how to remove wrinkles from face naturally

how to prevent wrinkles on the face

how to prevent wrinkles on the face
Facial wrinkles cause a very serious problem in women after the age of thirty, as the nature of the skin is to make the skin affected by these wrinkles, there are very strong factors to help the emergence of wrinkles, especially at an early age and the first direct exposure to the sun and for long periods without a sunscreen

5 quick ways to get rid of facial wrinkles

Natural recipes to remove wrinkles These are the most important natural home recipes that help to get rid of facial wrinkles:

1- Olive oil
is an antioxidant and contains vitamin A and E, and also works to moisturize the skin and renew its cells.
2- Aloe Vera
plant treats aloe Vera plant wrinkles because it contains a malice acid that reduces the wrinkles of the skin.

3- Bananas and avocados

use the recipe for freshness. The banana contains salts and antioxidants that reduce cell damage. Avocados contain omega-3 fatty acids essential for healthy skin and body.
Mash the banana with avocado and then beat the egg whites and add them.

4- Carrots and honey Olive oil

increases the production of collagen and softens the skin because it contains vitamin A.

5- For berries and yogurt,

use cranberry mix and yogurt to get a wrinkle-free complexion.
these are very important for your beauty also there is ( Cucumber and oatmeal recipe and oatmeal are useful for tightening the face and removing wrinkles, and Ginger and Honey Ginger is anti-wrinkle because it contains antioxidants).

Foods cause premature aging


Despite the wonderful nutritional benefits offered by coffee to the body, but it works on the symptoms of aging early in the aunt of over-eating, to contain coffee with a high rate of caffeine, scientific studies have shown that eating beverages that contain high caffeine more than once Daily exposure to the risk of the symptoms of aging early, so be careful to eat one cup of coffee a day to avoid the symptoms of aging and to enjoy the benefits of multiple foods.
2- Meat
Meat is a great source of animal protein that the body needs to maintain its health, but eating meat in large quantities may affect the body negatively. Meat from foods contains a high percentage of calories that work to increase weight by storing fat directly below the skin. Which causes the appearance of cellulite spam, so eat appropriate amounts of meat, fat-free and grilled or boiled to avoid weight gain and cellulite.
3- Hot foods
Many people prefer to add hot spices to their meals to enjoy a delicious meal, but eating hot foods is not useful at the health or aesthetic level, foods that contain chili may cause the expansion of blood vessels, which causes the incidence of wrinkles, one of the signs of infection In early aging, so stop immediately eating hot foods and enjoy the taste of food without hot pepper to protect yourself from the dangers of early aging symptoms.
4-the salt

Eating large amounts of foods that contain high salt, such as pickles, causes many health and aesthetic problems. Salt is a white toxin that affects the health of the body and its organs and causes premature aging symptoms such as wrinkles, so avoid eating rich foods Salts to protect your body and beauty.
Eating foods that contain high levels of sugar daily cause early symptoms of aging, where medical studies have shown that eating sugar works on the symptoms of aging early due to disruption of the path of insulin in the blood and this causes the body to be a state of imbalance of sugar in the blood, so stop drinking sugar-rich foods and sugary foods to protect yourself from the symptoms of aging early

Steps and tips for young skin

These are some of the most important tips to get skin free of wrinkles:
1- twice a day you wash the face, to maintain the necessary natural skin oils; to prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

2- Use toner daily after washing the face. Choose special creams to treat wrinkles, which contain peeling substances, and collagen-rich creams that renew cells. Always use sunscreen, it protects the skin from dust and germs. Use the moisturizer appropriate for the skin type, and put it daily after applying the toner. Avoid smoking habit. Avoid unhealthy foods and replace them with fruits and nuts. Eat plenty of water, it helps moisturize the skin.

3- Sleep enough, not sleeping for hours enough will reduce the production of skin cells.
They say that every girl's dream is to find the perfect man, as we say, every girl's dream is to age without the appearance of wrinkles! Wrinkle resistance in old age is a war that can be completely avoided or at least delayed if we only stick to some tips. Instead of spending a lot of creams that may contain harmful chemicals.

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