The hair is crowned on top of the female, so it takes a lot of women's time and effort to highlight it in the most beautiful picture, and because no woman on earth wants to hurt her hair voluntarily, some of them do - unwittingly - to eat foods that may harm and destroy their hair.

5 foods that could be causing hair loss

Experts recommend nutrition and cosmetics always to eat vegetables and fresh fruits and drinking water abundantly, to maintain the health of hair, and despite the presence of foods that feed the hair, but there is a range of foods that cause hair loss and damage:

1- salt and hair loss

Experts consider salt to be the cause of hair loss because of its high sodium content, which hinders the growth of hair and helps to wrinkle it, so stop eating too much salt or foods rich in salts to protect your hair from falling and annoying wrinkles.

2- Starches (rice and pasta)

Wheat flour and rice are starches that work on hair damage as a result of excessive intake, so stop eating foods and baked preparations made with wheat flour and rice to protect your hair from falling.

3- Ready-made foods and hair loss

Prepared foods are often saturated with saturated fats, sugars, and salts, all of which cause significant damage to the hair and cause it to fall and be damaged and bombed.

and, Fast food is full of many fats, making your scalp more prone to fatty hair, making it weak, easy to pound and more prone to falling.

4- Sugar ( white toxins)

Salt and sugar are white toxins, as they are called by specialist doctors, because of the severe damage caused by excessive intake of either. Sugar specifically absorbs protein from the body, reducing the proportion of proteins that reach the hair to become longer and firmer. Sugar absorbs Vitamin E, which is very important for the growth of hair and nails, so stop eating sugars in large quantities and limit yourself to an appropriate amount of chocolate or candy daily to protect your hair from falling.

5- Soft drinks

You often eat a cup of soft drinks after finishing a meal and drink a glass of soft drinks when you feel thirsty in the summer. As a result of the addition of these drinks, which contain a high percentage of industrial colors and chemicals, our bodies are affected by hair loss, If you want to stop hair loss, stop drinking soft drinks and replace them with natural juices such as fresh fruits and vegetables.


last tips for you that also, Alcohol and smoking increase the toxins in the body completely, and these toxins affect the hair and make it fall and damage the damage and bombardment, because smoking prevents the circulation of the normal function, which impedes the arrival of blood to hair follicle, which works on the fall.

also, Fried foods, Certainly, you will not stop eating fried foods, but you should pay attention to the amounts you eat because increasing the intake of fries leads to high blood fat, and thus increase the level of testosterone, which may cause hair loss and baldness.

finally, Foods that protect your hair from falling and stimulate its growth

- Protein-rich foods, such as eggs.

- Iron-rich leafy vegetables, such as spinach and watercress.

- Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, such as oranges and lemons.

 - Foods contain omega "3", like nuts.

  - Foods containing biotin's, such as whole-grain wheat and oatmeal.

And finally, because maintaining the health and beauty of your hair requires special attention, along with attention to proper nutrition and dealing with the hair properly

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