12 Effective Ways to Stop Overeating

How to Stop Overeating

How to Stop Overeating

You will win this challenge and win the bet of eternity
to sleep without eating fatty foods during the night.
Your appetite at sunset may drive you towards the kitchen and eat unconsciously.
Concentrate on your will, strong and stop the bad habit through these tips.
The easiest way to achieve agility is to avoid eating fat at night and just before bedtime. Many nutritionists are advised to stop eating after 6 pm or not to have dinner three hours before bedtime.

But it's not easy to refuse to eat after a busy day, especially if you do not have lunch, and you do not have time to prepare a healthy breakfast. But there are simple and useful ways to trick your appetite.

12 Ways to Stop Overeating

In order to change your behavior and switch to a healthier diet especially at night, here are 12 tips to help you feel hungry at night and follow a healthy diet for the day

1- Exercise a different activity

Often, the body is not hungry at night, but it is caused by anxiety and tension. Many people resort to food to increase the feeling of rest and relaxation when they are concerned. The brain signals that food is needed. Read a new book or get a bath to relax to soothe the stress response.

2- Eat fiber and healthy fats

When preparing dinner, try adding more fiber such as black beans, lentils, artichokes, peas, shea seeds, quinoa, which take a long time to digest and increase the feeling of satiety, and add healthy fat and thus feel fuller for a longer time.

3-When eating dinner Eat slowly

When eating dinner, eat slowly until you feel full and enjoy the food you eat. You may notice that this method calms the nerves because it is actually one of the meditation exercises, where you can achieve this when eating vegetables, fruits, and walnuts.

4- Eat fruit

The nutritionist often advises you to have a simple snack at night, such as fruits and get away from sugary foods or sweets. Simply select a piece of fruit that can satisfy your desire for a healthy snack and help you go to sleep without indulging in unhealthy sweets.

5- Get enough sleep

Your priorities should be to get enough sleep all night and avoid sleep deprivation or even any disturbances that can affect your comfort.

6- Avoid caffeine

A cup of coffee contains caffeine, which causes sleep disorders. Other sources of caffeine, such as soft drinks and tea, should be avoided at night. For better sleep, you can eat caffeine-containing foods or drinks before bedtime for 4-6 hours.


One of the best tips for dentists is to wash your teeth after meals to prevent caries. Another benefit of this strategy is that toothpaste tends to make food taste bad in the mouth and thus prevent the urge to have a light meal at night.
Clean your teeth immediately after supper so that you do not get back and eat and then rest your teeth again.

8-Take a hot bath

Bathing with hot water relaxes the nerves, sends off a sleepy mood and suppresses appetite. It is recommended to put some salt or essential oils into shower water. A few drops of grapefruit, lemon, orange, or any fruit oil will help cheat the hungry stomach.

9- Always stay away from when you eat and watch TV

Concentrating on viewing will make you unaware of the amount of food you eat, which is usually candy or snakes, not healthy food. The best thing is to put a plate of fruit or vegetables next to you.

10- Drinking water

Exposure of the body to drought leads to an increased feeling of hunger. Drink plenty of water during the day, and always keep a small bottle of water with you wherever you are to feel full and avoid excessive desire to eat.

11- Eat soup at dinner

Instead of eating sandwiches and starches, in particular, think about preparing a healthy soup dish for dinner. The soup is liquid and thus helps to feel full quickly.

12- Drink herbal tea

Often to control the desire to have a snack by taking herbal tea. Simply helps you change the taste of your mouth. You can make a cup of mint or pineapple tea to be a substitute for the sweetener without actually adding any calories.

Make sure that dinner is enough to make you happy, satisfied and happy even at bedtime.

If you want to eat sugar and sweets, go to the fruit to feel satisfied.
After dinner, drink a cup of green tea or boning.
Do some easy exercise, such as slow walking, to feel tired, so sleep quickly.
finally, more advise for you

If you are unable to resist hunger and control the amount of food you eat, you must first feel full before you start eating, so prevent yourself from eating large amounts of food, because there is a hormone in the brain sends a signal full when the food reaches the intestine, and this process takes 20 30 minutes, but unfortunately in this period you have been eating large quantities of food, so it is possible to work out a plan is to make the hormone secreted before the passage of this time, but how?

It is possible to drink a glass of local lemon juice with a small amount of sugar, at least fifteen minutes before eating, or start eating tomatoes, cucumber or a simple salad of green salad with drops of lemon, or drink a glass of fresh juice before eating the meal, you will not be able to stop eating. Most importantly, you will notice that you eat less food than you used to, and you will notice after a while a nice shape and a lower weight.
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