The strangest restaurants in the world

The strangest restaurants in the world will not believe

The strangest restaurants in the world will not believe

Food is a real pleasure, but it gets more and more adventurous if you decide to choose a special place, a new experience of exotic food and ideas. Have you ever thought of going out of the habit of choosing restaurants and trying out other unfamiliar places that make your meal a way to break the routine? , These are some suggestions.

The strangest restaurants in the world Someone in prison

Restaurant Ninja Japan

If you are a ninja lover, it is sure that the experience of dining in this restaurant is an interesting experience. The Japanese ninja restaurant in New York is decorated with exotic decoration, making you live in the atmosphere of ninja since you entered the restaurant and was greeted by two ninja warriors who make traditional ninja screams. Working clothes that are dressed in black and carry swords, down to dishes such as sea oysters with butter, grilled garlic, and many other dishes but be careful and you eat food from any moment attack of the ninja swords.

Restaurant Ithaca Maldives

In the past, diving was your only way to enjoy marine life, coral reefs in the heart of the sea, but now Itha Maldives Restaurant offers you the opportunity to enjoy these stunning views with delicious underwater dishes.

At a depth of 16 feet underwater, Ithaa Restaurant
opened in 2005, offering you unforgettable underwater views amidst the splendor of nature and many kinds of brightly colored fish.

Dinner between the clouds Belgium

Dining in the sky in the middle of the cloud and open-air is possible in the Belgian capital of Brussels. There is a restaurant that serves meals to customers suspended between the sky and the earth. The restaurant is suspended in the air at a height of 50 meters by a crane. It serves three chefs who serve a variety of meals ranging from sushi to meat, which can accommodate up to 20 people, be sure to have fun and safety in the atmosphere.

Restaurant Devil Island Prison China

Fans of horror and action will find their way in China, where Sinha's restaurant has an atmosphere of fear, terror, and prisons, with the liquid blood decor of corpses and cells.
Before you choose your meal from the menu, the restrictions are placed in your hands, while the staff in the restaurant are dressed as prison guards and give you a toast and cut in the shape of an ark.

Restaurant toilet Taiwan

This is the name of the place bathroom. The idea seems disgusting, but the success of the restaurant in Taiwan proves that the man seeks only to the strangeness regardless of anything else, the goal of the owner of the restaurant is to entertain the customer and make something funny
The seats in thisrestaurant are designed in the form of a bathroom chair, and large dining dishes are also designed in the shape of a bath chair!
There are also many exotic restaurants around the world including:

A restaurant suspended by a crane 50 meters above a busy street in Brussels.

The first restaurant for cats in Vienna
When most restaurants try to hide toilets, the restaurant serves meals on the toilet bowls

A caged-shaped restaurant that simulates the shape of the prison in the Chinese city of Tien
The first ice restaurant in the Middle East at minus 6 ° C

Restaurant Riga Hospital

A restaurant inspired by the hospital, where customers take their meals with surgical instruments. Customers can request that they are restricted for nurses to feed

Al-Zeraf Palace Restaurant

Nairobi, Kenya( Known for the presence of a rare and endangered herd of giraffes living in the gardens of the restaurant and enter the heads of windows, guests will feed them from their meals)
so there is a lot of Restaurants are racing to create ways to attract as many customers as possible.

French restaurant

The restaurant "Logros" in the capital of the light of Paris, sparked controversy, charging that it provides services to customers depending on the degree and their mark. According to the newspaper "Daily Mail", this restaurant is an external appearance is the basic criterion by which the allocation of the seat of the customer.

The places with a stunning view are enjoyed by the handsome and well-dressed men and women, while the less pleasant and attractive people have to sit in the dark corners and places.

Some customers try to circumvent the restaurant rules by booking by phone, but that does not work, as staff will not be able to locate the table until the customer who made the booking arrives. The Lou Georgia restaurant in the French capital of Paris has sparked controversy because of the treatment it offers to its customers, where the exterior is the basic criterion by which the seating of the customer is allocated.

While the most beautiful and well-dressed men and women enjoy the best view of the restaurant
in the city's picturesque scenery, the less pleasant and attractive people have to sit in the dark corners and places.
But with a lot of exotic restaurants, the strangest thing is the new French restaurant
and its quaintness. It's the first weird idea to embrace freedom - the "nudist restaurant

Paris opens first nude restaurant in France

After the success of the Posada restaurant, which serves meals for customers who prefer to eat naked meals in London, Paris opened the restaurant "Internet" to provide meals to customers.

It does not bother the neighbors, the British Independent newspaper reported in a report today, citing a resident of the area where the restaurant was opened, We do not see anything on the street.

The first nude restaurant in Europe carries the name Posada, meaning "natural" in Hindi. The restaurant
in south London serves raw fish or animal meats that graze in natural pastures, as well as fresh food. Candlelit dishes are served on wooden bamboo tables. In an effort to provide customers with a comfortable mawlid, France has opened its first nude restaurant
where customers are asked to leave their clothes on the door before entering.
Although the natural restaurant welcomes nudity customers only, it is so private that street passers-by cannot see the restaurant's customers inside, which seems comfortable to the locals. "I do not mind the restaurant at all, we do not see anything on the street.

While natural is the first restaurant in France of this type, the world's first nude restaurant opened in London earlier this year.

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