Foods to Never Eat Before Bed avoid before sleep

10 foods to avoid before bed

10 foods to avoid before bed

The talk about food before bedtime is controversial, between categorical rejection, and other opinions that see no harm, as well as the proliferation of advice what we do before bed, such as avoiding the phone, taking a bath for rest, and reading a book.

Eating directly before sleep leads to multiple symptoms including weight gain, anxiety and inability to sleep, GERD and other symptoms, as well as the silent GERD that infects many without their knowledge.

According to experts, some foods have the ability to help sleep better, while eating the wrong foods may be harmful to the sleep cycle.

10 Foods to Never Eat Before sleep must avoid it

Learn about the most important foods to avoid before sleeping for a comfortable, stress-free sleep

But if you want to eat anything before bedtime, here's a list of things to avoid:
1- Pasta

It contains a high percentage of calories and sleeps before sleeping makes the body unable to digest which leads to insomnia

2- dessert and ice cream

It contains a high percentage of fat and sugars that stimulate the body to perform activities, making it unable to sleep

3- chips and other processed snacks

Potato Chips: It is a bad food that should be avoided before going to bed

4- vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits are useful foods for humans but some types of vegetables and fruits are difficult to digest and cause insomnia such as broccoli, broccoli, cabbage, leafy vegetables, celery, squash, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, oranges, berries.

5- pizza

A slice of pizza with French fries may be an irresistible meal at dinner but at the same time make you feel insomniac all night. Research has shown that people who ate fatty foods at night were more likely to feel drowsy during the day.

6- Cereals
Usually, cereals are eaten at breakfast, but some people like to eat cereals mixed with milk before bed. This is a good idea, but the problem is that most cereals contain a high percentage of sugars, so eating whole grains without sugar before bedtime.

Although the pills are very useful, and although they are rich in fiber important to the body in the fight against colon cancer and control of sugar in the blood and others, it is difficult to digestion, making it difficult to sleep, and puffiness.
7- Alcohol

Experts refuted the theory that drinking some alcohol before bedtime relaxes, because the metabolism of alcohol is quickly in our digestive system, causing frequent waking up at night, in addition to alcohol strengthens snoring harm to the "quality" of sleep.

8- Dark chocolate

This may be bad news for chocolate lovers, especially as it is an alternative to other types. It contains caffeine and theobromine, which causes an increase in heart rate and discomfort.

Chocolates are foods that enhance the feeling of happiness and get rid of the feeling of stress and depression, but eating before going to sleep causes increased heart palpitations leading to the activity of the body and the difficulty of sleep.
9- chili
Hot Food: Spices and condiments may be a panacea for many diseases, but when you feel hungry at night keep away from warm sauces because your stomach is tired and the chemicals in the hot foods stimulate your senses and prevent you from sleeping.

10- Red meat
Eating red meat before bedtime is something your stomach experiences during sleep to digest it. You may think that red meat helps you lose weight but actually has bad effects. Eating chicken and pork also has the same effect.

But not that it is completely avoided eating meat in a butcher's meat but you can eat a small slice of meat with a cup of warm milk or some sleep-friendly carbohydrates.
Do not eat large amounts of red meat at night.
Tips for a healthy and sound sleep
- Do not drink too much water and fluids before sleeping so you do not feel the need to go to the bathroom.

- In the evening, keep away from caffeine, sugars, steroids and any substances that may cause insomnia.

- Avoid alcohol, although it helps to fast sleep, but it does not lead to healthy sleep and cause trouble to sleep later.

- Do not sleep when you feel hungry or dull, in both cases, you will not be able to sleep well.

If you are feeling fat after eating a heavy meal, you will feel sleepy. After eating, you should drink a glass of water after you melt a tablespoon of natural apple cider vinegar with less than a quarter teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate. It will help you digest and dissolve the fat you eat and feel you instantly. This recipe is also used for weight loss.

One of the favorite fruits to eat in the evening is bananas, cherries, and especially sour cherries because these two fruits contain a substance that stimulates the sleep process

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