how to Make Pomegranate and Avocado Salad Recipe

healthy and easy pomegranate and avocado salad - recipe 

healthy and easy

Pomegranate and avocado salad is a new and innovative side dish. A delicious and colorful salad, specially prepared for your kitchen, my lady, for a variety of dishes of your trip with all that is delicious and good

- Mustard: a large spoon

- Honey: a tablespoon

- Lemon juice: a large spoon

- Salt: Brush

- Pepper: Brush

- For decoration:

- Pistachio: 2 tablespoons (minced)

- Avocado: 1 tablet (large size)

- Lemon juice: a large spoon

- Orange: 1 bead (large size)

- Onion: 1 grain (small size)

- Watercress: Cupan (fresh)

- Mint: large spoon (fresh, chopped)

- Pomegranate: two tablespoons (grains)

How to prepare- easy salad

1. Cut the fruit of the avocado into slices, and add lemon juice.

2. Peel the orange fruit, and cut into loops.

3. Cut the onions into thin slices.

4. To prepare the mixture: mix the ingredients in a good bowl.

5. Method of presentation: In the serving dish, distribute the leaves of watercress, avocado slices, orange rings, onion curds, pomegranate seeds, and peppermint mint. Add the dressing to the salad, with the pistachio decor.

You can place any kind of cheese, such as Bulgarian cheese, in any kind of cheese as desired.

Serve this salad with Graatan Potatoes with fresh mushrooms or lasagna with meat sauce and bechamel.

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15 Unusual Signs Of Intelligence That Show You Might Be Smarter

15 unexpected signs you're smarter than you think you are

15 unexpected signs you're smarter than you think you are

Have you ever thought if you are a high IQ?

I will offer you 15 qualities for those with high intelligence. If you own it, you are one of those who has high intelligence

We all are intelligent, so scientific research says, but each of us expresses his intelligence in a different way, but there are those who have high IQs, which may be shown by a set of features reached after more than 100 people are asked about the most common traits that combine Among the high IQs, the answers in their entirety were in accordance with several scientific researches:

A person with high intelligence is effectively compatible with any environment in which he or she is highly resilient and resilient to success no matter how circumstances change, he is able to make more changes than to be under his control. Modern psychological research says that one's intelligence is largely determined by its ability to adapt to the environment in which it is located.

Intelligence is defined as a term that includes mental abilities related to analysis, planning, problem-solving, building conclusions and the speed of mental trials, as well as the capacity to extract considering, assembling and planning thoughts, dialect picking, and learning speed.  

It likewise incorporates, as indicated by a few researchers, the capacity to detect and express emotions and comprehend the sentiments of others.
There are numerous characteristics that keen individuals have, however it must be noticed that owning one of these characteristics does not imply that he is fundamentally a shrewd individual, and now what are these characteristics?

15 Surprising Signs of High Intelligence that cannot Be Faked

Experts have shown that high intelligence is often associated with strange and unpredictable habits by many people

1- Breeding cats 
Some studies have shown that cat breeders are calmer, more sensitive, and have higher IQs.

2- Messy


Research at the University of Minnesota suggests that the chaotic environment encourages people to think creatively. Chaos and disorganization may be a sign of a person's intelligence, where intelligence is free and open in their thoughts and willing to experience new things without fear.

3- Biting nails and anxiety

Biting nails and anxiety

According to experts, nail biting is often a concern. People who worry a lot are very intelligent because the brain movement created by stress-induced thoughts produces a remarkable mental activity.

4- They admit they do not know
Smart people are able to admit that they are not familiar with a subject. They are not afraid to say, "I do not know, but I can read more about it."

In this regard, a psychological study indicates that the less you think, the more you are tempted to over-estimate your mental perceptions.

5- They have a lot of curiosity

They have a lot of curiosity

As Albert Einstein once said: "I do not have distinctive talents, I am just very curious."
This year's publication suggests that there is a link between childhood intelligence and the openness to new experiences, which encourages cognitive curiosity at the age of majority. Scientists have tracked thousands of people (in the UK) for 50 years and found that those with higher IQ scores at the age of 11 were more receptive to experimentation at the age of 50.

6- They like isolation and introversion
A person of high intelligence is often a lover of individualism and isolationism. Interestingly, a recent study suggests that smart people get less satisfaction than others when mixing with friends and society.

7- They have a sense of humor

They have a sense of humor

One study found comedians, as well as those who wrote funny comments, had high scores on verbal intelligence tests.

8- Preference for quiet places
Smart people appreciate the times when they are alone, and prefer quiet places away from the hustle or bustle of the city, events, and events where there is a lot of noise, and they prefer to spend less time with friends than those with less intelligence.

9- Watch out for late times 

Watch out for late times

Staying late is a sign of intelligence. Those who prefer to stay up late and do their work more efficiently than the day are more intelligent than those who prefer to work in the morning. Smarter people have more work to do, while everyone is asleep; Such as reading, learning a new command, or completing preparation for different projects

10- Slim body
Scientific studies have shown that people with a lower waistline are characterized by greater cognitive strength and sharper intelligence than others so that there is a clear correlation between body mass and IQ.

His right, if you are fat, do not be troubled by my words, it is only the words of the scholars

11- Understand the feelings and experiences of others
Scientists say the smart ones "can feel what others think and feel about."
Some psychologists believe that empathy, that is, understanding the needs and feelings of others and behaving in a caring way, is an essential component of emotional intelligence; emotionally intelligent people are often very interested in chatting with new people to learn more about them.

12- Laziness
Experiments have shown that people with higher IQs are less active and more active.

13- Do not eat red meat:
Recent polls have suggested that smart people prefer poultry meat, fish and vegetables to red meat.

14- Many questions

There is a misconception that smart people always have the answers, but the truth is that smart people always look for answers, and always have a lot of questions.

15- Smart people have a high adaptability
They are adaptable and can prevail in various circumstances. A few later mental research bolsters that a man's insight relies upon his capacity to change his conduct with the end goal to be viably perfect with his condition or to roll out improvements in this condition

Be sure to be intelligent when you are always a fearful fear of losing what you love or fear to those around you or fear to lose the best of your ability. This constant fear is the most important thing to distinguish smart people.

- You know that you are intelligent when you can criticize the things around you effectively and correctly and when this criticism is not based on personal or unwise influence or that this criticism is to reach the highest levels of the right thing.

- Make sure you are smart when you know that your first enemy is the routine. The routine is the enemy of the smart ones because it often makes them feel suffocated and tortured that the intelligent person cannot tolerate and can not feel himself in the routine.

finally, Scientists point out that intelligence is not only about the mind, it is also reflected in the features. Some people have features that indicate their acute intelligence, such as forehead width, nose length, visible forehead, Of things. Studies show that acute intelligence begins to appear in childhood and develops greatly in adolescence. In most cases, vital and psychological conditions play an important role in accentuating intelligence; the eldest son is usually characterized as smarter than his younger siblings, Open, comfortable economic conditions, and stable families, their intelligence is even more evident.

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oatmeal soup chicken recipe - good and easy

easy way to make oatmeal soup chicken recipe

easy way to make oatmeal soup chicken recipe

Oats are a full grain nutritious, useful and rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals that enhance the work of the body's immune system, and protect against diseases such as cancer, high cholesterol, and poor digestion, and helps oats to lose weight and reach the ideal weight. It also provides protection for the heart, arteries, and brain, relieves tension and improves the psychological state, treats depression as well as its benefits to the skin enriched with antioxidants, and it gives a distinctive flavor to some dishes that fall within the components, and we chose for you today according to the delicious oatmeal, You can prepare and present them to the family both young and old.

Oatmeal soup with chicken (the ingredients)

-4 tablespoons of olive oil.

-4 chicken breasts cut into small cubes.

- Small onion finely chopped.

- 4cloves of garlic, mashed, 2 teaspoons dry coriander.

- salt. Black pepper to taste.

-2 teaspoons of cumin. Two-thirds cup of crushed lentils.

- 10 tablespoons of oatmeal.

- Eight glasses of water.

- Parsley or coriander to decorate the face of the soup.

How to prepare - a simple way

1- Put the oil in a saucepan, and then put it on the fire until it is hot, add the onion and garlic and the heart well until it is wet.

2- Add the chicken to the pot after the onions and garlic fade, and stir it well until it becomes golden. Add both salt, black pepper and cumin, and mix well with each other.

3-Add the lentils, oatmeal, water to the mixture, cover the pot and leave on low heat to boil. After the soup is cooked, pour it into serving dishes, and sprinkle it with parsley or coriander, and serve it hot.

- The meal is full of food ingredients and we can replace the chicken with small pieces of steaks

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8 Flat Belly Tips: How to Beat Bloating

8 Ways To Make Your Belly Flatter in a Day


8 Ways To Make Your Belly Flatter in a Day

It is easy to get a flat stomach in just twenty-four hours. By resetting the daily routine, it is good to have the last meal taken at 7 pm, then continue to fast until 7 am for the next day, Two cups of green tea, morning and evening, will be enough to burn fat during the day

The fat belly is one of the most common problems that are a nightmare for many men and women. The unacceptable type of crunch or stomach heftiness is in charge of numerous infections, for example, weight, diabetes, and elevated cholesterol, and get level tummy and totally free of any oily delicate won't come Easily, however needs a ton of steps, each lady and each man needs to see his stomach with no weakenings must apply these techniques, which are the most ideal approaches to pursue to get a level stomach and dispose of the fat midsection.

The flat abdomen is the dream of every woman because the fat belly is one of the most things that deprive women of their beauty and health as well, so women should get rid of the fat belly and get flat stomach for several reasons, the most important of which is to maintain health and not suffering from heart disease and diabetes.

How to Get a Flat Belly Fast

How to Get a Flat Belly Fast

We all love to have a beautiful, attractive and harmonious body appearance. Therefore, through this article, we will offer you a way to get a flat stomach to get a flat stomach and thus get a balanced weight and strength

if you Tired of food diets? Want to enjoy your diary without any effort? You should then follow these tips so you can lose annoying pounds without bothering and keep your weight steady. Here are the most important:

1- Avoid constipation

Often, the large and bulging abdomen is the result of constipation so to solve this problem it is necessary to devote a specific time to sit in the bathroom and relax.
Avoid tension It affects the digestive system and causes constipation and stomach upset. Take 20 minutes a day to relax in a quiet place either at home or somewhere you love.

Constipation can lead to increased abdominal fat, so be careful to eat a diet containing more fiber, fruits, and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds and legumes to get rid of constipation.

2- Stay away from sugar 

It is known that sugars are the most foods that increase the feeling of bloating, especially soft drinks, which contain soda, should refrain from eating sugars or something like two tablespoons per day, or conceivable to take up water shining.
stop of drinking soft drinks. According to the American Heart Organization, soft drinks and sweeteners are the first source of sugar added to American food systems. They increase the number of calories and store fat around the stomach. Sugar-free drinks also contain artificial sweeteners, as well as caffeine, phosphoric acids, and added flavors. In contrast, catechin in green tea stimulates the body to burn calories and fat in the abdomen.

3- Never chewing gum 

Studies have shown that they lead to ingestion of air and therefore cause bloating.

4- Reduce the intake of high-calorie foods

It is certain that we are lazy from time to time. Eating a piece of chocolate is easier for us than preparing and slicing fruits, so in your spare time, cut the fruits and keep them in plastic bags in the refrigerator. Light easy for you.

Eat healthy meals: For example, instead of eating the burgers, eat grilled chicken with whole grain, and you should move away from high-calorie sweets such as chocolate and others and substitute for example vanilla ice cream or yogurt

5- Stay away from trans fats

Which are available in margarine, crisps, biscuits, fried foods, and hydrogenated oils, because they cause the accumulation of fat around the stomach, and choose the most healthy mono saturation available in canola oils and olives, like avocados, nuts, and seeds. You should know that unsaturated fats are high in calories, too.

6- more of Celery

Celery is one of the plants that can be taken in a weight loss diet, but it is a vegetable, which helps to maintain a flat belly, it is worth mentioning that celery contains the same properties, which contains the option, water can remove impurities, and helps reduce And help celery facilitate digestion, and is known for celery as one of the recipes used by previous civilizations in the treatment of swelling and constipation.

7- Eat natural fiber

Common fiber sources are exceptionally notable: vegetables, new organic products, and entire grains. Fiber encourages assimilation, which utilizes. Common filaments in vegetables and natural products help to store fat in the midriff.

8- drink coffee and green tea

Non-dairy coffee and tea can be drunk, as it is a very healthy beverage. It has also been shown that drinking coffee helps increase the number of calories burned by 3-11%. It has been found that drinking tea or taking green tea supplements Increases fat burning by 17%, burns calories by 4%


- Reduce the number of sugars you eat and do not over-eat

- Use the ladder instead of the electric elevator

- Drink more water before and after meals because it helps to feel fullness and thus reduce the amount of food you eat

- Avoid alcohol that is known to cause too many risks to the body because it increases the hormone cortisol and the function of this hormone in the conversion of fats in the food to the abdomen directly, which increases the size of the abdomen and lead to many health problems

- Drinking water The water is known to help moisturize the skin, which keeps the body from the inside and elbows, and water is a necessary element of metabolism, and the guts can dispose of a ton of fat gathered by taking water vigorously in light of the fact that it removes poisons from inside the body.

- Taking a cold shower is an excellent way to lower body temperature and stimulate fat and fat tissue in the body that consumes energy to raise body temperature, helping to burn more calories.

finally, Do not neglect meals: There is a misconception that skipping some meals may help to get rid of excess weight and get a harmonious body and flat stomach, but in fact this is a very wrong belief, as the neglect of some diets the body loses many important nutrients for health , And neglecting breakfast will make you less focused and increase the risk of heart disease and obesity, so make sure you get your meals, especially breakfast, which increases the rate of metabolism in the body.

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easy way to make Fresh Spinach Salad - Recipe

The Best spinach salad- recipe

The Best spinach salad- recipe

Spinach is a leafy green leafy vegetable. Next to white rice, add to soups, salads. The spinach salad is one of the most famous types of salad in the world cuisine. It is characterized by its variety and its benefits. Any kind of vegetables can be used in addition to fresh spinach leaves.

10 Number of mushrooms (slices)

8 tomatoes (sliced semi-finished)

2 large butter hanging

2 large hanging olive oil

2 outstanding lemon juice

1 crushed black pepper

1 Number of bulbs (slices)

1 salt brush

cup parmesan cheese (peeled)

1-kilo spinach

1/2 kilo broccoli

how to prepare spinach salad recipe


- In a bowl on the fire, put the butter, oil, and onions, and stir until the onions melt.

- Then add broccoli and stir for 2 minutes.

- Then add the mushrooms and stir for a minute and then add the tomatoes and leave for a minute.

- Then add the spinach without stirring and cover the bowl and leave it on fire for two minutes.

- Then remove the bowl from the fire and scoop the greens in the serving bowl and spread over the lemon juice and season with salt and pepper and sprinkle over the cheese spread

There are many types and dishes of the power of spinach, including spinach salad with cranberries, Spinach salad with pomegranate

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How to Lose Weight – The Top 5 Simple Tips

How to Lose Weight Fast: 5 Simple Steps

How to Lose Weight Fast: 5 Simple Steps

diet, a word we hate to hear constantly when we need to lose some pounds to make our body graceful and attractive. Sometimes when we feel that we are deprived of eating a certain food and are committed to a strict diet, our passion for eating these foods increases. This may be related to a person's psychological state, but in any case, we should take it more simply. If you treat healthy diet as part of your daily routine and you are not forced to follow it, you will feel more satisfied and satisfied with yourself and the process of weight loss without dieting will be easy and fast. It's all about programming your inner mind that this is your normal routine and nothing beyond your power.

You should also be smart in your choices of food and use all the possible tricks that help you to lose weight naturally and automatically without a specific system, here are some of these magic tricks to lose weight without a diet.

5 weight - loss tips no one tells you

For anyone who wants to get rid of excess weight and get a slim body and a healthy weight ideal in this article know with us the most important steps and ways to get rid of excess weight without diet

1- A healthy diet is the first step in weight loss

A healthy diet is the first step in weight loss

One of the most important reasons for controlling body weight is the quality of the foods that we eat on a daily basis. All that the body needs daily calories is about 1500 calories extracted by the body of digested food, while the rest of the calories are eliminated or stored in the body in the form of fat, overweight. So on the off chance that you need a sound eating regimen as the initial phase in weight reduction, 

Ensure your nourishment contains constrained measures of unhealthy sustenances, for example, oats, for example, rice, wheat, and its subsidiaries, for example, pasta, bread, and so on., and added sugars. Interestingly, attempt to contain your day by day diet of high protein, for example, meat and fish and add vegetables and organic product since they are imperative segments in building the body while eating different sorts of nourishment in moderate sums.

- Each meal contains a source of fat sources, such as olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, and butter.

2- Set small, specific and realistic goals

You may want to be the same size as you were in high school or when you got married, but that means getting rid of more than 50 pounds (22.7 kilos). Do not try to do that - not now at least. Set a more realistic goal for losing 5% to 10% of your weight. Choose a weight loss method. Give yourself plenty of time and some flexibility to achieve that goal, keeping in mind that most people take at least six months to achieve that amount of weight loss. Also, try to avoid general goals such as "I should eat less on lunch and exercise more". Instead, specify specific short-term goals (daily or weekly) such as:

You will choose a few diet recipes (see: "Weight Loss Diet: Weekly Program") and shop for ingredients on the holiday.

I will bring a healthy dinner from home instead of going to eat outside, at least three times during the next week.

I will converse with a companion to walk together after work on Monday and Wednesday. 

3- Start self-monitoring

Studies suggest that many people are not aware of how many calories they eat or how much exercise they should exercise. Sometimes this is the reason for the failed attempts to lose weight.

One way to lose weight is to write down what you do. This can help you be aware of your behavior and follow your changes towards the goals you set. The thought here is to distinguish territories that need change. The most point by point sustenance journal that incorporates not just what to eat and the amount to eat however when, where and for what reason to eat, can enable you to recognize negative behavior patterns, for example, eating when you are not officially eager, but rather when worn out or disappointed. This sort of arranging will likewise be inside your achieve when you build up your social chain. As a feature of self-observing, it's likewise a smart thought to gauge yourself consistently (at any rate once every week) and record the number.

After you start recording in Notepad, take the time to look carefully at your usual style. You will be able to recognize the conditions that make you more susceptible to food problems. Focus your attention on these periods and plan in advance what you will do and what you will eat during it. Using Notepad Besides the behavioral chain, you can focus on specific issues and develop targeted strategies that work for you.

4- Look for network support

Look for at least one person who wants to lose weight - your wife, friend, relative or colleague - to help motivate you. Groups of people provided by weight watchers or TOPS can do the same, like online support groups. Some people find that periodic follow-ups with a doctor, nurse, nutritionist, or therapist are good ways to lose weight that can add motivation to keep going the right way. Some studies have shown that mental behavioral therapy, in particular, stimulates weight loss in some studies.

5- Exercise for fast weight loss

Weight reduction requires practice for around an hour daily, which you spend in moderate exercise. 

Exercises, (for example, strolling, running, riding a bicycle) help consumers most calories, so they are perfect for fast weight reduction, however later you should present a couple of hours out of every seven day stretch of quality preparing, (for example, weight preparing).
If you suffer from any chronic health condition or are overweight, you should see your doctor first.

Interval training is one of the ways to increase exercise strength. This means walking or jogging quickly, followed by other, more moderate steps, and repeating that pattern of training throughout the duration of the exercise.

As the car goes by gasoline and the train goes by coal, the person and every living creature consume some of what he eats to carry out his movement and activity. The following list shows us the amount of fat in grams consumed by the body of a normal person and weigh 65 kg when doing the following movements within a period of 10 minutes:

Walking: 3 grams

Sports Games (Swedish) 4 grams

Driving the bike: 4 grams

Swimming: 5 grams

Dance: 7 grams

Up the stairs: 9 grams

Cord cord: 10 g

Running: 10 grams

If you want to lose weight, you will notice a better improvement in weight loss if you put in his way a moving part such as walking, running, swimming

 important tips for you

- Replace the mayonnaise with mustard, because it helps to lose weight and has other health benefits.

- Eat daily coffee without adding sugar, milk or candidiasis.

- Use the stairs instead of the elevator, this step alone achieves great results.

- Add grapefruit to your daily diet, this natural component burns fat amazingly, and eat it throughout the day.

- Eat a cup of yogurt with half a banana on a daily basis.

- Weight reduction soundly is by consolidating a solid eating regimen with exercise and eating a lot of water. 

Be persistent, hopeful, and don't give up rapidly. You should realize that any framework or methods for weight reduction soundly takes longer than hurtful fast strategies.

-Eating gradually diminishes your utilization of calories as the mind takes 20 minutes to get the flag of appetite and taking the breath while eating likewise keeps you from eating excessively. 

- Eating breakfast regularly is the most important factor in weight loss because it regulates metabolism and makes you feel fuller for a longer period of time and increases the rate of burning throughout the day. Early.

- Put a bottle of water not less than two liters or more by your side and move them from one room to another, or make them like your shadow everywhere, where studies have shown that drinking 8 glasses of water a day of the best ways to lose weight fast

- Move to burn, not correct any system or method to lose weight without movement and the more your movement, the greater your ability to lose weight and tighten your body and prevent the relaxation and maintain the weight of your weight

finally, More importantly, you should maintain weight after decreasing this fast diet by following a healthy lifestyle and exercising for at least 20 minutes for 5 days a week.

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How to lose Weight with olive oil fast?

How to Lose Weight with olive oil fast

olive oil for weight loss

 The olive tree is one of the oldest trees on the face of the earth. Its native land dates back to the Anatolia or Asia Minor region, but it is now widely spread throughout the world. It is used to produce olive oil by its age, which is known for its distinctive bank and its benefits. And the possibility of using it in a wide range of dishes, such as salads and appetizers. It is also used in the manufacture of cosmetics, medicines, and soap. It was used as a fuel for traditional lamps.

Olive oil contains many important nutrients

such as carbohydrates, minerals, and proteins. It also contains some vitamins, such as vitamin A and vitamin E, and oil is rich in many substances such as cellulose, folic acid, and some acids Fatty, olive oil also contains cyclone ethanol and Polyphemus.

The benefits of olive oil for slimming The olive oil is useful for slimming has proved its great effectiveness in this area through the following: Olive oil gives the person a sense of satiety, where he loses the appetite for food, and eat fewer meals. Reduce the chance of obesity and overweight. Burn calories in the body quickly. Reduce the fat area of the buttocks. Clean the stomach of toxins if taken in the morning.

 Olive oil is one of the most popular remedies used by an unlimited number of people from ancient times to the present, to eliminate various health problems, including muscular, mental, psychological and aesthetic problems, thanks to its unique properties rich in essential nutrients For the body, including vitamins, acids, minerals, antibiotics, antioxidants, and fiber. Olive oil is also considered an effective treatment for the obesity problem, which is caused by many causes, and suffers from a large segment of people, where doctors are advised to eat daily to get the best possible results in this aspect, and because of its importance we chose to review the most benefits in the field of slimming, As well as a review of its use in this area.

best way to Lose Weight with olive oil 

for weight loss Eating or drinking olive oil daily on the stomach burns triglycerides in the body, and saves the body from the accumulated fat in different areas; it contains vitamin C, which helps to get rid of the problem of obesity in a record time. It facilitates digestion and eliminates all gastrointestinal problems, including indigestion, constipation, stomach problems, and intestines by facilitating bowel movements and putting toxins out of the body in the form of excreta by increasing their lions. Increases the efficiency of metabolic performance, and the efficiency of metabolism in the body. Increases the feeling of satiety and sufficiency, and greatly reduces the size and quantity of meals eaten during the day, because it contains a high proportion of plant fiber. Contains a low-calorie content. Eliminates the problem of flatulence, which accompanies the accumulation of gases.

Will drinking olive oil cause weight loss?

for weight loss It is recommended to mix a tablespoon of olive oil in a glass of lukewarm water, and eat the mixture daily on the stomach in the early morning before the main meals, and to achieve the best possible results in this regard, one cup of the same mixture before the main meals by half An hour at least, an average of three times a day.

finally, there are a lot of benefits of olive oil The general benefits of olive oil Olive oil is one of the strongest and most important natural antioxidants, thus resisting cancer by resisting the free cracks that cause it. Maintains the beauty and health of the skin and skin, gives it high freshness, eliminates inflammation, and fights to age and accompanying signs, such as Wrinkles. Strengthens the heart by eliminating high cholesterol in the blood, and facilitating the flow and access of oxygen to the cells of the body, which prevents the incidence of heart attacks.

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Best Italian wedding soup ever - Good and easy

Best Ever Italian Wedding Soup Recipe- good and simple 

Best Ever Italian Wedding Soup Recipe- good and simple

One of you may wonder: is this soup served in Italian weddings? The answer is certainly not ... So why is the soup called the wedding soup? And the answer is that this soup is made in Italy since the time of the Romans and Italian name (Minestra Maritata) means: (stew mated) because the mixture of meat and vegetables in it mates the taste to give the best flavor. When the Italian monasteries entered the American menu as a very delicious meal, they changed their name to "soup of the wedding" for the difference of translation from Italian to English in the American dialect, as well as the change in their style of work and some of their components. The regular meat cut was turned into a chopped kofta, and the added vegetable varieties were limited to spinach, and the Americans added her macaroni and cheese and turned from an Italian soup originally to American sexual soup.

250 grams minced meat

6 cup chicken broth

2 cups fresh spinach

cup dried pasta (of your choice except for spaghetti)

1 egg

1 slice of carrots sliced thin circular slices

1 tablespoon bread crumbs (breadcrumbs)

1 tablespoon parmesan cheese (mashed)

teaspoon dried basil

teaspoon garlic powder

Salt, to taste

how to make Italian Wedding Soup recipe

Steps to prepare

- We first prepare the minced meat by adding ingredients to it from eggs, bread crumbs, grated Parmesan cheese, and dried basil.

- Then we knead them all to get a minced meat paste and we form balls of a slightly smaller size than the golf ball.

- In a bowl over medium heat, boil the chicken broth. When boiling, add meatballs, macaroni, carrots and spinach, and simmer over medium heat for 5 minutes.

- Then reduce the fire to less than medium to get a slow boiling and let it boil for 15 to 20 minutes, that is until the maturation of pasta and check the meatballs. If the type of pasta used is very fast, it should be added as a final stage in the last 10 minutes of boiling.

- After making sure that the ingredients, especially the meatballs and macaroni with the degree of maturity we want, the Italian soup dish is ready to serve.

Recipe notes:
The Italian wedding soup is usually served with slices of Italian or French bread only because it is rich in vegetables and meat.

As you will notice, the preparation of the meatballs here depends on the boiling and not the frying. But there is a secret inside the meatballs, if it is fully sterilized, the boiling heat of broth will help to release the delicious cooked meat liquids in the broth, and will also help to mature meatballs from the inside to blend with parmesan cheese and dried basil with the delicious flavor also to mix with eggs, Which in turn will maintain the cohesion of meatballs.

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