10 weird and wonderful jobs you can apply for

10 of the weirdest jobs you didn't know it

10 of the weirdest jobs you didn't know it

The world is full of Western things that may be misunderstood, but the strangest thing in life at all is the innovation of man, since he does not stop doing things that are puzzling and despite the existence of basic functions common in all countries of the world, but there are jobs in some strange countries.

While many young people are looking for a prestigious job in their field of study and studies, most of them are on the back of computers or by phone or salesperson, but there are other jobs spread in many countries around the world may hear for the first time, very high salary

10 of the weirdest jobs you didn't know you could apply for

There are those who work for money, and there are those who work for fun. And between this and that, we monitor the strangest jobs and occupations, which some see as pleasure, while many consider it the strangest thing ever, so we discover one after the other.
10 of the strangest jobs on earth, some professions you may love at first glance, and the other you have to sacrifice a lot for it:

1- Ice cream, candy taster

What is required of you in this job is to sit on your desk in front of you varieties of sweets of shape and color to eat and taste the length of the day?

One potential hitch for testing ice cream aficionados: because While Harrison tasted tens of thousands of samples during his 30-year career, he spits out the ice cream rather than swallowing it. if you Still interested in becoming a professional ice cream taster?

2- Snake venom extraction

The practitioners of this profession extract the poison from the most dangerous snakes in the world, such as cobra, and used toxins usually extracted for medical purposes, and can be sold for up to $ 1000 per gram.

3- The profession of honey collection

Nepalese are shown who work in the honey collection profession, Exceptional skills by hanging themselves from slopes up to 300 meters high, using bamboo ladders and hemp ropes, to harvest honeycomb tablets.

4- The function of the Flying Royal Doctor

In Australia, vast areas have led to the emergence of a Flying Doctor Service, which enables doctors to visit patients in remote locations. "In 1928, Rev. John Flynn devised a pioneering idea to provide an air medical service that still exists today," says an Australian historian.

5- Function of traffic rules and zebra skin

Some functions take the issue of safety to a distant limit Fashionable. In Bolivia, people dressed in zebra-inspired costumes enforce traffic rules. Thus, if one of them drives into a pedestrian passage, he will be confronted by wild donkeys, who are shouting at him, demanding attention. The Mama Zebra program employs young people to help them find jobs and use the return to complete their studies.

6- Water Games Laboratory

A 29-year-old young man got a job he dreamed of a lot Because all that is required of him is to travel to the places of the games all over the world to experience the water games,
What is required of them is to test and test them themselves to judge their quality?
To ensure the height and speed and quantity of water and the number of benefits resulting from the collision with water

7- Deodorant Test

A slightly disconcerting job., Because the owner of this job to swab volunteer volunteers throughout the day to ascertain the effectiveness of deodorants, Produced by the company in which it operates.

8- Sleeping in a perfect way

Sleeping becomes a job in some hotels in the Swedish city of Henelski. The manager supervises the follow-up of autobiographies to select an employee to sleep, test sofas and beds, and then write a detailed description of their experience in the hotel's blogging services. But this job, to which thousands go, is not as easy as it seems, as it requires many qualifications, such as English and Swedish.

9- The task of crying and howling

One of the strangest is the blacksmith, a person who cries and wails at dead people in Southeast Asia.
The establishment of funeral services in Taiwan is an important event and is especially important for some wealthy families who hire an employee to grieve, cry and wail while sitting on the ground or passing away at the loss of a relative. This is a manifestation of respect and reverence for the deceased. To recall the manifestations of grief and crying at the attendees.

The crying: Is a job that brings to its owner about $ 70 within two hours, and a job can be found in this area at British company Rent a Mourner "," known in Egypt as "scars" and are hired in the funeral and funerals

10- Getting around on a Google bike

Google has hired a group of lucky people to do it, To make tours in their degrees in the archaeological and tourist sites to photograph the French places, Which cars cannot access.
So as to be placed in the program, Google Maps
Their bikes are equipped with 9 cameras, a computer and a GPS, Where the worker walks this function on this bike and the cameras take pictures
And then draw a map of the place .. Put on the net to be seen by the visitors

finally, Jobs do not end with food tasting and quality measurement in the ceramic cooking utensils, responsible for delivering the pizza by diving to the guests of the hotel underwater in Florida., One of the strangest jobs is a "criminal stalker" in Alabama, a person who searches for a fugitive or fugitive for a sum of money, as well as a "manager of pingo" in Arizona, and a trainer who teaches dogs surfing in California

He asked for a job post in Florida "a factor to deliver underwater pizza to divers", and in Hawaii, one can work in collecting golf balls.

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