5 Fresh Foods to Always Pick Up in the store

Fresh Foods to Always Pick Up at the Store

Fresh Foods to Always Pick Up at the Store

Fresh food is defined as food that is not treated with hormones and chemicals or is stored in iron or plastic containers, usually green or green vegetables, as well as various fruits, which are eaten raw, ie, without cooking by any means possible. In this article, we will present You benefit from eating fresh food for the body in general.

Reliance on fresh foods rather than cooked foods is very useful, given the nutritional value that food is likely to lose when cooked or cooked, and is always available in the market. Examples of fresh foods include fruits, vegetables of all kinds.

Benefits of fresh food

- Strengthen the immune system

- Prevention of malignancies

- Treatment of gastrointestinal disorders

- Loss of excess weight

- The freshness of skin and vitality of hair

1- Lemon - great benefits for body and soul

Lemon has many benefits that drive us to eat it. It plays a role in strengthening the immune system and preventing cancer. It also helps to improve the psychological current.
Lemon is a strong disinfectant for stomach from any enemy to contain the lemon on a high percentage of vitamin c.
Lemon works to strengthen the immune system in the human body.
Lemon treats colds and flu for its antiseptic properties.

there are a lot of benefits of lemon, Benefits of lemon skin, Lemon Tooth Whitening, Benefits of Lemon to lose weight.
The best way to take advantage of lemons is to squeeze only half a lemon into a cup of warm water or tap water, not hot or cold because hot water may affect the active substances in the lemon. The chilled water takes the body more time to digest and absorb lemon, Time to eat this cup in the early morning to give vitality to the body at the beginning of the day.
Do not forget before throwing half the lemon peel, which was squeezed in the morning with the hands of lemon oil in the outer shell, lemon juice in the lemon peel effectively for the youthfulness of the epidermis, and scientists Aromatherapy Aromatherapy proved that inhaling the smell of lemon oil in the early morning increases the concentration and alerts the nervous system In the state of inactivity that affects us when waking up early.

2- green onion

If you do not eat green onions, you should start eating it immediately after learning the benefits of green onions, because
Green onions are one of the most beneficial vegetables for healthy body systems. It contains a variety of good elements for a healthy body. Green onions have been planted in Chinese gardens for 5000 years and are an excellent source of vitamin K, vitamin A.

Benefits of green onions:

Bone health, Eye health, Improve respiratory function, Reduce the level of sugar in the blood, Green onions work as an antiviral, Treatment of high cholesterol levels in the blood.

Recipes for green onions

You can use green onions in the work of many different recipes and get the best taste. Some use it to increase the desire to eat.
Green Onion Pie: You can prepare a delicious pancake of green onions and add the sauce

Green onion and garlic mixture: Mix green onions, garlic, and sugar together and add to the main dish or sandwiches.
Green onions with rice: You can prepare green onions with the rice is a simple Indian recipe.
Green onion salad: Because green onions of leafy vegetables are usually used in the processing of healthy salad dishes to increase their flavor and add more health benefits. You can also use it to decorate salad dishes.
Green onion sauce: You can make green onion sauce in a distinctive and effective way.
Green onion soup: You can make green onion soup and eat it warm.
3- garlic
Each clove of garlic contains large amounts of a naturally occurring chemical known as allicin, which interacts when digested with blood, to create protection capable of killing many of the harmful bacteria and viruses that the human body may harbor, such as the cause of love And other skin infections.

In addition, Alice is an effective anti-oxidant, increasing its ability to protect against viruses. The properties of anti-bacterial garlic have been shown in both topical treatments applied to the skin and oral treatments.
To get as much garlic as possible, take it raw and finely chopped and place it in the salad dish or add it to the meal before serving.
The benefits of garlic vary the different ways to take it, and benefits: Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, Combating infectious diseases, Prevention, and treatment of cancer.

A study found that a daily dose of dry garlic extract "2 grams of garlic" for women after menopause helps increase the hormone estrogen, which has beneficial effects on bone health in women and prevents osteoporosis.

4- ginger
Ginger is one of the tropical plants with its green color and its attractive aromatic legs. It also has many health benefits for patients, pregnant women, skin, and hair, as it contains a wide range of antioxidants, minerals and natural oils that are included in treatments including phosphorus, zinc, and antihistamines.

Ginger is used in the preparation of food and was used by the ancients, whether, in treatment or food and drink, it was great value in the ancients is the first drink in the treatment of stomach disorders and reduces the symptoms of pregnancy in women such as nausea and colic and also enhances sexual ability.
Benefits of Ginger for Women, Reduces menstrual symptoms such as pain and menstrual cramps, so by drinking a warm ginger drink, Benefits of ginger for the digestive system
Ginger is considered one of the best herbs to solve the problems of the digestive system, as it works to eliminate the cramps, diarrhea, bloating and treatment of stomach infections, The benefits of ginger for the respiratory system
Because it contains antihistamines, it is one of the strongest treatments for allergy and respiratory problems,
Benefits of Ginger to Fight Cancer
Some research has shown that ginger has the ability to fight cancer cells such as ovarian cancer, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, stomach, and skin.

5- Shallots

Shallots know that it is a family of onions and garlic and is famous for its smell, which is very similar to the smell of onions and because of the benefits of leeks many recommended to be introduced in meals can be taken in the salad or can be put in the soup introduces leeks in the diet because of its many benefits and helps to slimming and Next we learn about the benefits of leek and the benefits of Shallots honey.

Benefits of Shallots, Treatment of colitis, Treats skin blisters and warts. Reduces the pain of hemorrhoids and treats anal fissures and can be used locally as a pad Sterilize wounds and stop bleeding, Improves the sound in cases of colds, Strengthens the nerves and strengthens the sex.
Eating raw helps to treat rheumatism and joint pain.
Treatment of urinary tract and kidney stones.

The benefits of shallots honey:

The leek is extracted from leeks and is known for its sweet and sour taste. This honey is characterized by many benefits, but it does not accept much because it causes heartburn and pain in the chest.
It contains high levels of vitamin A and vitamin C and also contains antioxidants, which are based on nourishing the body and purifying toxins, and it helps the skin and delays the emergence of signs of aging.
Stimulates the process of absorption of iron to protect against anemia, which in turn prevents hair loss and provides materials important for its growth.

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