how to make my child love studying

Easy ways to make your child love studying

Easy ways to make your child love studying

If we try to ask the child whether he likes school time or not, we may find that most of the answers will be incomplete. Therefore, the mother and educator should always look for ways and means to make the study more enjoyable and useful.

This is an important study that many children seek to evade. Many parents wonder about it, even though the child does not evade playing or watching TV or any of the activities he always does. As most students see that the study deprives him of many things that are essential in his life so you see them evade them, in this article we will discuss how to make the child loves to study.

ways to help your child love studying

Today, we will give you some practical ways to make studying time a favorite time for you and your child.
1- Try to find the pattern of your child's learning. that must every child has his or her own learning style. because there is a lot of kind of style of learning  Some depend on the visual, auditory and sensory .

2- Concentrate on your goal is to acquire knowledge and to learn new, not to have focused on the mark only, and to focus on being enhanced for comprehension and absorption rather than for conservation, and for your child to be so zealous.

3- Give your child time to learn about other new activities, such as having musical or athletic interests, so that he or she can feel the diversity of his life, and do not hesitate to study alone without any hobbies or activities in his or her life.

4- I want to link the study to life situations for your child, and focus on practical experiences and linking science to practical life and do not mind to do some educational trips in which your young world is discovered around it, it will make learning more fun and exciting.

5- Promoting positive emotions is the main motivation for any achievement. Keep your smile always and use positive and encouraging language. Study time is the beginning of your child's relationship with learning.

6- Do not be afraid to study a ghost escapes your child, that is, do not pressure your child to remember, but try to distribute the time of the study in the way he sees the home, it does not have to start your child from the moment of his arrival at home, talk, talk, leave him the field to talk to you about his school day, To eat and take a good rest than to remember.

7- I do not like the school or do not like its teachers, maybe it does not adapt to its classmates and colleagues, and your outlook may be more optimistic than its abilities, which makes it unable to reach the ceiling of your expectations.

8- Be in touch with the teachers responsible for teaching your child so that the child is well aware that you are interested in the order and on the day to bring a game or gift and agreed with the teacher to give the child a gift because he shared in his study.

The allocation of fixed dates of study daily does not change until the child has a responsibility towards the appointment and commitment to it.

tips to all mothers

All children have one learning characteristic: they love to have fun in school, so some parents use effective, fun ways to increase their children's love of learning and provide them with better information. To achieve this, the following can be used in educational processes:

colored chopsticks in drawing and building shapes.
Money in counting and comparison processes.
Bottles for bottles, blanks. Dominoes in Mathematics. Sandbox in writing.

For scientific activities and visits that are directly related to the materials the child learns in school, there is no reason not to accompany him to the garden to apply the science lesson on plants, or to the zoo to talk about mammals or birds.

Unfortunately, we as children sometimes forget the idea that children have abilities. Some have instinctive skills and love to learn, while others hate. Here, our role is to develop study skills and to instill a love of education and knowledge. The study is behavior as any learner behavior can be shaped and formed through sequential steps. Graduated.

Always explain to your child the reasons for the importance of learning in life and make him connected to his dream and love and imagine himself and has achieved what he wants, Do not expect your son/daughter to read and study if he has never seen his mother holding a book! Be a model of knowledge and knowledge.

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