15 Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Banana Peels

15 Unusual And Amazing Uses For Banana Peels

15 Unusual And Amazing Uses For Banana Peels

Have you ever thought that banana peel you throw right after eating bananas is of great importance that you may not even think of when I read about the importance of banana peel I was surprised by its benefits really awesome

Surprisingly, this neglected crust contains many benefits that we do not know. We can use it to nourish hair, skin and spicy foods. Discover the benefits of banana peel and all its uses in our daily needs by reading this article.

It contains antioxidants and vitamins B 6, B 12 and contains one-shell carbohydrates, the main energy component of the body and sugars, so the doctor advises to eat bananas for patients with anemia and anemia.

Top 15 Surprising Uses of a Banana Peel

Who did not care about banana peel and threw it in the trash? Some even do not wash them while peeling bananas. This crust has great benefits
How to benefit from a banana peel? Many people do not know that banana peel is just as important as bananas. It contains antibiotics, antifungal, and fungal drugs, and it also has enzymatic properties. So before you throw the banana peel in the trash you have to know its many benefits and uses

1- Used as a tooth whitener

you can put a small banana peel on the teeth and rub it.
Rubbing the white part of the banana skin on the teeth makes it whiter and shiny

2- It works to relieve the painful places

in the body, and this helps you in the event of exposure to the banana peel on the affected places.

It also reduces skin irritation in the case of psoriasis. Reduces skin sensitivity and itchy skin. Insect bites and mosquitoes bite and treat their effect on the skin. Reduces bruises or blue marks on the skin.

3- banana peel for  silver and accessories

This shell has many benefits, it is no wonder that it is used in polish leather clothing and cleaning of dust, and is used in polishing accessories and silver works.

Polishing the silver After cutting the crust and placing it in hot water, you can use these pieces in the polishing of silverware, where the banana crust maintains its elegance and beauty, and then wipe it with a clean cloth.

4- banana peel to Shoe Shine

The water and natural oils in the banana peel help to clean the leather shoes, making the skin shiny

5- Benefits of a banana peel for hair

The girls look for ways to soften the hair, come to you in a natural and inexpensive way and save you from the trouble of experimenting with chemicals such as protein and others: moisturizes the scalp and nourishes them, and it activates blood circulation. Strengthens hair and increases its density. Prolonged hair and accelerate growth. Treat damaged and dry hair. Make hair shine.  and gives it the necessary moisture. Help grow hair follicles

6- banana peel  for  your eyes

which acts as an antioxidant and protects the lens of the eye from eye lens degeneration.

Rubbing a banana peel on the eye helps protect it from harmful UV rays

7- Benefits of banana peel and add it to foods

The banana peel is used as a seasoning to give the distinctive taste on chicken and meat so you can put banana peel after washing it well with spices on the chicken to add flavor and vitamins important to your health.

8- banana peel in the treatment of blackheads

The blackheads can be discarded by placing the yellow part on the blisters, with the adhesive tape so that the crust does not fall and wait for the blackheads to fall while making sure to replace the old crust with a new shell when the heads fell.

9- Massage the skin with a banana peel

reduces the appearance of wrinkles, It gives the skin sufficient moisture and vitamins important in feeding. Increase the production of collagen threads important for the skin in the secretion of natural oils in the skin, which protects them from signs of aging and aging.

10- help to remove the small white thorns

The benefits of banana peel contain enzymes that help to remove the small white thorns that are attached to our feet, by winding the foot with a small crust of bananas and then removing the fork from them. This crust works to moisten the skin and gain the softness necessary to remove the thorns.
Use bananas to remove the thorns from your hand, just wrap the banana peel around the affected area and the enzymes in the banana peel will facilitate the exit of thorns or small fragments from your hand.

11- Treatment of pimples

To treat pimples on the skin you can put a piece of bananas on the outer side of the yellow color with the installation tape adhesive, taking care to replace the crust with new ones until the fall of the blister on the skin.
and to Get rid of acne: Rub your acne using the white side of the banana skin, then leave it on. For good results, do not wash the grains after removing the banana peel and just rub.

12- Fertilizing and polishing household plants

You can use the inside of the banana peel to polish the leaves of home plants. To feed these plants, you can cut the crust into small pieces and use it as fertilizer by planting it in the silt.
Used as fertilizer for plants, it is very useful as fertilizer for its important materials and nutrients.

13- To cook meat

When meat you can first season it by adding a small banana peel to the juice of onions and spices, which helps to dry it and make it soft, in addition to the delicious flavor added to it.

14- To relieve headaches

massage the front and neck with banana peel and will help you relax.

The banana peel contains high magnesium content, which helps to relieve the tension of the blood vessels.

The bananas peel helps to relieve migraines, when you put a ripe banana peel on the head for 15 minutes,

15- Use it as a facial mask

because it contains enzymes that are very useful for the skin., Cut the banana peel into small pieces, put it down the rose tree as it works to expel the insects away from them, here you can use a wet or dried banana peel.
Useful tips when using banana peel

Here are some important tips when using banana peel: banana peel immediately. Banana peel is used only once. Store the crust in a cool, dry place and avoid exposing the crust to sunlight. After you know the benefits of a banana peel to us and our environment, will you throw it in the garbage bin after that? Share your experiences on the uses and benefits of banana peel

It is best to use a fresh banana peel to get satisfactory results. It is best to get rid of the peel once it is used, and not to use it again. If we have to store banana peel it is preferred to be in a cool dry place, away from heat or sunlight. It is best to avoid storing banana peel in the refrigerator.

and, can you Eat it in your meal, because the banana crust contains a high nutritional value as well as a distinctive flavor, you can eat it in your meals, as it is in Asia and India specifically, becoming an essential element in some dishes there.

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