10 Strange Beauty Standards From Around The World

The strangest of beauty in women around the world

The strangest of beauty in women around the world

Beauty is necessary for women in most of the applicants for married men, and the standards of beauty in women from one people to another, some prefer whiteness and fullness and others prefer blackness of the skin.

Beauty standards have not been unified in the world until today, and the rule of women's beauty is subject to culture. What one finds is beautiful in a culture that another culture finds ugly.

Here are some measures of beauty that sometimes seem strange and unfamiliar.

The beauty measures of women vary from one people to another, based on the culture of different peoples. What one finds is beautiful in a culture that another finds from another culture is ugly, and if some standards of beauty seem ordinary, not surprising, others seem strange and unfamiliar and Novelty.

It is the strongest standards of beauty in the world for example long neck, nose bandage, tattoos and many other strange and funny standards at the same time.

Between the wide eyes, the full lips, the lustrous body, and the pure skin, the aesthetic standards vary from taste to taste, and from one area to another, but what has really stopped us is some exotic measurements from around the world, which are exclusively beautiful and attractive in certain areas!

10 Unusual Women Beauty Standards Around The World

1. In Iran

the standard of beauty is measured by rhinoplasty, where Iran is one of the countries where women undergo rhinoplasty. This is a sign of beauty and boasting among women, and some Iranian women falsely bleed without surgery.

Iran has become the capital of beauty in the world. All the men and women there has a manic nose for cosmetic surgery. Everyone is walking and wearing surgical dressings, even boastful and proud to show this, to the extent that some women put bandages on their noses without cosmetic procedures.

2. In Thailand

the long neck is a beauty of the Thai Kayan tribe, where five-year-old girls wear metal rings around their necks and gradually increase their number over the years to reach the long neck, which is also a standard of elegance. also, In the Kayan tribe in Thailand and Burma, the female is beautiful when she has a long neck like a giraffe. Surprisingly, women are already interested in the subject. Since the five-year-old girl wears heavy copper rings weighing up to 22 pounds, The neck rises significantly then the women is classified as a beautiful tribe.

3. In Japan

black tooth paint was popular among married women until the early 20th century and still exists in some villages. Married women paint their teeth to distinguish themselves from single girls.

In Japan, too, the standards of beauty are strange. Twisted and twisted teeth are a measure of gravity called "yerba." Dentists are increasingly demanding this modification in both men and women to get an irresistible and attractive look.

4 - In Ethiopia

the lips are enlarged by placing a pot of pottery inside the mouth of women in some areas of Ethiopia to extend the lips in a single, which is a sign of gravity in the group Marsa in southern Ethiopia.

5. In Mauritania

obesity is considered a measure of girl marriage, which is a measure of beauty for women in Mauritania. The man loves the fattest women., At the same time that everyone is seeking an ideal body, the Mauritanian people see that fat woman are the best and the most beautiful; young girls who are five years of age and up to adolescence are subject to a habit known as "blog", which is the forced feeding of the girl to increase her weight, In addition, the Mauritanian people see that obesity means wealth and wealth, and having a fat wife means that the husband has been able to successfully support his family.

6- In New Zealand

Tattooing is one of the sacred rituals of the Maori people in New Zealand, where the chisel is used to carve the drawings in the skin. One of the most famous tattoo paintings is Tamako. Men and women alike are tattooed, but for women, they tattoo their lips with their chin. Is preferred for women. Big face tattoos in New Zealand: Big tattoos, especially in the lips and chin, are signs of beauty for some groups in New Zealand.

7- In China and Japan

In more than one part of Asia, one of the signs of beauty is that women put white powders to the point where their skin looks like snow. The more whiteness, the more rich and attractive it is, is a basic cosmetic base in China, Japan, and Thailand.

8- In Kenya

In the Kenyan Masai tribe, long earlobes and shaved hair are a sign of extreme beauty there, and girls flock to shave their heads, stretch their earlobes using elephant tails and wear heavy earrings to get the longest earlobe and draw men's eyes.

9- in Vietnam

Black teeth are a sign of beauty in some Vietnamese tribes, It is a sign that the girl is ready for marriage too!

10- In Brazil

In the forests of Brazil, tree trunks grow in faces, Because of Brazil's rainforest population, trees are planted in their faces!

finally, Beauty standards vary from country to country and from women to women. In Africa, for example, the darker the skin, the better the women.

In Guinea, the women with the most scars are the most beautiful, while the Tibetan and Mongolian tribes prefer the long neck, so their women deliberately put metal rings around the necks.

The people of the Eskimo are interested in the smell of the mouth and the hair of the women to determine whether she is beautiful. There are beauty standards in the whole world, such as soft hair, fresh skin, musk, and textured textures.

The standards of beauty vary among women from one people to another and may differ from the same people. If people prefer whiteness and fullness and others prefer blackness, some require the height and short feet. Although the world is transformed into a small village by globalization, the specifications of beauty have not been unified. The beauty of women is subject to culture. What one finds is beautiful in a culture that another culture finds ugly, and if some standards of beauty seem ordinary, not surprising, others seem strange, unfamiliar and inspired by it.