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make iced coffee fast

If you are a fan of coffee, what do you think of a new experience, the work of frozen coffee cubes is an interesting recipe because you can use coffee to make ice cubes and replace a cup of hot coffee with ice coffee. Let's start with the presentation of the recipe for the work of the frozen coffee cubes with pictures, they are simple and easy recipe will not take much time you can try and enjoy a different taste.

Coffee is a favorite beverage all over the world, and coffee is no longer a hot beverage and is associated with the morning only, but it is always suited to different flavors and ways of serving them. Frozen coffee is one of the most desirable and delicious.

The method of making this coffee is very easy and it does not take any time at all, and the components are available in every house, so there is no need to buy them anymore from the outside cafes.

Quick Iced Coffee Recipe amazed

Frozen Coffee Cubes:

Ingredients :

1/2 cup medium-sized coffee grated.

3 cups water.

Sugar according to desire.

Ice cube tray.


Prepare your favorite coffee, leave the coffee cool until you can wait until it is at room temperature so it does not hurt and burns.

You can add milk to your coffee as you prefer or have a cup of coffee.

Then add the liquid coffee in the ice cube tray and place it in the refrigerator and wait until it completely freezes.

Once you freeze, you can take out the cubes, separate them and start using them.

To make ice cubes in a different way you can:

Heat the milk and pour 2 oz in a glass container with cocoa powder and stir until the cocoa is poured.

Then fill the container with coffee cubes with you may need to use 6 cups of coffee You can increase the amount according to what you want to get the flavor of coffee.

In the end, it is recommended to add the amount of milk remaining with you because the warm milk helps melt the coffee cubes gradually cooled and therefore enjoy a refreshing drink.

fast Iced Coffee Recipe at 5 minutes

Ingredients: Four teaspoons of instant coffee. A glass of hot water. Four teaspoons of sugar. A glass of skim milk. Four teaspoons of liquid chocolate. Half a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Ice cubes.Preparation: Melt in a bowl filled with coffee water, add milk, sugar, chocolate, vanilla. Mix ingredients with each other. We distribute the coffee in two cups and add a number of ice cubes. We offer chilled coffee and a piece of chocolates next to it.

finally, iced coffee is one of the many refreshing drinks that many prefer. Before the summer ends, you have several ways to make your own coffee in different flavors to satisfy your tastes, like Coffee with orange flavor, Coffee with mint flavor, coffee with blended and Orio.

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