why america is the greatest country

America is the greatest country

 America is the greatest country

I am not an American, but I am proud of America
America is not a country that is in the world, but it is already very unpleasant. It may differ from the ideas that say America is absolutely broken and with those who say it is only a pleasant state.

I asked myself a lot of why I love America? I found many answers, the first of which is that it is simply "dream, hope, technology and the source of happiness always comes to me a feeling that if a man is born an American God gives him happiness and luck.

Yes, you may wonder how I love and proud of a country that is not my country and not a homeland and I have not visited it one day? In fact, there are many reasons for this love and it is enough now that these words arrive via the Internet provided by America to reach my words to you and pass through oceans and seas.

first country landing on the moon

America this first country landing on the moon After landing on the moon, we got kind of bored, so we decided to play sports on it! also America

Each and every state. Particularly yours! Keeping up with the possibility that administration is best when it's at the nearby vis-à-vis level, each state has its own particular cool story and each state has been an imperative commitment to our country! the United States of America is the best country on the planet since it is the most stable bound together countries on earth. There are 50 states united as the United States of America under one pennant which is amazing considering the straggling leftovers of the world like Europe which isn't. I think the USA is the principal superpower for a reason since the US are a mix of everyone from every nation. There is no obvious Americans since we all in all started from somewhere else, even locals. Generally, the US is the best nation since we are in charge of a considerable measure of things and have an OK constitution that isn't a fraud. We were the first to recognize various things like most of the open doors additionally and most countries attempt to copy the US.

that's enough that America gave the world:-the air conditioner

The air conditioner was invented by a North Carolinian in the early 1900s… Think about how much this invention changed the world.
the big innovation in the world the internet
From its humble beginnings as a “series of tubes,” the internet has completely changed how everyone in the world functions as a human being. From assisting in the overthrow of tyrannical governments to sharing cute puppy videos (it’s the little things!).

America Is The Best Country

It's no big surprise that YouTube alone has produced a million perspectives. The talk is bipartisan and inspires an emotional response with numerous Americans worried about the difference between their young vision of America's significance and its present-day financial discomfort. Numerous Americans may concur with President Obama's announcement, "I have faith in American exceptionalism, similarly as I speculate that the Brits trust in British exceptionalism and the Greeks have confidence in Greek exceptionalism."

Pundits of American exceptionalism next assault our instruction framework, calling it an entire disappointment. Indeed, the numbers are alarming on the off chance that you take a gander at general math and science scores contrasted with numerous different nations. Be that as it may, think about two certainties.

In the first place, we have a different and to a great degree expansive populace, and the featured insights are frequently normal scores that veil the gigantic number of high achievers. Our pre-school training framework has challenges, yet nationals of different countries progressively need their youngsters instructed in the United States. More, we have a portion of the world's best colleges, and we see Chinese government authorities endeavor to send their youngsters to U.S. schools at progressively more youthful ages. Without a doubt, China sends 160,000 of their children to American schools. Second, it's not the fundamentals or repetition discovering that makes an American instruction important: it's the way of life of development that we instill. We may not be the best at rudiments, but rather we are marvelous at instructing understudies to challenge existing conditions. Our First Amendment, our outsider, and assorted culture, our "can-do" state of mind and our entrepreneurial soul meet up to create a country of trend-setters.

I think we are an exceptional country and I am eternally thankful that I was lucky enough to be born here and express my passion for the greatness of this nation.

is America still great?


America has the world's most viewed and popular movies in the world

Popular states
California, New York, Texas, Nevada, and Florida: all these states are the cream of the United States and are the most visited states by each year.


it is as yet one of the wealthiest countries on the planet. Its GDP remains at $18 trillion. While its national obligation has surpassed $20 trillion, it is as yet the greatest economy on the planet. America has the greatest FDI at $180 billion. No one is even near this figure.

the Military power
America is The most powerful military in the world.

america means Google, Facebook, and YouTube

Land size

America has the world's third-biggest land territory (9,826,630 sq km), and still a not too bad populace (320 million) to give the essential assets.


America has the best educational standards.

America possessed the greatest world leaders like Abraham Lincoln, and Roosevelt, Kennedy, also Reagan, Obama and at the same time the least popular, the latest president Trump.

America has a famous leader like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and many legendary entrepreneurs.

the Natural resources

America comes in at the 2nd spot for having the world's most treasured it is a natural resource, such as natural gas, and gold, copper, and oil.

If the “greatest” country in the world is the best, then the question is subjective and impossible to answer.

We lead the world in Web advancement, music, films, biotech and numerous other innovative fields that require out-of-the-case considering. From Apple to DreamWorks Studios, from Amazon to Zynga, we are the world's trailblazers. As I venture to the far corners of the planet and talk about these issues I am progressively mindful that the administration of essentially every other nation on the planet needs their nationals to be as creative as Americans.

We surely have issues, and we should address them. Our legislators and even our voters are neglecting to manage the huge issues. We concentrate on insignificant political quarrels as the cost and reality of quickly developing privileges undermine to send us into a monetary spiral. We are living today as opposed to contributing for tomorrow. What's more, we are raising youth who may not comprehend the qualities that we once shared as a country.

simply enough America's impact stretches out to the most distant ranges of the globe. The main individuals who mind what's going on in Switzerland tomorrow are the Swiss, yet when America sniffles, the entire world comes down with a bug.

However, I am passionate that our nation was, still is and can remain the best in the world.

you may don't agree with my opinion about America is the best country, there are many people not agree with my words

about me because I love America so I see all the advantages in America but if you feeling hates you will see the dark side because all we see come from our inner if we love or hate.