10 Easy Sandwich Ideas for Back to School

Quick Easy School Lunch Ideas for Your Kids

Quick & Easy School Lunch Ideas to Pack for Your Kids

A new season of school came back and the confusion of preparing a lunch box and how to make nutritious choices every day for your children returned. Because every important part of the lunch box, we give you the following tips to make it easier to prepare.

do you know? That children spend one-third of their day at school, so their fund must contain one-third of their daily food needs to ensure appropriate physical and mental performance.
It is time to go back to school, and while we mothers dance joyfully that we will finally be satisfied with our troubled children

I mean, dear ones, going to school, there is something that disturbs our joy every year, the preparation of the Lunch Box, the never-ending problem,? It is not an easy task, preparing healthy and useful food that contains nutrients and at the same time be delicious and delicious for our gourmet children.

10 Easy and Healthy Sandwich Ideas for Kids

Be sure to place at least two vegetables and salads in the lunch box, such as salad for lunch, some cucumber, and carrots as a snack.
Choose fresh fruit, dried fruit or desserts consisting of fruits to be a snack and nutritious for them.
Choose bread and breakfast cereals made from whole grains.

Add one serving of meat and alternatives to a lunch box such as minced meat or chicken with pasta, egg yolks, beans, lentils or chickpeas in the oven.
put one serving of milk products, such as low-fat fortified milk or low-fat cheese.
Take a bottle of water to ensure adequate moisture during the day.
Give them new types of food at home before you put them in the lunch box
so you can include them at school.

Last but not least, keep in mind that diversity of color
and variety is essential to a healthy lunchbox, and the more you eat,
the more likely it is to ensure that your child has nutritious options.

1- idea 1: Egg Sandwiches with whole grain bread and lettuce
Carrot slices
One apple
Low-fat yogurt box

2- Idea 2: A bowl of chicken pasta with colored peppers
Amount of a cup of low-fat fortified milk
The amount of a cup of chopped strawberries
Baked Sweet Potato Chopsticks

3-Idea 3
brown rice with spinach stew
A piece of cheese
Sliced option
1 banana

Banana rolls with peanut butter

If your child is a fruit lover, this is his ideal box. The lunch box should not be too full because children do not have time to eat, often 15 to 25 minutes, so the food should be adequate to keep your child from throwing food. In this recipe, you can prepare the tortilla bread, butter it with peanut butter, and put a banana fruit inside it and cook with bread. Add more fruits such as blueberries, kiwi slices, grapes or what your child wants and asks you for.

5- Toast Minions

If you are a fan of making food for your kids on a cartoon character, To make these shapes, use cheddar cheese for the body of the minion and egg whites for the eyes and all that is white or you can use the cheese for teeth, for example, and the bread for glasses, while the black color is a record of black seaweed used in sushi rolls. A special dish and delicious shape will impress your child immediately

6- Rice with soy sauce

Another very wonderful art form. It consists of reddish rice with soy sauce, carrot slices, and broccoli and is decorated in an attractive cartoon style. You can add apples or any other fruit as a sweetener.

7- Super Heros

All children are undoubtedly impressed by the cartoon characters, especially the superheroes, so they will appreciate your great efforts in the work of this fund, which is called 'food superheroes'. Add several logos to the food so that your baby will be excited about a new meal.

8- Sushi sandwiches

Do not worry about this recipe on your child, it does not contain any kind of raw names. Just make the toast or bread flat and full of healthy tuna salad and you have the choice of making it any way you like. You can add the mayonnaise on it and then in bread, sandwich and cut into a small bowl. In addition to the delicious taste, these rolls are in their art form a special meal that will dazzle your children. Next to these delicious appetizers, add the chopped cucumber to long, thin sticks and grated carrots or replace them with some small fruit. Just make sure to create multiple colors to delight children and encourage them to eat their meals.

9- A new form of school sandwiches

Make sandwiches in the form of loaves, baking bread with the liquid cheese, then put the slices of cheese inside and then roll The bread is cylindrical and then closed with nylon. The freezer enters for 30 minutes and then cuts rings in the same way With different things such as kofta or chicken kofta and others
Innovative sandwiches for the school
The sandwiches are cut in different shapes with biscuit slices in the shape of stars, trees or other shapes, and then put cheese and other fillings.

10- A homemade tuna sandwich

or hamburger or smoked chicken with lettuce and nuggets or grilled oven
The work of the school sandwiches in the form of stars
Ingredients: One and a half cups flour, with 20 grams of butter, then kneaded with milk The dough is 2 cm thick, cut in the shape of stars, topped with butter and baked in a hot oven 220 degrees
Cut the cheese in the form of stars or chicken pieces, hamburgers or luncheon and cut every piece of sandwich Halves and stuffing the fillers with the addition of lettuce.

Ideas for catering

Chipping using a cookie cutter, whether for bread or cheese.
Other types of bread: Toast - Tortilla - My - Fino - Brown / White You can also use biscuits and place a filling of Kiri jinns for example between each biscuit.
Create in fillers: with simple additions and changes you can get different sandwiches not
Dispose of sweets or sweets in the carrots
New research revealed that carrots are the best alternative to sweets and sweets for children because eating carrots between meals reduce the chances of the child resorting to sweets for the content of natural sugars

How does the lunch box look like?

The healthy lunch box contains: water fruits
Products / Dairy products
Meat and its substitutes
Bread and breakfast chips
Vegetables and salads

don't forget that For nutritional value, meals and school sandwiches must contain the materials needed to provide the body with sufficient energy for an active day. This means that the food contains lots of carbohydrates, fiber, a little protein and a very small amount of fat
Always remember that parents are the first example of children,

so you should practice healthy eating habits and invite them to participate in shopping and preparing a lunch box because that makes them want to eat more at school.
finally, Write to your child on a small box that you love, or you are proud of, or you think about, and put it in the Lynch Box to make his day happier.

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