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Island of dolls

 Island of dolls

When you read the name of the Island of Dolls certainly the first picture that will be thought of the place as a playground for children or similar, but the real that the place that collects the largest number of children's dolls prevents children from visiting him, because this island is one of the most frightening places In the world .

The island of puppets inhabited by lovers of horror and mystery you will find hanging everywhere on this strange island !! And will raise your fears inevitably, although it is dolls like the children play! But what's secret ??

It is one of the strange st and most frightening areas in the world, located in Mexico and south of Mexico City.

Contains thousands of tedious and deformed toys and toys hanging on its abandoned trees and branches.

Is a tourist area attracts tourists from everywhere, and its visitors believe that these dolls staring at them strangely while passing by the boats along the island, as others claim or fancy that these dolls whispering among themselves and bow to them head to the island?
May you wonder in yourself?
What is the story of these dolls and what is the secret behind their existence in this remote place?

The world's scariest places The island of the Dolls

This island is known as the Mexican Puppet Island, and the Spanish La Isla de la Munecas, located south of the Mexican capital Mexico City, was the cause of the greatest civilization on the land of the Mexican Valley; for the spread of a group of lakes it has played a vital role in the emergence Such civilizations as the Toltec and Aztec civilization.
a story dating back half a century, where it is mentioned that the monk Santana is the maker of this terrifying island was dedicated to him from the age of fifty years, as a gift sent to the spirit of a girl died drowned in a lake on the island itself, decided from that time to convert this place to more A terrifying place on earth, where this monk was an isolated and unselfish person and no one loved to visit him

He began to collect the dolls from the litter boxes or replace the old dolls with the vegetables and fruit he sowed and sold. Sometimes he spent all he had to buy the dolls only and did not care much about the situation he would have taken, even if it was distorted or truncated.
The monk died in 2001 and the strange thing is that his body was found soaked in the same lake where the girl died and no one knew why he died. The island then turned into a tourist destination for tourists, explorers and those interested in exotic phenomena and from around the world.

In each and every tree, there were dolls and brides staring at the fishermen and the ghosts of the passengers of the boats passing by the canals and the rivers surrounding the island, she was staring as if searching and searching in the faces, On those little children, they once had. In 2001, the body of Don Julian was found floating on the surface of the water in the same spot where he saw the sunken girl half a century ago. No one knows exactly how and why he died without Julian, but he left behind one of the strangest islands in the world and the most gloomy. Some farmers and people near the island of Don Julian began to publish strange stories about the island's dolls. They said they were strangely staring at them as they passed the boats along the island, and some swore that the dolls were whispering to each other and that some of them were shouting at them and inviting them to come to the island.

The only inhabitant of the island of dolls "terrifying!

The only inhabitant of the island had only been one man, Julian Santana Parreira, who had long since been abandoned by Julian and his children. He went to live on that isolated island in his hut, It is said that the story began in 1950, more than half a century ago.
Don Julian is an elegant young man who has a respectable job in the city. He had relatives on the island from time to time to visit them, but his last visit turned his life upside down. He stood meditating on the banks of the island. With a white dress that looked like he was stuck and could not float on the surface of the water. The spot was the spot where a girl had sunk many years ago.
He thought the girl was dead, but when the girl's face approached the surface and her features seemed alive she had her eyes open She looked at him strangely, thinking that she was alive and jumped up into the water to save her, and after an effort to pull it from under the water was only a beautiful rubber doll with blue eyes and blond hair, almost without Julian to lose his mind, because he sure that what he saw was a real girl with blood and flesh, increased puzzlement and fear when he learned the story of the girl Who sank in the same spot and no one found any trace of her and did not find her body, make sure that what he saw the ghost of that girl and the doll is a sign of sincerity.
In the evening Julian returned home but could not laugh and play with his children as before, I took the picture of the girl all his thinking did not close his eyelids as if begging him and talking to return to it, the next day Julian left the house and left his family and his job and went to the island to live alone He takes a doll from the same place where he saw the body of the girl. He takes these dolls and hangs them on the tree branches. He goes to the city to look for dolls inside the garbage. He does not care about the puppets he gets, and he takes them even if the rest is ahead. Or a man, or just a belly, and hangs it on the island, until the j There is a large puppet show on each tree and every corner where a group of dolls stares as if looking for one. Some farmers and people close to the island said that the dolls are whispering among themselves and staring strangely at them and spreading strange stories about the dolls and this frightening island.

The death of Don Julian

The death of Don Julian in the same spot where the girl sank half a century ago found the body of the old man without Julian floating on the surface in 2001, no one knew how he drowned and died, but left and left the island the most strange and terrifying and gloomy in the world.

Puppet Island

is one of the most famous tourist spots in Mexico

Puppet Island is one of the most famous tourist spots in the south of the Mexican capital, Mexico City. It is also located among a group of lakes, most notably Lake Sutimilco, where most of Mexico's civilizations, such as the Toltec civilization and the Aztec civilization, were formed.

Visitors who have the courage to pass waterways by candlelight say that a woman can be heard calling for her children at night, as well as other stories and strange scenes with no clear explanation.
There are hundreds of distorted plastic dolls hanging on the branches of the trees, hanged from their necks, solid and hanging upside down, many of which have cut off their limbs or amputated their heads, but no one knows the whole truth about that island.
Since that day the island has been discovered by the people of the city they were never going to, and with time the Island of Dolls became one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico. Who goes to her on a daily basis but it is a place very hated for children and placed a panel of instructions to prevent the entry of children.
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