top 10 strangest marriages From Around the World

10 Strange Wedding in the world

10 Strange And Craziest Wedding in the world

Friends, family and loved ones gather at these parties to show joy and to offer their loved ones, but there are those who decided that these concerts would be a surprise, a departure from the traditional framework of marriage to be the strongest party ever.
There are many civilizations and cultures in different countries of the world. Each culture has its own unique customs, including different marriages in different countries of the world, but it is not different than the wedding night is one of the most important nights of life. Distinguished and bear an unforgettable memory.
There is nothing wrong with this world of jokes, especially wedding situations that sometimes ended with the wedding of a man from a dog and another from an animal. This sacred weather was subject to funny conditions and events at the same time.
After most peoples and cultures believed that the wedding was a day of happy remembrance, some turned it into a very unique day of memory in terms of choosing a life partner. Here we present the 10 most exotic marriages in the world, as reported in the Daily Mirror.

10 Unusual Wedding Traditions Around the World

1-Wedding (Shrek)

Amanda and Kyiv decided to hold their wedding in the animation style (Shrek), and Varda (Kiev) dressed as a monster, while Amanda dressed as Princess Fluna.

2-Wedding Underwater

Is the largest underwater wedding in history, with all the wedding ceremonies including the pastor being held under the waters of the ocean.

3-Marriage within the basin of the sharks

The couple decided to complete their marriage ceremony in a basin filled with predatory sharks, taking safety precautions to secure the two brides.

4-Wedding jumping platform

The wedding took place on a 162-foot jump platform. When the bride said "OK" to marry, the couple jumped off the podium!

5- A man marries the body of his bride

When she killed his girlfriend, who had been in a relationship with her for about 10 years, Shakil Devi from Thailand was deeply shocked and guilt-stricken after refusing to marry her in order to concentrate on his work, to a wedding in January 2012 for the body of his late girlfriend.

6- A woman marries a dog

The British woman's love for her dog reached the point where she decided to marry him. Amanda Rodgers held her marriage to her dog Chiba in August 2012.

Amanda had married a man 20 years ago and her marriage lasted only a short time, so she decided to try animals with happiness she could not find with humans.

7- the couple drinks the blood of each other

Aru Driven and Lia Peningov share more than any couple in the world share each other's blood each week. The couple met on an online dating site in February last year, and since then they have been practicing these strange rituals of expressing love.

8-The strangest African marriage

The strangest marriage takes place in the African tribe of Gobies

The bride in the African tribe of Gobies is forced to pierce her tongue on the night of the wedding so as not to be talkative and tired of her husband. After the piercing of the tongue is placed engagement ring in which hangs a long line holding the husband by his side If the wife and his wife was disturbed by his hard enough one of this thread to put an end For their abundance and the multitude of their words

9- The strangest marriage in Java in (Indonesia)

Indonesian strange marriage

The strangest and most fascinating dowry in the world is that people who want to get married on West Java Island are required to give each couple 25 rat guilt to issue a marriage license and to ask people seeking personal identification to submit 5 tails.

The governor of Java imposed these exotic drawings in order to eliminate rats, which became a threat to the rice crop.

In the Indonesian island of Java, as is customary in most countries, government fees are paid for marriage, but not money, but rat tails, and 25 local administration tents are delivered as wedding fees.

10- Marriage Traditions in Scotland

Out of the ordinary, surprising and strange is what is common in the traditions of marriage in Scotland.
Where parents and friends in Scotland threw milk, rotten eggs, mud, sausages, and other corrupt foods and waste on the bride to look in the worst appearance and then linked to the tree, and this is attributed to the belief that the woman that can bear all this filth You will be able to take on the responsibilities of marriage, dealing with the bad things and psychological stress that may be experienced in the future by the groom's or groom's own husband, so the seduction of the night of the bride is only preparing to endure marital difficulties and insults in the future.
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