5 foods that increase sexuality - your libido

Foods increase sexual ability

Foods increase sexual ability

Nature offers us a variety of foods that are considered to be an alternative to sex stimulants, the most common of which is the blue Viagra pills.

Some men suffer from erectile dysfunction, which makes them unable to perform their marital duties to the fullest extent. This problem affects about 80 million men around the world according to specialized studies and statistics and may cause them grief and loss of self-confidence.

But do not worry, erectile dysfunction does not always need to see a doctor to get rid of it. As there are natural foods are available natural tonics help the man and stimulate his desire, and give him the ability to improve performance We show you the most prominent of these foods

There are many foods and natural foods that help to enhance the ability and sexual health of men and make it completely abandon Viagra sexual stimulants that have harmful effects in the long term, they cause serious health problems, and are dangerous to the heart. Therefore, you can get rid of these pills if you suffer from the problem of erectile dysfunction, and replaced by some types of foods that do the same effect significantly. These foods are an effective natural remedy for all sexual problems faced by men whether they are sexual impotence, premature ejaculation, or a feeling of lack of desire and sexual excitement. In the following lines, we review five types of useful foods to promote sexual health

5 foods increase sexual ability 

1 - Oysters and fish:


is a special food of love, the legend says that the famous lover Casanova, was dealing with dozens of oysters a day. The reason for this is that oysters improve the level of dopamine Dopamine, which stimulates sexual desire in both men and women. It is also rich in zinc, which makes it important for the production of testosterone hormone and ensures the health of sperm.

fish :

There have been many recent scientific studies on the effect of fish diets on sexual health in men. The results showed scientifically that fish are rich in natural chemicals and compounds that contribute to enhancingthe sexual ability and greatly increase sexual activity. Some Greek medical reports have revealed that fish are the most powerful treatment for the erectile dysfunction of many men after they found that fish contain many minerals that dissolve the deposits and harmful substances present in the blood vessels of the male organ. Strengthens erection. Fish contains zinc in abundance to help produce a large amount of testosterone.

2. Melon:
Some experts call the watermelon the new Viagra title. "Eating watermelon produces a similar effect to Viagra in whole-body blood vessels,

The fruit also enhances the sense of desire and sexual excitement is the fruit of the melon. They are already the safest fruits of Viagra, which in turn lead to the effect of Viagra by a large proportion, according to an American study revealed that after the results of the results of the ability of watermelon to strengthen erection, and treatment of ED, because of watermelon contains Citroen " Complex production helps to relax the blood vessels in the body, and thus helps the compound to promote sexual activity in men.

3-The hot chocolate drink

before bedtime, especially before intimate exercise, is one of the strongest alternative sex stimulants for Viagra,It also helps to stimulate and stimulate the sense of euphoria, and access to another phase of a sexual relationship, the peak or pleasure or sexual tremor. Chocolate also works to increase the secretion of the hormone happiness and feeling the better mood and psychological state.

Chocolate comes from cocoa beans, and the Aztecs have described cocoa as the food of the gods. Today's nutritionists know that cocoa is a powerful food. It also contains amphetamine, a stimulant that stimulates the senses of pleasure and happiness.

4- Figs and Bananas

Legends say figs were one of Cleopatra's favorites. According to Dr. Lignin Chilton Nonclinical, the fig of sensory foods. The ancient Greeks estimated figs and introduced them to gold, linking it to fertility.

Fruits play a very large role in stimulating desire, and sexual arousal effectively. The most important of these are bananas and figs, both of which contribute to the promotion of sexual health in men, and in turn, they deal with the elimination of the problem of impotence and sexual dysfunction.


contain a very high percentage of vitamins, especially vitamin B complex, which converts carbohydrates into energy units that produce the male and female hormone "Andre and S Tron." Bananas are an excellent source of most potassium and magnesium, and some enzymes such as bromine Give men sexual health and not the coolest. Figs are also wonderful fruits that strengthen erection and increase the sense of desire and sexual excitement because figs have a huge amount of vitamins and precious metals that promote the levels of energy in the body.

5- nuts

have a huge role in enhancing the sexual ability of men and in turn strengthen the erection of their penis because all kinds of nuts contain a high proportion of natural oils and fatty acids, which are used to stimulate and strengthen intimacy. But the most nutritious nuts in short time are cashews and pistachio nuts. Along with their delicious taste, they are also an alternative to Viagra. The pistachios contain a large amount of arginine, Circulation within the body, supplying blood to the genitals. While delicious cashews help increase sexual ability. Due to their high concentration of antioxidants.


Peanuts are a rich natural source of amino acids and l-arginine, which is necessary to increase sexual endurance in men. According to the Institute of Certified Dermatology, L-arginine restores blood vessels in the penis and causes more blood flow to the area and increased sexual endurance during Sex.

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common problems facing men's health, which men try to treat and overcome. Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common health problems in men, which explains men's fear, fear and resort to drugs and drugs to overcome the problem of erectile dysfunction.

However, the man overlooks the presence of many foods that help to overcome erectile dysfunction and promote sexual health and eliminate sexual impotence. These foods are also available to everyone and without any side effects on the health of men.

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