The 10 Best Dog Breeds for all family|

The Top 10 Dog Breeds In The World

The Top 10 Dog Breeds In The World

Are You A Dog Lover, Do you want to own a dog for your home? Do not know what kind of dogs fit your lifestyle.!

Do You Have Children?

Do you live in a small apartment or a large house

And you are confused to choose from the dogs who is the least of the movement and wings .., especially since each breed has unique biological and behavioral characteristics that distinguish each other.Dogs and pets that many people like to breed and find great happy and fun in caring for them.

so the dogs are characterized by fulfilling the charity and to deal with them by lovely way and gently and be a loyal friend who cares about them, and about your dogs has long lived with the human and is the best friend has known since history and used in the custody and care of livestock and sheep many benefits and is known for its intelligence and loyalty to its breeders

when you start to bring breeding dogs at your home, there are many kinds of domestic dogs that can be raised at home.

There is also a lot of breeds that are not suitable for your home education and other things depend on a range of a lot of them
This depends on the types of dogs you want to breed and the method used in the process of education and training to obey easily

when you decide that you will choose suitable breeding dogs, we must consider the type of dog and its extent and disadvantages and characteristics also everything about him.

Best  10 Dog Breeds for kids and your family

No more research now, and enough questions; we have chosen for you in this post specific types of dogs that suit you and suit your families better than others, and below lists the list of the top 10 dog breeds of homes of all kinds:

First: Golden Retriever
This is a classic American family dog, a loyal dog who is keen to learn has amazing interactions with children and is not afraid to leave it with them. This type of dog is often used as a therapist or service provider; it is used as an explorer of disabled people around the world, especially the blind ones, and this is called the Golden Retriever.
second: The Retriever Retrieval (Labrador Retriever)

This breed is the most popular in all parts of the world, and this may be due to the fact that it is a dynamic and active dog, does what it can to satisfy its owner
and in any case, no matter how bad temperament can harm or harm the owner even if he met with abuse, Ideal for the family, it is also easy to learn so it can be trained to become a dog handler or explorer for the blind or train him to become a polydipsia dog.
Third: Shin Thu

This breed dates back to the Chinese Empire, a pampered, small, good and friendly dog that prefers to stay with its owners without leaving them as far as possible.
Their energy levels are low to moderate; therefore, they need a little walk daily to stay healthy. You need some socialization and training to avoid what is known as "little dog syndrome".
Fourth: The Poodle
Poodle dogs are often classified as the smartest dogs in the world. This makes them important for anyone who has the talent to train dogs for obedience or trickery.
There are two kinds: regular and small; the first is the largest; the dog is the dog; Small, "especially if you are not properly trained socially. Generally, both types are loving and thin dogs. More importantly, if you want to keep your house clean, this is the breed that works for you.
Fifth: Irish Setter

A dog with a thick red coat requires a great deal of respect and attention. He is also a high-energy dog. He needs a lot of exercises every day, fearing that he will get bored and start to show his unwanted destructive and destructive power at home. In general, this breed shows its beauty in playing with children and is doing well in training.
Sixth: Pugs
Unlike the other breeds, the dog does not score large points in training or intelligence and is often used for appearance and adornment.
Its low mobility and low energy consumption make it more suitable for small apartment owners, perhaps because its respiratory system is complex, And therefore see him do his best with a small amount of exercise, and at low temperatures, the useful shortcut.
He is the happiest dog is lying on the couch with his owner.

Seventh: Working Dog Newfoundland

Known as the best breed of children, charlatans, and breeders .., his character is beautiful and loving, is originally raised to be a hunting and rescue dog, because of its large size apartment may not be a suitable place to raise him.
Eighth: Collie
Because of the lightness of his movement and his tremendous ability to perform various activities and exercises, because of this innate inherent energy, it may do better if An Arab in a house with a courtyard.
Ninth: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This type of small dog family, they are very loyal and loving, moderate intercourse, and more ideal for the first owner, so it is easy to train them, it must be borne in mind that this species love interest and companionship, and have a lot of energy as well, so if you plan to leave Your dog is at home alone for long periods of time, this type will not be the best choice for you.
tenth: Bulldog
Bulldog is a powerful breed of dogs, with a huge head, and despite its sternness, it has golden actions, which makes it perfect for homes full of fun, and children are abused, requires only minimal hygiene and exercise, it is one of the most breeds lower costs, All this is due to being a lazy dog
You can easily live in a small apartment and you can live in a big house. Be careful only about exposure to the sun or heat, especially if you live in a warm climate.

These were, in brief, the most important breeds of dogs,
which adapt quickly to the atmosphere of the family and family,
you just have to choose what suits your social and physical status.

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