7 Naturally Air Purifying Plants for Your Home

7 best plants to purify the air at home

7 best plants to purify the air at home

Many people believe that home plants function only for decoration, this is indeed incorrect, because plants also have an effective role in air purification, as they are also useful in creating more relaxation and comfortable atmosphere in any room, it is known that spending time in nature is associated with A close association with low-stress levels. In a study conducted in 2008 in the Netherlands, researchers found that hospital patients with indoor plants in their rooms reduced stress levels in patients.

During late 1980, NASA began studying home plants as a way to provide cleaner and cleaner air to the space stations. They found that there were many different home plants that could help clean the air because plants filter out some harmful compounds in the air and air pollutants that are In gasoline, formaldehyde, and ammonia make it healthier to breathe.

These plants are easy to find and you can add them to your home to provide yourself and your family with fresh air free of harmful agents. You do not need to spend the extra money to get an air filter. According to NASA, there are lots of plants that absorb harmful particles into the air And pure oxygen release - all with the addition of a decorative touch from you only.

The 7 Best Air-Purifying Plants for Your Home

The following is a collection of beautiful home plants that are easy to care for, as they are effective in increasing oxygen and detoxification, according to a study released by NASA scientists:

1- Boston fern plant

These leafy plants work well as air humidifiers, and while they are busy adding moisture to the environment, they also do a great job of eliminating formaldehyde, and the Boston fern plant is characterized by five-foot-high feathers, named because it is the most popular home plant in Boston.

The Boston fern plant offers beauty and other health benefits and is ideal for those suffering from dry skin because it is a humidifier that helps restore moisture in the air. Boston fern can also help remove formaldehyde, but remember to keep the plant Boston ferns should be exposed to sunlight and hydrated regularly.

2- peace lily

Lily of peace is one of the most attractive plants in terms of shape, with its unique white flowers, it also boasts one of the highest purification rates among plant species, it removes chlorine, benzene, acetone, and alcohol from the atmosphere, but you must be careful It is also a highly toxic plant, it should be kept out of the reach of children and pets.

It helps to reduce the levels of molds that grow at home by absorbing these germs through the leaves and then used as food, it is the ideal place in the bathrooms, the lily of peace can help keep the bathroom tiles and curtains free of mold and the plant can absorb harmful vapors of alcohol and acetone.

3- Palm leaf plant

This plant is also known as Palm Rapids, a plant that requires a lot of water during the spring and summer, but compensates for its strong resistance to insects, and grows thick green leaves with rich colors without much effort.

4- Spider plant

The leaves of the spider plant grow rapidly and help absorb harmful substances such as mold and other allergens so it is a perfect plant for those who are allergic to dust.

Spider plant requires natural light to grow, but it should not be directly exposed to sunlight. It thrives in wet environments with twice a week and grows at an impressive speed. It can grow in just two days. It is an amazing plant. This plant can remove up to 90% of toxins in the indoor air, it absorbs formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, xylene, and solvents used in the leather and rubber printing industries. This plant is also safe if you have pets at home.

5- snake plant

it is a unique plant in that it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen during the night. Many people choose to keep it in their bedrooms or in the living room on the carpet. It is a simple plant that does not require much care. It also prevents formaldehyde This is common in cleaning products, toilet paper, and personal care products. It is one of the best plants to filter formaldehyde. If you put one in your bathroom it will thrive with low light and wet conditions and will help filter air pollutants.

6- cactus plants

If you are looking for a plant, it is the smart choice for the sunny window of the kitchen, and its ability to clean the air and many people have cactus plants in their homes because of their knowledge of the ability to heal, there is inside the gel inside the leaves is excellent to help heal burns and wounds, , The cactus also significantly improves the indoor air quality, it is a plant that is easy to grow and helps keep your home free of gasoline that is usually found in paint and some chemical detergents.

7- Orchid plant

Orchid flowers are distinctive and beautiful and are also characterized by increased oxygen emissions during the night and remove xylene, a kind of contaminants in the paints, making the atmosphere of the room pure breathing.

there are a lot of plants you can grow it in your home like, Rayhan The strong smell of basil helps flush out mosquitoes and insects, Lavender, it is scent is known for its calming and relaxing effect, Jasmine, Several studies have found that the smell of jasmine is associated with lower anxiety levels, Mint is available in almost every house easily and also has a strong smell that helps to expel insects, whether dry or fresh.

finally, we can easily reconnect and connect with the nature of our homes through beautiful beautiful home plants that give our lives a better quality and more beautiful .. And immersed in its various benefits and diverse. They decorate our homes .. And earn our rooms bright, And gives us a more comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. In addition to being The recent studies have shown that the presence of vibrant green plants inside our homes reduces the levels of our anxiety and tension and accelerates our healing.

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