12 Strange Dog Behaviors What They Mean

Is Your Dog Crazy? 12 Strange Dog Behaviors Explained

Strange Dog Behaviors Explained

If you have a dog in your house you have a friend and really understand the loyal but you may find your dog strange behavior and you do not understand the interpretation today in that article I offer explanations to some of the strange behavior of your dog to help you deal with him with love and kindness because it really deserves your tenderness and interest

The relationship between us and dogs, and their love for thousands of years, When a dog died in ancient Egypt, its owners if they try to do anything they never hesitate to work with our dogs with more care as a family member.  that reach that his friends were shaving their eyebrows, this a sign of more sadness.

In ancient China, the belief was that dogs were gods, and their blood was so scared that they were used to seal faith and loyalty.

However, there are strange actions that may be issued by dogs that produce strange and bad behavior, such as a dog who has suffered an intestinal infection after he has been charged with dozens of socks. He dragged the family car into a car and ended up in a pool, and angry cats are holding hostages in at least two cases.

12 strange Behaviors in dogs & What They Mean

Dogs are not as vague as cats, but show them some strange behaviors that can be puzzling for both new and experienced dog owners.

Many times you find your dog doing some things that are unexplained and feel eccentric, and what you do not know is that there are a lot of strange dog behaviors that can lead to real fears. Although dog behaviors may not look as vague as cats, However, dogs do not take their fair share of the interpretation of behaviors that may seem really puzzling

1- smell the back of other dogs

Each dog has a unique scent, just as everyone has a unique face. Dogs have two gums around their anus that emit a liquid. Through this scent, dogs recognize what other dogs need, such as the dog's sex, their diet, their health, and even their mood.

It is known that dogs have a more sophisticated nose in the animal kingdom, and in fact, the sense of smell when the dog is stronger than that in humans about 10 - 100 thousand times, and the tremor of dogs to remove is a communication
One study shows that at least male garden dogs are more likely to sniff the female, while females are more likely to lose the head of other dogs.

2- Dig holes in the yard

This can be just an act of boredom or a fun game for him. Some dogs dig for the cold ground to lie down on a hot summer day, while others chase creatures that live on the earth like rats or others

3- Shake the tail

This behavior is simply a fun way for dogs to express their excess energy, but if they do this continuously, they may have diseases such as flea dermatitis or problems with the anus, and in this case, talk to their doctor

4- Roll his back in the grass

Dogs like to roll over the grass for different reasons, such as the coldness of the grass or scratching the dog's back, as dogs are particularly fond of rolling things to cover their smell.

Dogs often walk in circles before lying down to take a nap, and this strange behavior from old age and that wild dogs walk in circles to make a sign that this area is a nest for them to step on the grass on the short and said that this behavior may bother snakes And large insects. It was said that this sign, which shows the nest where the dog will lie, tells other dogs to stay away.

5- Incubate the person or other dogs

Dogs also embrace other dogs and their companion by embracing their legs and being excited or attracted to the attention of the person, and to prevent the dog from doing this behavior must be ignored or attempt to redirect it with a toy or gift.

6- Eat Feces

There are many reasons to explain the behavior of eating feces, it may be a sign of undernutrition in the dog, so you should pay attention to this and try to treat the dog and provide the right food for him.

7- Wailing as a touch-tone

It is a multi-frequency long-distance sound, this wailing can be used as a touch-tone to allow others to know their place, and many dogs will be retaliated because of separation anxiety, while other dogs will compensate for other reasons.

8- Staring for a long time

When the dog stares at the owner, he hopes to give him a gift or make him bathe and give him affection and praise, and bear in mind that there are some dogs that look at the eye directly for the threat, so before Staring you back in your face make sure it does not show a sign of aggression or the fear .

9- They chase their tail

If you have a tail, you will chase him. This behavior may seem strange to you. For dogs, it is fun, and chasing a dog is just a fun way for your puppy to spend extra energy. Problems with the anus or flea cause allergies and inflammation of the skin. In some cases, chasing a dog for its tail can be a sign of the obsessive-compulsive disorder. If your dog does not usually do this or you suspect that he has a condition, His own doctor

10- They cut the toilet paper into pieces

Imagine when you go home and find your dog completely covered with toilet paper around him. For him, tearing toilet paper gives him a lot of fun. He likes to tear something off with his mouth, but after all, in the wild, we find dogs often When you swallow dogs, toilet paper can lead to gastrointestinal issues. Eating too much paper can cause intestinal obstruction, so keep the paper products out of reach. Your dog may be a good idea and make a change So to redirect this behavior by giving the game to chew, such as a stuffed toy.

11- They have convulsions during sleep

When the dog sleeps deeply, it begins to move its legs and may bark slightly, but the researchers are thinking a lot about why dogs might do this, are they chasing something in their dreams, in fact, dogs are sleeping like humans. When dogs dream they go through stages The animal experts believe that dogs during the dream when they fast eye movement, they work to achieve their dreams by moving paws or tingling as if they are chasing something, and for unknown reasons, it seems that puppies do this behavior more than adult dogs, and in While it is something amazing that you see the Your dog is moving in his sleep, but this behavior is usually a concern, and if you want to wake him up, you should call him gently first or you simply let him wake up alone.

12- Crush games

Crushing games is a behavior in which dogs show one of their primitive instincts of murder. Almost every dog that exhibits this behavior is a hereditary process.

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