12 weird&strange new year traditions around world

Weird ways to welcome the New Year around world

Weird ways to welcome the New Year around the world

When it comes to celebrating the New Year, you have to know that the world has strange and unconventional ideas. Each country has its strangest customs, which express its culture. Each country has its own way of celebrating the New Year.

Between the burning and the breaking of the water, the world celebrates the New Year, and find in such strange habits what brings them luck and bodes well with them every year. In the following lines are some of the strangest ways to celebrate the New Year around the world

Not all the world's people celebrate New Year's with concerts or attending concerts with dinner. Some people have chosen to observe the New Year's customs and perform strange rites that make them different from others. In Ecuador, for example, citizens burn a paper scarecrow or burn pictures last year

12 weird New Year's traditions from around the world

Some countries have other customs to celebrate the New Year. Some of them see us as strange. Some seek luck and others have the only goal of getting rid of all the bad moments they have experienced last year, and these are the strangest customs to celebrate the New Year.

The New Year and the people around the world are approaching their rituals and customs in New Year's celebrations and we have brought together these strangest customs

In the following, we will give you 12 of the strangest customs to celebrate New Year's Eve.

1- eating 12 of grapes in Spain

if you want to ensure good luck for you next year, you will have to take 12 tablets of grapes, one of the most famous old Spanish habits, which they think is the perfect way to bring luck.

If you can put 12 grains of grapes in your mouth and eat them on New Year's Eve, the New Year will be wonderful.

2- Breaking dishes in Denmark

They have a special way of celebrating the new world, offering unused dishes and dishes until they settle on December 31, and start cracking the dishes in the doors with friends and family, a way that makes them feel good about the new year.

3- In Thailand water war

Just hold the water and throw it at each other, this is the habit they bring luck with every new year. If you travel to it on New Year's Eve, you have to prepare for the water war.

If you spend New Year's Eve, you have to follow their habits in this, just jump over a chair or a table, this is just what will bring you luck in the new year.

4- Argentina Colored underwear

At 12:00 pm in December each year, the celebrants are accustomed to wearing new pink lingerie in the middle of New Year's Eve, and each person presents his right foot a step forward to welcome the start of the new year.
Colored underwear in the face of bad luck, so people of some countries in South America think, where people start wearing underwear of different colors to bring luck and fortune as well as love in the new year.

It is very funny, as they receive the new year in the colors of their underwear, they connect the color of the underwear and the nature of the new year, so if you are looking or want something in your life you have to wear the appropriate underwear, red means that you will fall in love, Being rich and white means you will get peace and peace of mind in the new year.

5- The bell rang 108 times in Japan

108 Bell So the people of Japan believe that this way to receive the New Year is the best solution to bring luck, a common belief in Buddhism, one of the most famous and oldest customs there.

All bells of Japan must ring 108 times as a sign of purity according to Buddhism.

6- Throw ice cream in Switzerland

Only from the door of celebration is nothing else, In Switzerland, sets of ice shells are being made to throw them as a kind of fun and fun to welcome the new year, before fireworks start in the evening.

7- Sleeping with the dead in Chile

Chilean citizens watch with their loved ones throughout New Year's Eve ... scary but cute!

8- Baggage in Colombia

Colombian citizens carry travel bags for a long time, Colombians carry their bags on the first day of the year all day long so their year is full of trips and travel.

If you wish to travel at the beginning of the year, you will like the customs in Colombia, which means that everyone will carry their suitcases everywhere with them for a full day, which is certainly the last day of the year. They believe that this will give them enjoyable trips during the new year.

9- Bread in the walls in Ireland

The Irish place bread in the walls or stick it to the wall with a powerful blow to drive out the evil spirits. The question remains whether these spirits have a sensitivity of wheat and gluten

10- Burning a doll in Ecuador

A large doll in one of the squares is burned next to the pictures of the events of last year. In Ecuador, you can collect and burn bad pictures and burn them with everyone in the city squares to get rid of them and completely bypass them before the start of the new year.

11- In the Netherlands, Christmas trees are thrown with fire

While all the inhabitants of the Netherlands are keen to throw Christmas trees, in flames, as a right to expel the souls of the last bleak year, and to receive the souls of the New Year.

12- destroying furniture in South Africa

The celebration is to get rid of old furniture and destroy it, by throwing old furniture from the windows and this is one of the strangest New Year celebrations around the world.

finally, there are a lot of amazing traditions in the world like In France it will not cost you much effort to receive the new year, just a bunch of delicious pancakes on New Year's Eve, this is enough to bring luck and happiness.,Diving in the snow in Siberia The celebration there is very painful and difficult as they celebrate New Year's Day by jumping in frozen lakes with tree trunks., Boxing in Peru

Peru is one of the strangest places to celebrate New Year's Day. On the last day of December, people gather in the villages and begin to share their punches. They believe that this method relieves them of their grief and negative energy towards a better start to the new year.

Strange customs and dazzling in the New Year celebrations around the world to welcome the new year new wishes and goals to be achieved, and every year you are a thousand good and you are safe.

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