5 foods that increase intelligence for your child

5 foods that increase your child's intelligence

5 foods that increase your child's intelligence

Foods that increase intelligence - useful and effective foods to increase your intelligence

Our children sometimes have problems understanding and understanding or perhaps the ability to save and save, so mothers wonder whether it is possible to provide some foods that help the child to gain more intelligence and the ability to memorize, understand, understand and help the mother to develop her child mental.

Here are the most important foods that help your child gain more cognitive and mental growth
1 - peanut butter and peanut
butter to contain unsaturated fats that contain increased mental growth and cognitive skills.
2 - Full fat milk
because it contains important fatty acids for children in the building of neurons and brain.
3 -Eggs
enriched with cholesterol, proteins, and nutrients necessary for growth and improve learning and memory.
4 -fish
especially fatty fish such as sardines, tuna, and salmon for the safety of mind and body
5 -Red meat and poultry meat
including iron, protein, fiber, vitamins and vitamin B 12.

Foods for your child's mental development

pt> Studies have shown that there are five types of foods that can be added to a children's diet to increase their intelligence and vitality, peanut butter that contains fat responsible for increasing mental growth and cognitive skills, and whole fat milk rich in fatty acids and cholesterol. Children need it, especially more than two years.

Experts believe that cholesterol is essential for children at this stage for its role in building and activating nerve cells and brain, and also helps to isolate brain cells and thus shorten circuitry in communication functions.

Dr. Elizabeth Ward, the author of the Children's Nutrition Specialists, stressed the importance of eggs in feeding children with cholesterol, proteins, and nutrients essential for growth such as vitamin B-Cullen, which has shown in animal studies its ability to improve learning. And memory. Especially tuna fish rich in polyunsaturated omega fatty acids 3, found in the brain cells naturally and are essential to the integrity of mind and body Finally, recommends the researcher to add red meat to baby food because of the amount of large amounts of iron, protein, fiber, vitamins , and vitamin B 12 km.

The food is brain-friendly

You hear a lot about foods related to the brain and are said to be very useful and called friendly foods, and they help in the prevention of many diseases

Here you can prepare this food because it is very important for your mind
1 - Grapes of all kinds
improves the mind to work with the same efficiency of young people and supports memory.

2 - Strawberry
activates antioxidants and prevents mental retardation associated with aging.

3- spinach
increases the level of antioxidants in the body and increases the absorptive capacity and strengthens the memory. Spinach is the uniqueness of all leafy vegetables and is rich in vitamin B-9 (folic acid), which contributes to the growth of embryonic nerve tissue and regeneration of blood cells.

4 - Tomato

its benefits are great for memory in the advanced stages of age.
5 - Fruits and vegetables
Contains a strong army of strong antioxidants - more than 4000 antigens, which are protected against cancer, heart, blood pressure and diabetes.
6 - fatty fish
stimulate the mind, give intelligence, cheerful feelings, prevent depression. Fatty fish (mackerel, sardine, salmon ...)

More than 50% of the weight of the brain is made up of fat, and more than 70% of it is fatty acids from the famous Omega-3 group. These fats are essential for building and protecting brain cells while maintaining fluid membranes.
7. Olive oil
resists aging, poor memory and the deterioration of brain cells.
8 - Vinegar
Protects the brain from damage caused by sharp mutations of sugar, for example, reduce one tablespoon of energy, for example, sugar by 30%, because it slows digestion and the speed of absorption of sugar in the blood.

Finally, if you want to increase foods and strengthen children's intelligence to enhance the child's intelligence,

Peanut butter, whole fat milk, eggs, proteins, and fish are the five magical foods, for those who want children with supernatural intelligence.

Take care of pasta that is not on the menu and you should know that peaceful nutrition starts from home through healthy food and healthy eating habits. Remember that young people emulate adults in many of their actions whether they like it or not. So we need to be role models for them by following healthy eating habits. Supplier

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