Traditional Christmas food from around the world

Christmas Food Traditions Around the World

Christmas Food Traditions Around the World

There are those who end the year with noisy celebrations and those who end it with a hot kiss, and no matter how different the celebrations of the beginning of the new year among the inhabitants of the earth, there is one thing agreed by all, which is to circumvent That cold night around the New Year's table.

Christmas cuisine in five languages .. turkey roach on the American way .. Power and French and the Egyptian meat and soup of Morocco .. And sweet cake English King crowned on the throne of the Christmas table.

A Christmas dinner on the eve of the feast or lunch is an important part of the feast. There is no standard dish for the occasion of the feast around the world, but dishes vary from country to country in different cultures. In Sicily, the Christmas meal is made up of 12 species of fish. In Britain and the countries affected by its tradition, Christmas table includes stuffed chicken and geese, along with meat, gravy, vegetables, and apple juice. There are also some special sweets such as "Christmas candy" Spread in those areas.

Traditional Christmas Dishes From All Around the world

1-Turkey King crowned on the throne of the Christmas table

In all cases and on all the tables, your turkey daddy forces himself strongly in the middle of the Christmas material, which is one of the varieties that refuses to shift or switch on that special night, it is by all accounts the night of Turkey. Of course, the method of preparation of the turkey varies from one country to another, but the American way of preparing it is the most beautiful months.

The turkey rooster was originally due to Native American Indians, some of whom were moved by Christopher Columbus to European countries.

Before the discovery of the American continents, the main dish of the Christmas table in Europe was based on pork, but the turkey roast arrived until a few years before the pork was removed and placed on the Christmas table without a competitor.

In Britain and the countries affected by its tradition, the Christmas table includes stuffed chicken and geese, along with meat, gravy, vegetables, and apple juice. There are also some special sweets such as Christmas candy spread in those areas. , Served with grilled potatoes and cranberry sauce as well as bread and gravy.

2- The graceful French salad of the Christmas table

French cuisine is known for the most important food items that are not without one home in the world, namely cheese. For many years, France has kept a fixed place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's largest producer of different varieties of cheese and over a thousand varieties. Although the cheese is on the French table, the table carries other types of food no less important than the cheese, so we roamed from the French kitchen to our Christmas table according to the most famous dishes of the French salad, the pasta salad of maize.

One of the most famous dishes that the French eat this night is the scallop dish with herbs and cheese, which is one of the most traditional dishes prepared on this day, as it is brought in a short time and does not require many ingredients to prepare it as it is one of the most delicious French dishes.

3- Sweet Christmas cake English

The English Cake is the most delicious type of dessert in the world, and despite its simplicity, it has a unique taste that is unlike any other kind of dessert. The English have always been successful in making cake cakes in different shapes and styles. Of course, the end of the year banquet has created a special kind of English cake, in the shape of a hollow circle like Christmas flowers.

4- The best Moroccan soup

Moroccan soup has been able to win the title of the most delicious soup in the world, according to most of the rankings of international food experts and magazines. So on the most important night of the year, we should celebrate next to a hot, famous and delicious soup dish at all.

5- Stuffed Egyptian grape leaves in a new way for a new year

The stuffed meat is the companion of white meat, Especially when Egyptians.

6-Christmas food For Germany

In Germany, the Czech Republic, and Austria, traditional Christmas dinners usually include goose, pork and stuffed chicken. The Germans eat a very easy meal of boiled cod and various vegetables on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day, most families eat a barbecue of goat meat with potatoes

7-Christmas food For Greece

>In Greece, it is added to the main meal, usually a seafood meal such as salads, salami, olives, magic, and other traditional Greek appetizers. It also deals in grilled pork dinners with a variety of side dishes

8-Christmas food For Hungary

The main dish is fish soup or chicken. Traditional desserts, such as walnut rolls, are also used to denote a variety of meanings, including luck, where nuts symbolize wealth,

9-Christmas food For Italia

In Italy, the main menu includes some famous dishes including pasta, pizza, lasagna, and focaccia, as well as special alcoholic drinks such as Tuscan wines.

Calamari, oysters, and shrimps are one of the most delicious dishes prepared by Italy for the new year, next to the pasta which is never absent from the Italian table. Fish is also one of the most festive dishes on Christmas night.

10- Christmas dish in Russia

Some salty appetizers mixed with sour lemon juice next to their formal drink Vodka are the way Russians celebrate Christmas night.

11- turkey in Brazil

The turkey Roastery made of champagne and spices is the official dish in Brazil. It is considered one of the most traditional dishes there, and it is one of the most famous dishes prepared by some countries because of its special taste and wonderful.

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