10 Home Remedies Found in the Kitchen

10 Home Remedies You Can Find in Your Kitchen

10 Home Remedies You Can Find in Your Kitchen

Your pharmacy or home remedies may be more beneficial to your health if you add to it a range of the best natural herbs, and although the herbs have been used for hundreds of years to heal, scientists have finally begun to demonstrate the abilities of these plants to relieve arthritis pain and reduce high sugar In blood and cholesterol, and help with many other health problems, in addition to new powerful and amazing discoveries in the best herbs that are used in healing, such as the ability to kill cancer cells and help alcoholics in the problem of curbing alcohol intake.

Herbs and natural remedies are not, of course, an alternative to medicine but can be used to treat many of the mild conditions that we experience daily.

10 Home Remedies in your kitchen

1- cumin to treat irritating cramps

Cumin works on the treatment of bloating, gas and irritating cramps

Many of us do not know the benefits of hidden cumin. Vaccination is a kind of spice when added to any type of food, it gives it a special taste, but on the other hand, it has great benefits, especially for those patients with persistent problems in the colon, stomach, and others.

The benefit of cumin y is great, especially for patients who always suffer from post-eating problems known as bloating, stomach pain, difficulty in digestion, colon patients or those suffering from many embarrassing gases.

2- strawberry to whiten your teeth

Strawberry is rich in vitamin C, which contributes to cracking the layer of lime that causes yellowing of teeth. It also contains the malic acid which removes the dyes that are attached to it, while the salt contributes to facilitating the removal of these dyes.

Ingredients of whitening teeth

- 3 large strawberry fruits

- half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate "also known as carbonate or baking soda"

- A small pinch of salt.

The benefits of the strawberry for teeth are summarized in the fact that they whiten the teeth in a short time and make them white. Add teeth to the luster. Helps heal gingivitis very quickly. Treatment of oral infections.

3- Turmeric to Relieves Arthritis

Turmeric is great medicine for chronic pain, only a quarter teaspoon of turmeric powder mixed in milk daily will help you get rid of all chronic pain.

Turmeric can help relieve pain because it contains curcumin, a powerful anti-inflammatory, as it acts similarly to COX-2 inhibitors, which causes pain, swelling, and arthritis, and can also prevent colon cancer and Alzheimer's disease. According to a study by the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, curcumin can help reduce pre-cancerous lesions known as benign neoplasms. In a study published in the journal Alzheimer's Disease in 2006, researchers at the University of California also found that curcumin helps clear the brain of substances called plaques.

4- salt to stinky feet

If you have pain in your foot or nails, you can get rid of it with the footbath. Mix half a cup of salt in a basin of warm water, and soak your feet in this water for about half an hour to soothe your feet and get rid of the pain.

5- sugar to treat depression

Treatment of depression: It is a treatment for the many frustrations experienced by the human during the day, by eating chocolate that helps to adjust mood, and improve the state of perception.

Elevation of blood pressure: Many people who suffer from low blood pressure, diabetes helps to raise blood pressure levels, and diabetes is more likely to lower blood pressure.

Excessive intake of white sugar is the cause of many problems, so doctors advise not to over-sugar or foods that contain it

6- honey to treat a sore throat

Honey is the best way to treat a sore throat, The World Health Organization recommends eating honey: which is used in different cultures to combat colds. Honey contains antioxidants, which enhance immunity and help calm a cough.

Honey and lemon are a treatment that eliminates sore throat infections. Honey does not only contain useful vitamins but also helps boost your immune system and fights infections. Natural nectar is more effective than cough syrup because honey softens throat infections. Better.
The researchers noted that honey contains high levels of antioxidants.

The researchers advised tea with hot water and a teaspoon of honey with half a lemon. Lemon is astringent. This means that it helps shrink your mucous membranes, so this tea is a double medicine to help with a sore throat and eliminate phlegm.

7- Cherry to deep sleeping

The red dye in cherry juice may also play a role in improving sleep, also Cherry .. Eliminates insomnia and increases sleep hours

Helps sleep better: Prickly cherry contains melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate the sleep cycle and wake up in the body, making you feel drowsy.

Cherry juice also increases the presence of amino acid that increases the effectiveness of sleep, an amino acid that stands behind the decline of insomnia, as well as infection.

Cherry is characterized by anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, which is useful in reducing the pain of gout, and studies indicate that cherries may also benefit in relieving aches and pains caused by intensive training or muscle strain.

8- Oatmeal to heart health

Oatmeal is rich in fiber, promotes heart health, cleanses, exfoliates the skin, eliminates acne, normal oatmeal with hot water, leaves it cooled and then applied to the skin and leaving it on the affected area for a few minutes. Helps to secure moisture and soothe irritated skin, and beautiful is that oats also useful in the treatment of skin problems caused by sunburn, mosquitoes, eczema, poison ivy.

9- Almonds to stomach and digestion

A few grains of fresh almond can be chewed until the feeling of burning disappears because it contains large proportions of oils that are equivalent to the presence of acids in the stomach. The proteins in the almonds protect the stomach from acidity and help digestion.

10- beans to Maintain cholesterol levels

in the blood beans are very important for Maintains cholesterol levels in the blood, it is very useful for the heart and blood vessel and, Strengthens the immune system and protects the body from various diseases.

Beans are a source of minerals, especially copper, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and potassium, as well as folic acid and manganese. Contains many vitamins, B vitamins, vitamin A, and vitamin K. Contains high proportions of proteins and dietary fiber. The beans include the growth hormone, which is called human growth hormone. It helps to stimulate the muscles and stimulate them after exercising or any stress, and the beans do not contain any saturated fat.

Bean husk plays an important role in the treatment of constipation, bean peel may work on the treatment of constipation that affects the human body

finally, when people feel the pain they often resort to palliative pills to relax their bodies, but relying on this big picture on the medicine is not without harm and therefore experts advise to take advantage of some natural alternatives.

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